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Sprint Drive™

Download free app to check vehicle compatibility.

Functionality requires this application, and separate purchase of a Sprint Drive device and network service plan from Sprint

Connect your car with Sprint Drive, and enable vehicle location tracking and health, driving behavior analysis, roadside assist, media connectivity and more. Manage up to 25 cars for your family or business fleet.

With Sprint Drive™ you get:

Peace of mind with location monitoring:
- Real-time and historical vehicle location & monitoring.
- Always know where loved ones or your business vehicles are at, and how safely they are driving.
- Be alerted if your vehicle is towed or moved without your knowledge.

Roadside Assistance by AAA:
24x7 Roadside Assistance provided by AAA (up to 4 service events/year)*. Assistance if you are stranded in the following situations:
- Locked out of vehicle
- Emergency fuel when out of gas
- Dead battery or can’t start car
- Spare tire change
- Emergency towing for disabled vehicles

(*some restrictions apply. This is a roadside assist service only, and does not provide AAA membership.)

Mechanic Hotline
Toll-free Sprint Drive Mechanic Hotline staffed by experienced ASE certified mechanics. Call for repair opinions, cost estimates and repair shop locator. (Available during weekday business hours M-F, and Saturday morning)

Vehicle awareness:
- Vehicle health information and alerts for*: fuel level, battery status, coolant temperature, and more. (*Health alerts vary by make/model/year of car)
- Trip analysis and driver behavior. Know how often and where the following driving actions occur:
- hard acceleration
- sudden braking
- sharp turns
- long idle times
- Set custom geo-fence and curfew notifications for each car. Be alerted when a vehicle enters or leaves a boundary, or if it is operated outside of curfew hours.

Entertainment & Productivity: In-vehicle LTE Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 8 connected devices

Sprint Drive is especially useful for:

- Family members keeping an eye on younger or elderly drivers
- Car owners seeking confidence and assistance in maintaining their vehicle
- Drivers benefiting from convenient in-vehicle internet connectivity for productivity or passenger entertainment
- Small Business owners needing real time fleet location & driver behavior, for up to 25 vehicles

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Reviews (30)

D. S. Nov 12, 2019     

I love this driving app! Had a '06 Honda CRV which started being unpredictable. A feature of this app was very helpful. I also track my mileage for work so that was very useful. Got a new car and had a lot of trouble trying to connect it. After 2 wks, it's finally connected. I really love the disturbance feature. It tells you when someone is messing about with your car when you're nowhere near it. AAA included is also a nice feature. If you can afford to add it to your account, do it

Kel. F. Jan 18, 2020     

On the new update don't like how the menu will not go All the way down to view the entire map. Also need to make mention the it lags between the car and the phone app., Driving is about a 1 mile to 1.5 miles lagging behind and the detection of disturbance is 5 to 10 minutes behind. Other than that I pretty much love this app. If these issue were corrected or fix them I would change my review where needed. Please change the bottom of the screen so you can see more of the map like before!

Jim. T. Aug 3, 2019     

very impressed. seems to work flawlessly so far. excellent live map integration. very good job with clean easy UI. One issue I do have with it is I see no way to create another user profile under the same account to give to a teen for instance. If I set a curfew or notification of speed limits... there is nothing to stop this from being undone. I hope this can be fixed.

Ste. P. May 14, 2019     

This is a good value considering all it provides! AAA service is a good supplement to an existing membership and great if you dont have any membership . The real time tracking comes in handy more than you would think and knowing where a loved one is without distracting them with a text or call while they're driving is invaluable!!, Just don't forget that you have this app, which at first is easy to do. The instant diagnostic capabilities are also very helpful.

Bry. D. Oct 9, 2019     

This app keeps getting better and better! Have always loved seeing the vehicle move on a map when someone else is driving. The impact notification is peace of mind as well as speed, curfew and boundary ones. You even get alerted if the device is disconnected. Also love that it shows fuel level. Wife's 2019 Subaru doesn't even show that on the factory remote system.They have it covered!

Liz. Jun 24, 2021     

I have has sprint drive for about 2 years now and it has helped me when things were going wrong with my car. I actually had less panic attacks. But today when I needed to see the strength of my battery because the light came on and the app told me that my device did not support that app and I had to download Chrome or Firefox. Never before had I had this issue and am very upset. I downloaded the Firefox and still does not want to open. What a mess and inconvenience. I will call sprint and if its not resolved I will not use them anymore.

