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The StudentVUE Mobile application helps students stay informed and connected by providing day-to-day insight into their own academic experience. StudentVUE Mobile for the Android phones works with the Synergy™ student information system in much the same way as the StudentVUE web portal, allowing students to stay on top of upcoming school events, classroom happenings, assignments, tests, and academic performance. Students can view their classroom assignments and scores, attendance, transcripts, graduation status and more.
NOTE: StudentVUE Mobile for the Android phones is a free application for students using the StudentVUE web portal.

How to find District URL: The StudentVUE Mobile app uses the same user login as the web-based StudentVUE portal.  If you need help please contact your School District’s Administration office for access URL and StudentVUE login information. Sample URLs:http://sispxp.yourdistrictname.orghttps://parentvue.yourdistrictname.orghttps://sismobile.yourdistrictname.orghttps://yourdistrictname.org/sismobile Please do not include /Login_Parent_PXP.aspx or /Login_Student_PXP.aspx. Example:If on the StudentVUE web portal you are usinghttps://yourschooldistrictname.org/sismobile/Login_Student_PXP.aspx In the District URL field of the iPhone App, you will type following:  (***Please do not include /Login_Student_PXP.aspx )https:// yourschooldistrictname.org/sismobile


• Only school districts using the Synergy™ student information system version 6.5 and higher can support the StudentVUE for the Android phone application.
• Requires wireless or 3G Internet connection.
• The StudentVUE Mobile for the Android phones app uses same user login as the web-based StudentVUE portal. Please contact your School District’s Administration office to verify Synergy™ version and StudentVUE login information.

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Reviews (30)

Jac. H. Apr 29, 2022     

This is a fairly simple app to use and typically does not cause me issues. Today, however, I installed the app on my device after having to remove it temporarily. It installed near instantly, as is expected from a lightweight app, but would not open. It instantly crashes every time. I've attempted reinstalling it, clearing the data, and would have cleared the cache but it has no cached data. Since it failed to open the first time around. I will gladly change to 5 stars when this issue is solved.

ind. m. Mar 18, 2022     

It does what it's supposed to, which means looking at grades/attendance/schedule for the most part, but the developers could at least try and make it look appealing. The vibrant green on white with a design out of 2010 just hurts to look at.

The. Mar 17, 2022     

App randomly decides on some days it will crash when trying to log in. Works fine when it decides to work though.

Col. Mar 8, 2022     

Starting on Sunday (Mar 6), the app has been crashing before I'm able to login. Worked fine before.

Vij. S. Jan 24, 2022     

App is lacking in features. As far as I know, you can't test scores for assignments to see what your theoretical grade would be. Also, the user experience is just not there. It's clunky and cumbersome. It's also very unreliable. Prone to random crashes in the middle of writing an important message. I'm not sure what hosting provider using but if I had to guess backend is running on an old optiplex from the 2000s. Students don't get much a choice in the tech they use but if you're an IT officer

Era. L. Feb 17, 2022     

This is an example of an unimproved app. The app has several problems: loading problems to the point you need to log out then log back in in order to access it, so-called connection problems even though im in an area that has good wifi, and plus, the app logged me out and when i try to log myself in, it says my password and email is wrong when i double checked everything and it was ok! This is ridiculous. The problem with this is that it really needs constant upgrades and more bug fixes.

Cod. 1. Mar 30, 2022     

This app constantly has login problems, making it difficult or sometimes impossible to submit work and check grades.

go. b. t. s. k. Feb 21, 2022     

Nowadays, my school wants me to start turning in my assignments through the app, and not as physical papers. No problem, right? Wrong. I can find the submission box, but everytime I tap the "Select File To Turn in" button, it does not work. It stays on that screen and doesn't bring me to any other screen, not even my files. All my other classmates can, but why can't I? Because I don't have an iPhone? Please fix this bug immediately or I'm gonna fail this semester.

Ben. L. Jan 22, 2021     

Half the dang time SIS is down. The app is already super glitchy on android, doesn't give you any clear indication of what is going wrong, and often crashes randomly. I'd say a solid 50% of the time I am unable to access my grades. Even when the app does work, it is a horrible experience. The UI was made by a literal caveman and shows little forethought into ease-of-use on mobile devices. Furthermore, the design/style is pretty old. I do not recommend this product at all.

Ast. G. Apr 12, 2021     

The servers crash way too often. It is always very slow. But even the website is much better than this garbage app. When you send an email, it does not close. This has caused me to accidentally send my teachers 5 emails at a time without knowing. So stones while typing, everything will randomly become white. The user interface ia very basic and could have been a lot better. Unfortunately, my school system has chosen this app. I would never use it otherwise.

Sam. Nov 10, 2021     

The app doesn't even work. This is the classic neglected app. A lot of reviews say that the app takes them to the login page and the app crashes, and well, me too! When you click the login button, I swear this app has to be built off of android 7 and is running off of compatibility layers, and they understandably stopped working. The thing that bugs me is that this has been going on for months. I'd hope that they would fix this problem, but the devs don't care. Use the website.

