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Sundar Gutka

- This is android version of Sundar Gutka with Nanaksar Maryada.
- With English Transliteration, Hindi Transliteration and English Translation.
- Not all banis in Sundar Gutka are ready and in subsequent updates will be made available.
Please note:

- Some readers unfamiliar with Nanaksar maryada might find differences with the way bani is structured compared to Damdami Taksal rehat maryada, or others. There is no difference in the Banis except few additions to the Banis.There is no tempering allowed in Guru Ki Bani and nothing of that sort has been done.

- For errors, issues, font related issues, device specific issues, please provide feedback in the mobile app Contact us form.

- Also write for any new features you would want to see or dissatisfied in general about the app.

- SPECIAL CREDIT TO: searchgurbani.com team for providing such a wonderful portal to gain Gurmat.
- MOBILE Version is designed to allow offline reading with Nanaksar Maryada.

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