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A surprising open source app

Sprayscape is an app using both your phone’s camera and the gyroscope (detecting change of speed and orientation of the phone) to take 360 degree pictures.
Those virtual reality pictures will surprise you. If you change the way you touch the screen with your finger, the recorded pictures will be more or less neat. Take different elements, vary the neatness, the speed and look at your original and crazy pictures.

Sprayscape characteristics

- use the camera
- but also the gyroscope
- 360 degree pictures
- artistic and creative results
- first step toward V.R
- fun to use in a virtual-reality goggles (like Google Cardboard for example)
- open source code for developers
- sharing via social media
- free app
- does not require personal information, privacy protected

Simple to use for a fun-filled result

Sprayscape has the oddity to be very easy to use. A simple pressure of your finger on the touch-screen allows you to take an ellipse shaped picture of an element. By taking pictures of several elements, you are creating a patchwork. Vary the pressure and change the neatness of your picture, adding an artistic side to the app. This system reminds us of paint in cans (spray), probably inspiring the name of the app.
Another possibility to take pictures, continuously press the screen and turn as you want at your own speed. The result will be different.
These pictures are best looked at with a V.R goggles like the Cardboard from Google.

Perfect imperfect results

Google claims it, this app is « perfectly imperfect but it is also its strength. Sprayscape does not have the goal to give a perfect, smooth and aesthetic result. It is even quite the opposite. This app originality relies on the 360 degree picture with fuzzy and funny results.
Let’s remind us that the code of the app is in open source, available for any developers to improve it as he/she wants.
Let your imagination run free and take more and more surprising V.R pictures.

Category : Entertainment