Cat. C. Jan 6, 2022     

Its takes FOREVER to log in. I'll press it and it'll say loading and then it wont log in and I have to constantly press it until it logs in. Then when I think it'll finally work I have to wait, staring at a loading screen for however long it wants to take. Like, I'm hungry, I don't have time to wait for this to work. It doesnt matter because this will probably never get fixed, as long as it does the job and people are using it (schools enforcing it) it won't get updated any time soon.

che. b. May 27, 2022     

Fix your app, it always crashes when logging in on Android

Joh. D. Aug 29, 2019     

The interface may be a little dated in this age, but the functionality is totally usable, great for everyday use. I mainly use it for class schedules, and the sections load quickly. I hope more districts use this app, and learn to adapt to a digital era where virtually every student has a phone in their pocket.

D̑̈. Ă. Mar 30, 2022     

It needs to be fixed cause it keeps saying there is an error like java error something

col. d. Apr 4, 2022     

Keep getting booted back to the sign in screen after trying to view anything.

Mar. C. Feb 22, 2021     

The app is very slow. I understand that it connects to other programs, but I don't think that it should should take 20 seconds to load the homepage. Even worse, the ease of use is based on whether it works, as in, it runs, not on how it looks. TL;DR: slow and looks basic

Jor. S. Nov 2, 2018     

It was working but it all of a sudden stopped and it showed error messages for a few weeks. I thought they'd fix it by now but they haven't . Please update and make it work thanks. I am now frustrated with this!!! It doesn't allow me to sign in even though I've reset my password many times. I hate this app so much I want to kill it. PLEASE FIIIIXXXX IIIIIITTTT

Ame. R. Aug 30, 2021     

This app is not good. I like the idea of being able to check my grades easily, but I hate my school chose this app. I've had so many problems over the years of using the app, and now it is missing many of the features, and all the text is glitched. And on top of that it is overall ugly, and a bad user experience. Every time I've tried to find my bus information, there has been an issue. I do not recommend.

Aze. Feb 8, 2022     

How do you make an app that doesn't work at all? StudentVue somehow did! You can't even use the app, when you attempt to log in all it will do is take time to load, then boot you off the app, onto your home screen, where if you try again to open, it'll boot you off again. Try to make a working app 99.99% fail rate impossible challenge...

Evy. N. Sep 9, 2021     

The app constantly gives out strange errors when put into sleep mode by battery saving modes, such as saying the account is suspended and an SQL error, and if your password's too long when you try to change it (and presumably use it), it gives an error too. It also looks old as hell, since the dialogs use the android 4 design. Horribly unstable app, if you can just use the website.

Une. 3. Feb 25, 2022     

I use to log in just fine then suddenly after the app got updated I cannot log in anymore. Everytime I try to log in I either get a error message or the app just closes all together. What ever they did the update just screwed everything up.

Jos. B. Aug 6, 2020     

Whenever you wait more than a couple of minutes, it disconnects from server, doesnt show anything and doesnt update. But the thing is that even logout button doesnt work then. I have to manually kill the process and open app again. Terrible app, it's easy to solve, but nobody cares...

Din. D. Sep 22, 2020     

The school has slowly but effectively forced us to install this app. It doesn't make check out easier at lunch, given muscle memory makes the keypad very effective, and my phone is slow. There isn't any practical functionality (for me, I'll acknowledge that others find it handy) that I can't use the website for.

Dem. S. Mar 12, 2022     

Keeps crashing, haven't been able to open it for like a week... I have no idea how to fix this but I've uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times with no change.

Set. L. Jul 31, 2019     

Constant issues. This company fails to push updates consistent with the IOS Version. Also an explanation for the sketchy permissions would be nice. EDIT: Just noticed over the summer that the app will continuously crash once you try to view a report card when you are not yet enrolled. this app is also completely unoptimised for flagship devices making crashes a common occurrence.

Gab. T. Nov 7, 2021     

After using this app for years, it has recently decided to not allow me to log in, even after deleting and reinstalling the app. It works just fine with the website and has a better format on the site, so I'll just have to use that now. UPDATE NOV 7th: after a month of failing on the app, it has finally worked. I don't know what changed but it worked, so changed review from 1 to 3 stars

Nig. -. x. Apr 11, 2022     

I don't know why it keeps shutting down when I try to sign in after logging my information, it's ridiculous, It can't function consistently without one day becoming unsuable, app sucks. It really does.

clo. Mar 26, 2021     

This app is really not great :( I downloaded it so I could do my daily health screener and keep track of my grades and assignments for school, but when I try and open it, it just crashes. Sometimes it opens, but it's very glitchy and takes forever to load. I recommend just sticking to the StudentVUE website.

Duc. Aug 30, 2020     

Great app! If possible, try adding a push notification option that could send a notification to your phone if something happens (new grade, message, your grade is below a certain percent, etc.), but this isn't vital. EDIT 1: For whatever reason, clicking on Class Schedule crashes the app.