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Thank you for your interest in this app.This app is made for our Wireless Floating Fish Finder 「SONA.rBall」.************************************This app enables you to detect fish underwater, and to research the water bottom and its geography, by linking your smartphone to our fish finder 「SONA.rBall」. Intuitive to use! Fits perfectly bank fishing, lake fishing, and shore fishing!
Scan Features
- Fish View: Perfect display mode for beginners. Enjoy the cute fish marks, sound and vibration to alert you that fish or a school of fish has been detected.
- Sonar View: Display mode designed for users accustomed to advanced fish finders.
- Water Temperature (surface temperature)
- Water depth
- Check at first sight the surface, bottom and fish location!

Only 「SONA.rBall」can help you analyze the environment around you and increase your catches number!「SONA.rBall」 is becoming a standard for all fishermen worldwide!

(You need to purchase SONA.rBall from your nearest tackles shop in order to use the Scan Function)************************************And more! Enjoy these useful features: ************************************
* Environment information
- Your favorite place weather forecast
- Tide information (may vary depending on the country)
- Moon phases

* Fishing diary SNS 「totobook」
- Save your catches, share them to the world, and check fishermen performance from all over the world!
- The interface has a great and pure design. Choose your catches name and fishing style from a wide list!
- Save and link your catches on the cloud and enjoy 「totobook」 service through our Web SNS totobook.net!

* Useful features
- Camera function
- Share your catches pictures through Facebook and Twitter************************************

Purchase 「SONA.rBall」 from your nearest tackles shop!For any inquiries or questions, contact your nearest shop or mail to: SONA.rBall@cho-co.jp (English supported)

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