Ivo. I. Mar 29, 2019     

I am still evaluating the experience, however so far all but clearing vehicle service problems seems to work just fine. I had a trouble light indication in February, even after repairing trouble I still can not clear alert message. Maybe it is there for historical information since it is dated, I am not sure. The check engine light has been reset.

Jai. V. Apr 28, 2019     

I really like this product and app. I have tested the GPS in real time while driving and its accurate with the location. It would be nice if the application would make a sound on our phones if there is a disturbance with our vehicles. also, it would be really nice if the device could allow us to unlock our cars (for those with electric locks) in case we forget our keys inside or we have an emergency. So far , so good with Sprint Drive.

Aim. J. Sep 6, 2020     

When I signed up for notifications for towing possibilities and so forth...I had no idea I would be getting so many false ones! Then to top it off...there's no explanation given for the notifications.....like....why was there a disturbance or a possibility of getting towed. It doesn't even know the key is in the ignition! Definately bugs that need to be fixed. Everything else is pretty cool so far...but not 5 star worthy yet.

Min. H. Oct 14, 2020     

Not all functions work all the time. Glorified hot spot. If u only move your car a couple feet it doesn't register. Got in an argument with a repair shop because it didn't show the car moved. But at closer look it did move just didn't show a trip. Also my son was involved in an accident and it didn't register on the device. I got the device for the safety aspect and they don't work 100%. Very disappointing long time sprint customer.

Eva. T. Jan 8, 2019     

1st issue is that the app thinks my car is idling when it's off... App needs to have a way to switch the device to low power since it's convinced my car is on when it isn't. Update: I did follow up with Sprint and hope they are able to fix some of the issues. There are some 2019 models but I'm still out of luck with mine. The Sprint drive device will not shut down and reports my car as idle 95% of the time. Update 2: Never heard back. Negative Five Stars.

ANT. N. Nov 8, 2020     

Used to work fine. Seems like the more T-Mobile commercials play mentioning Sprint, the more issues I have with my Sprint devices. Been a Sprint customer for about 17 years, I'm ready to bail out now. This app is flawed and now gives super delayed notifications, the vehicle tracking feature is no longer present, and to use it on more than one of my vehicles requires that I delete the previous vehicle and data. That's stupid af.

Der. M. Feb 15, 2019     

I'm shooting a 5 out there. I read a bunch of the reviews. I think some were just hating on it. I had mine since last year, it has worked great with no problems. The one thing that I wish would work is the fuel level meter. I chop it up to 2002 vehicle. I might just call the tech expert to talk with about this tiny issue. That's what they are there for, right? Thanks for a grreeaatt free product Sprint.

Bri. J. Jul 3, 2019     

Great way to keep up with your teen driver and to get codes as soon as they occur. Roadside Assistance puts you on an endless hold. I tried using it when I had my alternator go out. I never spoke to a person and waited for them to answer for over 45 minutes. They need to work on that part of the service. The Sprint Drive did alert me that the battery was not charging and helped.me diagnosis the issue.

Whi. W. Oct 10, 2020     

I had a sensor go out while on a road trip and Sprint Drive accurately diagnosed the problem. Notification and status updates are very helpful. I like that I know where my vehicle is at all times. The roadside assistance feature could be expanded, but overall it's more helpful than I thought it would be.

gle. Jan 12, 2020     

So far, so good. I'm on the hotspot right now. I have a few bug reports and a request. Please add bars of LTE service to show signal strength of the device. The app will not let me save changes to my car profile. Thanks! Sprint is the best! Feature Request: Please show me my odometer! Thank you :)

Cas. B. Sep 13, 2019     

The new update made things a little difficult to find. Vehicle info is now located by touching the green up arrow at the bottom of the screen. I haven't located road side assistance yet, but I'm sure it's somewhere. The device has been good for long trips when my son needs wifi and I like knowing my driving score. The new update allows an impact alert option. It will text an emergency contact if impact occurs. I dislike the color yellow, why must my car be yellow on the app screen?

Cra. M. A. Nov 28, 2018     

Received the OBD today and setup. Took a bit to register. Text message said registered, but app showed still registering. Closed and reopened app and car details finally appeared. Issue I am having is the car location is about 3 minutes behind real time (phone location). On the map, it looks like my car is chasing me at a quarter mile behind. Also does not register vehicle speed. I'm driving, the car locator is moving (with the noted lag), the detail says I am driving at zero mph. I also cannot select option to be notified if the unit is removed. A suggestion... make unit viewable on the Sprint Safe and Found app.

