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Starstruck Love 【Dating sim】

Introducing a free love game for girls involving pop stars, brothers and yandere(mad love)!The kind, obliging brother, the forceful brother with a big ego, and the no-holds-barred, hot-and-cold childhood friend enter into an all-out battle for possession, with you as the prize!
[Story]You become an idol pop star?! Your new life begins with celebrity family!Accidentally you lost your parents and left alone without a single relative and debts to pay.The gifted CEO of a major entertainment company embraces you as a daughter and the new member of the celebrity family?!In a huge mansion, surrounded with handsome brothers who are currently so popular idol stars!You must keep secret the dangerous fact that you are their siblings... and possibly more than that!?

[Love Game System]-Story TicketsUse daily story tickets to advance the story.-Gacha (Drawing Lots)Various Gacha games are available, too! Get random items which help you carrying on the story.-AvatarDecorate your own avatar with gorgeous traditional dresses!-CGsGorgeously illustrated CGs are available to please your eyes!

※Basically it is a free game. It costs if you buy some special scenarios and avatars.

Category : Simulation

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