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Soul of Hunters

For the glory of the Bleach! Create your most powerful hunter team ever.
One day, the Dark Force attacks the Rukongai in an attempt to gain these soul and power. The Dark Force took all these masks and the town and the soul were burnt in the flame. Ichigo Kurosaki is a Human who has Shinigami powers and is a Substitute Shinigami. Will lead the hunters to save the Rukongai

【Classic reproduce! simple and easy to use game】You can save the Rukongai anytime, set the command, the hunters will have been fighting and never stop even if you off the line

【Invincible, to create the most powerful hunter team】This war is belong of the fighting in the whole Rukongai of the soul, Hunter waiting for your call to fight for you. 6-man team combat mode, to create the strongest hunter combination, and match with your friends

【Glory, Rukongai Needs You】For the glory of the Rukongai! Create your most powerful hunter team ever.

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Category : Role Playing

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