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Submarine Sounds

Dive deep under the sea with cool submarine sounds!
Diving to incredible depths under water, submarines travel through the open ocean to conduct deep-sea research, military defense and naval exploratory missions. Historically these watercraft have been used by the navy during wartime to launch underwater missiles or undertake covert missions. As these underwater boats move and function, they make noise just like any giant machine! But under the water, these noises sound different than they would in the air. The strange underwater sounds may surprise you!

With this app you can listen to the underwater world of unique submarine sounds! As the submarine moves, its thick watertight metal walls sometimes emit eerie creaking sounds that echo through the water. When the submarine submerges and descends under the water it sounds a loud dive alarm that makes the classic submarine sound “ah-oog-ah”. You can also hear the submarine’s sonar that is used to navigate and detect nearby objects when the submarine is moving through deep, dark waters. The sonar can also be used to communicate with other marine vessels in the ocean!

Hear these cool underwater sounds and more when you check out the submarine sounds app today. You’ll feel like you’re in another world under the ocean!

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