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Squad Strike WS : Free Shooter

Free online / offline TPS (Third Person Shooter) game.
- Online multiplayer mode.
- Offline bot match.
- Smart bot.
- 8 customizable guns.
- 3 unique abilities.
- 2 unique WarSuits: Soldier and Ninja.
- Beautiful 3D graphics.and more!

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Category : Action

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Reviews (30)

bjo. t. m. Dec 13, 2020     

This is one of the best mobile games i have plyed in my live. I was like 9 or 8 when i first played this game and I loved it. I (for some reason i really dont know why) deleted the game and never found it again. Until now. I was desperate to find the game so i went into history and after 10 minutes I found it. But listen up. There is some network problem with the game for everyone. Pls fix it i beg u. I really wanna play my childhood game again:(

Ter. Y. Oct 22, 2018     

When I played this,years ago, there were about 4ppl online; including me. The character needs opacity options so that I can see more of battlefield.

ter. Dec 19, 2020     

Ah...I love this game. The only thing is the graphics. And no ADS (aim down sights) But really it's amazing overall

Kim. Y. Dec 2, 2018     

Yes the game is Good and has a nice concept but I think it still lacks some improvements and feels incomplete.......Hope you could still continue to develop this game

Eth. B. Oct 4, 2018     

I used to play this a long time ago and love the game BUT it says I have no connection when I am running high upload and download speed so i cant play the game pls fix, i loved this game

Lie. A. Dec 23, 2019     

Really like the game before but now when I try to open the game it says that network won't connect. Plz fix

Rav. B. Sep 27, 2019     

I played this game an yean ago but now I can't play this game please fix it and give more characters(exo-skeleton)to it with new weapons.

my. n. i. a. May 8, 2021     

When i play the game the lock robot or gun i can use it strange but the game is so cool i like it thank you so much for make this game

Chu. Apr 30, 2020     

I love this game i was a kid and now it says network dont work plz fix it i want to play this game badly

Mah. Y. Mar 15, 2021     

When i download it can loading and play please fix it cause your game are very best

Mus. G. Jul 2, 2019     

it say cant connect to network when my wifi is good

Eri. V. W. Nov 22, 2018     

good game love it great graphics

Arm. H. Mar 24, 2020     

You guys should make battle royal mode

GLI. L. Aug 23, 2021     

Please bring this back

Dyl. Feb 2, 2015     

This game has shown your improvement as a developing team. Great gameplay, interesting customization, and no p2w advantage, and the sci-fi elements are executed amazingly . How ever there is room for improvement on the visual side, since the gun effects are the same from your last shooters and are a little underwhelming. Look at other games gun effects and it should give u ideas. Also, if able to do so, make actual shadows and be able to control their quality in settings. Keep up the good work

Von. G. Jun 23, 2015     

I can't even kill anyone and to top it off I'm up against people way higher than me and there is no way to switch sides of the camera. Plus every time i come with contact to an enemy the aim just goes haywire and does things by itself please fix

A. G. u. Jan 10, 2017     

This is nice I've been looking for a shooter that I can play anywhere the online and offline capability is very nice and convenient. Please keep updating and improving the game. If need be add some small in-game microtransactions for faster level ups. I'm sure people wouldn't mind donating a small amount to help keep the game becoming greater.

MK. S. Jan 6, 2016     

The game is cool and I'm level 12 and I beg you please add secondary weapons and more weapons and more suits! And add a jump button that would really help and allow us to customize our gear including the first suit the war suit and the ninja suit thanks and also put more maps and colors so we could colorize our gear and weapons thank you so much and thank you for making this cool game thank you and good bye!😉

Kai. Jan 1, 2016     

Personally, I love the game but from time to time I play it, the more it feels somethings are missing. For me, these are the things needed to be in the game. Online chatting, gamemodes (Free for all, Deathmatch, Bomb scenario, etc), AI using all characters more maps, more charater, in-game currency to "buy guns" instead of levels, better animations, sprinting or dodging, and maybe even jumping. Sorry for sounding like it's easy but can't help to point these out. From player name "Gray Fox", with love