A. G. u. Feb 14, 2019     

Works well in my 2015 Subaru. Trip tracking is very accurate, much better than Google Maps timeline. Vehicle status is spot on. No false alerts so far. Changed WiFi SSID and password easily, and it works OK. Might not be as strong as on your phone, because the dongle is hidden up under the dash. So far, very pleased.

Hec. B. Dec 1, 2018     

The app is very well done for something so new. Little advice, sign into your MySprint account on the mobile browser of your phone (desktop view) and the install and pairing goes a lot easier. You guys should incorporate some other common map features so I can just keep this open on my phone instead of another map. Should be able to route and plan your trip through app, like a roadtrip to NY will cost so many fill ups in your type car and make it able to do some side stops like attractions along the trip and rest stops and restaurants and hotels. AAA does have a trip planner on their website and since you have that agreement with them, maybe they will allow you integrate that into this app? Traffic and ETA are also useful. Make this the only tool people need.

Pam. W. Feb 26, 2020     

A Vehicle Must Have!!! This diagnostic tool is so great to have in your vehicle. Real time updates. There are so many features to the Sprint Drive that are beneficial and helpful (espically for women). Real time fuel %, battery info, vehicle tracking, etc. It has an emergency impact reading that will send emergency contacts an alert if there is an impact to your vehicle. Oil & Maintenance schedule section to keep track. Drive Score (hard accelerations, sharp turns, hard breaking). Great app

Jos. H. Apr 9, 2019     

Ever since it updated I've had issues. It says its offline a lot, it freezes, it opens and says loading car list and never loads. Please fix. fix it. or you will just keep losing stars. Im not dealing with something that works less than half the time and be charged for it at that. FIX IT!!!

Mic. B. Apr 1, 2019     

I love it! It took a couple days to fully mesh with my vehicle but I've had zero issues since. Tells me if there are maintenance issues with my car, trip history, battery and fuel levels. Was able to use the AAA towing that comes with. Wifi works great. And was able to use the info on the trip history to get out of an accident ticket.

Fre. G. Dec 14, 2019     

I love the device, everything works perfect and the OBD readings are very handy considering I service my own vehicle(s). My only problem is the safe mode that shuts down the hotspot feature 10min. after vehicle has been shut off... Wifi has a great range distance... It would be nice if it had a longer active timeframe after vehicle shut-off... (Or no timeframe at all!) Wishful thinking!!!

Jos. B. Oct 27, 2019     

The idea is nice and everything but ever since I hooked it up to my vehicle, it like messed up the engine. My van would turn off while driving and put me in very dangerous situations. I unplugged the Drive and it's already doing better with some sputters here and there. It's disappointing really because it's a cool thing to have.

Mic. H. Jun 17, 2021     

Rarely works properly. Always sends me low fuel alerts but about once a month is the frequency the app actually allows me to log in. Customer service only tells me to delete the app and then reinstall it. Even after that, the app will not allow me to sign in. I've had the sprint drive device for 18 months and for the better part of a year it has been an issue. This app is not good and I can not with good conscience recommend it.

Les. H. Aug 19, 2020     

Extremely unreliable. There is a 20 minute delay in the tracking, constantly getting notices that the car may be towed, the device has been removed, and that the car has been in an accident. Not worth the monthly fee, at all. Another Sprint failure. You're better off guessing.

Phi. O. Mar 10, 2022     

I really love my Sprint drive. The only complaint that I have is that I get notifications of disturbances while parked when I'm not even parked. Not sure if this is a bug that needs to be fixed, but it is annoying when I get a notification when I know there hasn't been a disturbance.

Jay. M. Dec 9, 2020     

Saves Time and Money going to Autozone to get error or malfunction messages. Knowing your cars location all the time is a Plus. Detecting if your car has been Hit or tampered with while away is a plus. Having Wifi access in the Vehicle makes the ride more pleasant for myself and any riders. Sprint Drive makes my Driving experience much more comfortable and secure. User Friendly as well.

s. b. Jun 15, 2020     

Ir has worked great. It has helped troubleshoot codes that the expensive OBDll couldn't pinpoint. It's great 2 help keep track how far I have driven each day there's times I forgot 2 write down my begging and ended miles. Only thing I have experienced that I would improve is being able 2 have internet when roaming. The Sprint Drive has more great features that I haven't mentioned. I would definitely recommend it. It has perks that verizon hum and at&t spark doesn't