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SWD Camera

Use this App to view the wifi backup camera on your phone or tablet. Help you change lanes on the highway and parking in narrow spaces.

1. Easy to use. The entire system transmits images via wifi signals (technology similar to Bluetooth). No need of Internet access or data to link .After you powered the camera, Please open your phone's WiFi list and find the wifi whose name begin with SWD.Then connect to it and open the APP. You will enjoy the convenient that our products bring to you.

2. Screenshots. You can click on the screenshot icon to save the picture and view it in the folder.

3. Turn on/off the guidelines. The guidelines can help you determine the distance more accurately. You can also choose to close it to get a clean view.

4.Completely free and no ads in the app.

5.Suitable for most Android phones and tablets.

Category : Tools

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