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Sonar Mobile

Easily find assets and monitor environmental conditions from the palm of your hand with Sonar Mobile powered by Thinaër. Built on the Thinaër IoT platform, Sonar Mobile is the first-ever tool of its kind to see and locate your Bluetooth devices and use them to create a powerful People, Places and Things view of your business.

- What if you could locate your equipment in real time without leaving your desk?
- What if you could monitor and manage environmental conditions from virtually anywhere?
- What if your equipment could raise its hand when it needed maintenance?
- What if you knew how your assets were being used and could adjust inventory with the click of a button?
- What if you could do all that and more without all the overhead of traditional RTLS or RFID tracking solutions?

Sonar Mobile, powered by Thinaër. Built for healthcare but agnostic enough for every industry. Download Sonar Mobile and jumpstart your digital transformation.

Category : Productivity

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