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Stick of Titan

I want to defeat more... Parody mini games.
If you have a question or request, please check the FAQ first.http://sorakomi.com/soft/game/faq_app.html

If you have better translation, please tell me from this webpage!http://sorakomi.com/soft/translation/emono_hofuru/translation_en.html

Other translation projects: Could you help me translation?Italian: http://sorakomi.com/soft/translation/emono_hofuru/translation_it.htmlIndonesian: http://sorakomi.com/soft/translation/emono_hofuru/translation_in.htmlTagalog: http://sorakomi.com/soft/translation/emono_hofuru/translation_tl.html

If the game is reset after interrupt, please try to update "Google Play Developer Services" from here.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.gms&hl=en

Recommended devices:Xperia (SO-04F)Galaxy S6 edge (SCV31)

Not supported devices:Galaxy J1

Web version for PC / iOS / Android:Material list:http://sorakomi.com/soft/game/emono_hofuru/main_en.html

My development schedule:https://www.facebook.com/skMine315

Category : Action

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