Zac. S. Oct 28, 2016     

This game is one of the best shooters I've played, but, agreeing with everybody else, it's incomplete. Maybe add more characters and a custom selection: change the color of your player and add custom pieces to attach to player options. And more maps too. Like an abandoned neighborhood with enterable houses. And more guns! Like a rocket launcher, handgun, and double pistols. Other than that it's an awesome game!

dea. l. Apr 25, 2015     

All right first the pros- Graphics were okay (Grey Fox armor? lol, the default armor is much better looking), 3rd person shooter- finally a decent shooter that is not FPS. I havent tried online yet but the offline bots were great, snipers stay far away as possible and make pot shots, great AI. No In-App purchases which is awesome. That's Value right there. The Cons- The controls. While it is good (when it works), sometimes the controls (camera movement when aiming) locks up, better take a look at this dev.

you. k. Apr 27, 2016     

But i dont like tht it only has two players nd not alot of guns, yaww should make tht u get money to buy the guns nd get more maps and more abillty nd if yaww do nd fix tht sometimes it takes me out this game and they have been asking this since 2015 so i hope yaww finally make 2016 and so ur game will become famous, plz fix all this plz

Aki. N. Jul 21, 2016     

I like the game, the war suits and the weapons are quite good. But I think it needs new maps, more weapons, and even more cool war suits or armor. Well it's kind of a downer having only two suits to use. Well the game is named WAR SUIT afterall, so the contents should also follow what the title says. Anyways, again it's a great game....but it needs more improvements.

rob. 1. Mar 18, 2017     

This is probably the best put together shooter on the Android market, controls are not cramped, there's 0 lag and the game play is fun, could use more customizable features like armor upgrades, colors, gun upgrades, and a mini map would make a world of difference! But over all as is I am going to keep it on my phone for those moments when I'm waiting for something or I just feel like laying down and playing games on my phone, brilliant game and with a little work could easily be a pay to play game!

Awo. Jul 5, 2015     

Graphics needs more improvement Also If you kill someone you can keep shooting or Melee'ing in the same spot to kill the person again.Walking animation need to be improved. More guns and perks Map needs to be sealed-you cant see through the map. Better weapon level up System . Better controls. Second class/Suit needs to be Nerfed..melee damage is to Op(Maybe make it Slower)Second Suit speed should be nerfed. (Weapon Secondary Needs Buff) Pistols for Secondary/Second Suit Needs to Be buffed More stats..Also more Weapons For Second suit..

Der. J. Jul 20, 2016     

This is an awesome game. I do agree that controls can be a little better but they are still nice. The next update should have more levels and either more characters or more guns. Also, if it isn't already, you should make multi-player more international for more game play.

div. a. Dec 11, 2015     

the original Mega bytes size is 142mb,but it's Pretty awesome,,, need to download more content on inside game,smooth gameplay no lags,the only downgrade is we can't jump and throw grenade.update soon we need suit customization part and that kinda be cool.

Jac. F. May 13, 2015     

As much as I love this game, it would be nice if the sniper rifle had a scope. It's hard to have good accuracy with a sniper (even though that is what makes a sniper rifle unique). Also, there is to much "stuff" on my screen at one. You don't really need to know how much damage the enemy is doing or the distance, all you need to look at is the hp of the enemy. Also, cloak is useless. As soon as I see an enemy with cloak, the orange box comes up. What the point of it if the ememy gets a nice little aim box?

jeo. p. Jan 5, 2016     

Each time it loads up and sends me to the game, it starts loading. And I cant play plz fx

Gab. C. Jan 27, 2018     

It's an amazing game and really fun to play, just needs more stuff in it because it can get boring after a while. I recommend; missions, more maps, more weapons and bot types and more game modes (not just team death match)