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SOS Radio for Life

SOS Radio plays the greatest Christian music on your phone! Download this app and be part of a community of believers from all over the world. You can stream commercial free Christian music, you can rate the songs while they play, post prayer requests, text in song requests and connect on social media. SOS Radio plays commercial free music from bands like Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Chris Tomlin, Newsboys, Third Day, Switchfoot, Kutless, Jeremy Camp, Steven Curtis Chapman & More! The SOS Radio Network broadcast in Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Florida & Wyoming, You can find our local radio stations at www.sosradio.netTake control of the music on SOS Radio and download this app!
Other Features:
- Current song & artist info!
- Song & artist info updated even when stream isn't playing, giving you the option to tune in when you see your favorite songs playing!
- Recently played song list!
- Website, Facebook page, & Twitter page links!
- Radio stream plays in the background!
- Radio stream autoplays upon launch!
- Tweet what you're listening to and other social sharing features!
- Prayer request system!
- "Call DJ" song request button!
- Thumbs Up/Down song voting!
- Inspirational Spinner
- "Open Mic" -
- Send voice messages to SOS Radio DJ's and staff
- Expanded in-app social sharing and prayer wall features
- Updated look and graphics
- Miscellaneous improvements including more efficient song/artist info parsing to help lengthen battery life
- Expanded device and OS support

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (30)

Jen. B. Nov 17, 2015     

are awesome. SOS is so wonderful to listen to especially if I'm having a day full of anxiety it just melts it all away as soon as I turn on the car thank you guys

Kel. G. Feb 13, 2015     

I love the uplifting music, the shows at night like Charles Stanley, as well as the dj's and the things they talk about are informative, amusing, and just give you things to think of and ponder on. The whole station is perfect...and much needed in this world today! There are times when I may be going thru a tough situation and turn on SOS and it seems like they're playing just the right song at the right time to get me thru!

son. j. Aug 31, 2015     

Just sometimes, it has to catch up or makes bad techno errors. Otherwise, it's really nice to hear the station on a tablet :)

Chr. E. Sep 14, 2015     

I really enjoy the app, the music and programs that SOS offers. My only complaint is that the app doesn't seem to like me. I have to uninstall and reinstall just to be able to listen, and then after a while the audio cuts out again and I have to repeat the process.. wish this could be fixed so I could enjoy SOS on the go!

Rob. O. Oct 18, 2014     

Quite a few months back this app was somewhat worthless, in that I would often have to access through the browser to listen to music, which really made an app pointless. I used this app twice yesterday and it worked great, other than the weirdness when it sounded like the RPMs on a record were being changed while it was playing. That only happened during one song though.

Nan. K. Jul 28, 2017     

I've been listening to SOS for 26 years NOW It's the only station I listen to The songs go so deep in my spirit & lift me up to God I can have it on while I'm working which is Huge Blessing! It keeps me focused & happy day & night I adore All the DJs I feel so connected to God through your Love!! The prayer line & music saved my life at one point I had a relapse mentally years ago and almost jumped out my bedroom window The song God Gave Me You came on & I fell to the floor in tears & soon sought out help Every artist has been there for me thru their songs SOS is healing to our 💓, mind, soul, & spirit as we press on holding the hand of Jesus Forever into Eternity!

Sam. K. May 5, 2015     

I listen to SOS radio in California's High Desert quite often and I love it so I figured why not download the app. I'm only giving four stars for now because I haven't used the app yet...but if it's as wonderful online as it is on the radio than I'm sure I'll be giving five stars soon. Thank you SOS for playing such uplifting Christian music. It always makes me feel better. :-)

Cla. C. May 17, 2015     

I love SOS but the app won't play on my Galaxy S4. It opens smoothly and everything but the music won't play

Pre. G. Aug 5, 2015     

Now I dont need to use my headphones for the radio now because its always snowy. So now I can hear it clearly without any interruptions. Thank you for this brilliant app!

Lis. N. Sep 21, 2015     

I'm not sure what happened but this app doesn't work on my galexy phone ever since the last especially update. I really miss having SOS for my phone.

Kri. S. Feb 7, 2016     

It worked the first day and that's it

A. G. u. Mar 3, 2017     

Please help! With my new Android phone, the app stops several times each hour! I've treasured this app for years. Please update!

Daw. L. Jul 19, 2015     

Have listened to SOS Christian radio station for over 20 years. A must have for every day!

D. S. Mar 25, 2016     

Love the app!! I'm unable to get the station where I live, but having it on my phone I can listen to it anytime

Bil. L. Mar 11, 2016     

Can connect with fav DJs for prayer discussions and Always the music if praise that brightens day and life.

Kev. C. Jul 10, 2015     

What a blessing. Out Here At The Grand Canyon.

Jos. J. Oct 8, 2014     

It works! Thanks SOS for updating the app to work on the latest Android OS. So far no problems at all!

NAN. U. Dec 17, 2015     

I LOVE this station but it Doesn't work! When it does it only works for a while then it stops!

Mis. M. Feb 5, 2016     

Every Samsung I've owned in the past 5 years (so 3 or 4 Samsung) will not play the music from the app! I do not know why. It's saddening. Especially like now, times when I need it most.

Ofe. B. Jun 28, 2017     

Great songs and lyrics that I can relate to with my christian life style. Love it!😄

Ric. 2. Nov 24, 2015     

Believe and trust in the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.

Can. G. Feb 1, 2015     

I enjoy this inspiring app..praise the Lord! it keeps my mind on whats important.

Jac. G. G. May 28, 2015     

This actually works and when I go to another app it still plays it's amazing

WAR. L. Mar 25, 2015     

It refreshing every time I hear the music here ..thank God

Ros. G. Sep 12, 2016     

This is by far the best station ever. Listen to it every morning 😉

Cin. G. Nov 9, 2015     

It will be nice if you guys made one for singing only

Ozg. A. Jul 20, 2015     

Simply the best. Listen to all the time, in car and now on my Android. Thank you so much!

Mic. D. Jan 21, 2016     

App will not play?? I have to re download the app in order to hear it. As soon as I close the app it won't reopen with sound?? I still have full function. I have a galaxy s5.

Cin. G. May 30, 2015     

I really really really liked it but it wouldn't let me hear the music

Eli. C. May 25, 2016     

it's ok, but I was really Looking forward to sending a message to the D.J..