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Super TV Remote Control

Super TV Remote Control, converts easily your Android phone or tablet into a universal remote control for your TV. It's simple and easy to configure and use, the mode of use is exactly the same as the remote control of your TV. The difference between "Super TV Remote Control" and other similar apps on Google Play is that our app supports almost 90% of the television on the market in 2014.
How to use 1 Having a mobile phone or Android Tablet with infrared or be connected to a WiFi network. 2 If your TV is a Smart TV have it connected to the same WiFi network as your Android device. 3.Install this app from Google Play 4 Launch of our universal remote control for your TV Smart and look at your network. 4b. If you intend to use infrared for old TVs, set your model in Settings. 5.Start use your phone or tablet as a remote control.

This application is compatible with: 1 remote control for LG TV 2 Remote control for Samsung TV 3 Remote control for Sony TV 4 Remote Control for Vizio TV 5 Remote Control for Panasonic TV 6 Remote for Sharp TV

Attention: This application is not currently compatible with all TVs on the market, if it fails, please be patient and inform us your TV model and we will try to update our application to increase compatibility. We will welcome any comments and is also appreciated.

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