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Sonar Patrol

The idea behind this interpretation of Black Box is that you are a sonar operator tasked to locate and destroy a group of five enemy subs that have entered your patrol sector (which is imagined as a 8x8 grid).

You will have the ability to launch depth charges to sink the enemy subs, but first you have to locate them.
To do so, you fire sonar pings into the grid from the perimeter.
Depending on where the pings enter and then exit the grid, you have to determine where the subs are located, but remember to use your pings carefully, because you will have only ten available.

Read the in-game help section for the rules of the game, tips and strategies.

Permissions used and why:
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - required to save the game stats in the internal storage or SD card, so you do not lose your data if you have to reinstall the game for any reason.
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - required for accessing the game stats from the internal storage or SD card.

Compatibility note: the game requires a display with an WVGA resolution or large

Category : Board

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