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Survival Island :Go Jail Break

Escape from an Island jail like a real underworld don. Go for your freedom. Survival Island Go Jail Break adventure begins with a hard time to escape from a Prisoner Island jail along with the other lockdown criminals. Seek help from your cell inmates prison breaks expert for a prison breakout mission. Run for your life, meet your notorious criminals gang leader, fight the brutal targeted missions, escape from the inescapable Island security police chase and use your driving simulator to drive a speed boat, first person shooting and third person shooter skills. Escape, Run & Shoot police officers in Survival Island Go Jail Break simulator! Play Brave criminal thrilling adventure police chase for a greater cause to plan a great crime threat for the city. As a criminal mastermind, recruit villains to help you attack your rivals. Use all the possible tools defend yourself from thugs and kill the cops.
There has been a constant war going on between thugs and police. Since the time you got caught by the security forces, the crime world is falling down. Passing the advanced security system is going to be tough. Constant patrolling of wardens and guards with search lights after short intervals is making it impossible for you to sneak away. Dodge the cop guards with your fellow crooks to escape this island. Enjoy the thrill of police vs robbers bewildering missions. Use your weapons like archer, axe, sniper guns and bat to kill the police officers by shooting & aiming at them. Start your speedboat stunt driving simulation to escape this hard time prison. The hard time will pass away once you breakout free from the prison. The prison breakout & police chase adventure takes a new twist. The thrill is incomplete without cops vs robber’s thrilling story in the city of crime. Try escaping from even the narrowest ways. Running fast can make you farther from being caught and getting back to jail. Give them a hard time. Bang the innocents and thrash into wardens. Have a safe escape from your cell! Fight the brutal guards and wild dogs with hints and tools. Grab your weapons, make use of your archery skills to fight for your survival.

Survival Island Go Jail Break features:

√ Amazing 3D Island Prison Environment√ Multiple gameplay challenging prisoner escape missions including gun shots, archery, hitting with a bat or an axe√ Real Thrill of Escaping the Island Prison guards and chase dog game√ Thrill of Playing the Role of a Criminal prisoner√ A Complete Prison Escape Story to Accomplish√ Action packed challenging prison break missions√ Realistic jail environment with prisoners, snipers, machine guns, police, chase dogs√ Super fast & smooth controls of fire gun shot and archery√ Escape gun shot√ Excellent shooting sounds

Category : Action

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Reviews (30)

Jus. a. d. c. c. Nov 12, 2017     

Worst game I have ever played . Controls are horrible and the levels are too short I can complete each level in approximately 30 seconds

Jus. G. Mar 29, 2017     

Its not the best kind of survival game , you guys still need upgrades on the graphics , controlls and the aiming , its not that good.

Sal. B. Apr 19, 2017     

It is not a good game or is it I am in your mind survive if you can.

Ssm. m. Apr 14, 2017     

I hate this game because the controls r not good

Pxs. Mar 25, 2017     

Lags so ads hate itttttttttttttttttttttt

Mic. b. Apr 16, 2017     

It's way to hard and a lot of ad's

A. G. u. Jun 12, 2017     

It has good graphics and has a lot of details

drk. T. May 4, 2017     

Faltu. Bskwas. Bad very bad. ..don't download ....

Dr.. G. Mar 27, 2017     

It stinks

Ans. M. Apr 21, 2017     

Best game

ril. a. a. Oct 18, 2016     

Uninstalling.aim at something takes the whole of your lifetime.too bad game control.you die because your aiming controls are freaking crazy.

Min. B. Jan 16, 2017     

There is way to many ads, there's to much lag, and when you move your finger slightly across the screen you start turning way past what you wanted to turn to. I expected better than this, remove some if the ads and limit what you can see so you are not getting so much lag.

Vaz. V. Nov 29, 2016     

why you have totally different and modified screenshots instead of real game play which is very low level college project and not working really...

Ste. L. Dec 13, 2016     

Worst game ever. I wasted 1 hour of my time beating it.

goo. b. Oct 31, 2016     

It is a very cool game because it is very difficult in this game there were some many missions then I don't give 4,3,2,1 stars to this game

Chr. W. Oct 15, 2016     

Good concept, terrible touch controls it was impossible to look around.

Cat. K. N. Dec 15, 2016     

Beacuse ads come up and its laggy

Ali. N. Dec 23, 2016     

I download it took me 1 hour to completed it it has 8 levels bad very bad

Neh. k. Oct 17, 2016     

poor in everything,graphics,theme..Don't install it,just only waste of time and nothing else..!

Azr. R. Dec 22, 2016     

I love the shooting I love games I get to shoot and kill guards I am ten years old and I love playing games I can kill people

jam. J. Oct 25, 2016     

Not fun and bad graphics

Bay. F. Sep 27, 2016     

I saw this game I thought it would be fun turns out it's crap do not get it!

A. G. u. Jan 6, 2017     

Just little lag that's all

Hue. M. Dec 1, 2016     

The first thing i see when i open the game, can you guess? Thats right! 8 Ads! And the fact that the controls suck, and it says "Survival Island" I expect a survival. But what is it? Levels. Why levels? Why isn't it open world? Whatever, but your game sucks and you should force stop it.

A. G. u. Oct 3, 2016     

I love these game

A. G. u. Nov 9, 2016     

Stupid game we are not installed this game

A. G. u. Oct 1, 2016     

Majid ahmed

A. G. u. Jan 10, 2017     

Enough with the 30sec adds!! -Dont download-

suj. d. Oct 12, 2016     

Can anyone tell me where I will find the forest blue mark in level 3 please?

ami. k. Dec 11, 2016     

The controler is not good