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Street Cat Sim 2016

Street Cat Sim 2016You think you know cats? Well think again!
You gotta BE the cat (literally)! Let loose in the modern, city street, this is your chance to create chaos. Scour around for your ultimate prey, Mr. Mouse, to feast on. Choose either “career mode” or “free mode”; one packed with challenging hunting missions, and the other--a relentless adventure like you’ve never seen! This isn’t your domesticated, adorable kitty, but a feline with an appetite! Fight with your fellow street cat gangs. Chase, kill, and feast on small game. Scratch and destroy cars with those sharp claws and give those humans a scare! Choose your favorite kitty and unlock more enticing challenges.

Street Cat Sim 2016 Features:

•Realistic 3D Graphics, including a beautiful 3D city street and suburban environment•Plenty of fun sounds and visual effects•Thrilling prey hunting challenges•Fight with other animals e.g. cats & mouse etc.•Realistic cat animations•Smooth and easy controls to make the cat run and attack•Fast and action packed gameplay.•Free yourself from chains of domestication and feel the wind in your fur! Download now!

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