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Space science fiction visual novel!**NOT Localized
- English ONLY**
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Year 2340.

Space is divided into two systems.

The inner system, centering around Earth is controlled by the Neo Galactic Conglomerate(NGC). It houses the galaxy's most wealthy and successful beings.

The outer system, composing mostly of space colonies and uninhabitable planets has long been plagued by conflicts and war. Centuries ago, a group arose calling themselves the Colonial Rebels (CRF). For decades, they waged war against the NGC but eventually lost.

In the distant outer systems, M is a simple mechanic scraping a living in space colony NGC-13. After his parents' mysterious death 8 years ago, he survives by stealing and swindling NGC pilots.

One day, he sees a strange girl in the colony shipyard.

Now, she is about to change his fate, and the fate of the galaxy..


> Introductory chapters of a galactic journey> Simple tap to read> All chapter selections unlocked> 100% free, full game> NO in-app purchases

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> Stellaren II now available!

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