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The exciting digital collectible game from the creators of the Ascension: Deckbuilding Game and Magic: the Gathering. SolForge is a free-to-play game in which players construct their own decks to challenge their friends or battle against the computer.
The core mechanic in SolForge is leveling. Whenever you play a card, that card levels up into a new, more powerful version. As the game progresses, you gain access to your more powerful higher level cards. Some cards start off weak and level up into powerhouses, while others start off strong and don't improve much as they level, presenting strategic and tactical choices that will challenge even the most seasoned gaming veterans.

"...one of the best demos on our showfloor."
- Penny Arcade

"SolForge is a fun game, and it looks amazing"
- Gamerfront.com

"Looks fantastic...I was able to jump in and start playing right away"
- Wired.com


- Start with four free decks, and earn additional cards just by playing

- Challenge your friends or play against AI opponents with multiple levels of difficulty

- Win cards in tournaments or by completing campaign missions

- Compete against other players in Ranked Play

- User-Friendly Tutorial to get you playing right away

-Share cards with friends to grow your collection

- Unique leveling mechanic transforms your cards as you play

Whats New

Now with competitive ranked play and all new User Interface

All new Cards with the Raiders Unchained Expansion!

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