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Supermarket Gangster Escape 3D

Sneak in the supermarket, turn off the security cameras, steal the drinks, grab the utility items while managing to escape from the guards in the Supermarket Gangster Escape. The Gangster is on the move. This time in supermarket where the guards are standing in different positions. Stealing is not easy especially when the things doesn’t really go the way you want. Now you need to win this crazy fight city police duty officers. You need to reach the escape point at all cost to end each level. Prove yourself as best gangster of the city.Manipulate the guards, use your skills and do whatever it takes to escape. Supermarket Gangster Escape game is all about making a safe prison escape from the border police of mart. Sneaking in the corridors for escaping is very tough as the guards are continuously patrolling in supermarket. High security checks based on modern technology has made it even tougher to make a safer prison escape. Find out the tools hidden in the mart that might help you in fighting with the aggressive cops and guards. Use your weapons in the best possible way to kill real police cops. Make your super moves to get rid of the real police officer in one go in this survival game!Get ready to attack maximum security border police of city in Supermarket Gangster Escape 3D game. Sneak in the superstore, hide yourself from security cameras, steal the drinks to get energy and grab the expensive items while dealing to run from the guards in the mart. Rush to get out from the super market to fighting with security officers. Hit them hard using your weapons. Show extreme stealth gangster skills to sneak inside supermarket. Develop a plot to run from the superstore. But it’s not easy as the fierce guards, aggressive wardens and the armed cops are after you. You only managed to find some simple attacking tools like baseball bat. Use it to kill the police men by hitting hard on their head and body. It’s time to use your gangster skills and wisdom and do whatever it takes to escape.Hit them hard with your weapons. Run for your life. Kill the guards before they kill you! Supermarket Gangster Escape FeaturesAmazing 3D Supermarket EnvironmentReal Thrill of Escaping the martInteresting Game PlayDifferent Combating ToolsSmooth and intuitive controlsStunning & High Quality 3D Graphics Thrilling and challenging MissionsEasy and fun to play

Category : Simulation

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