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SystemPanel 2

SystemPanel is a tool to let you view and manage just about everything possible about the goings-on of your device and visualize it in an easy-to-understand graphical format.

Features include:

* Show active apps, record app battery, CPU, and wake lock usage over time to show potential battery drain issues
* Draw plots showing how you used your phone over time and how much battery disappeared as a result
* Analyze recent battery consumption and device wakeups (wakelocks), showing potential problem apps
* Manage installed apps, backup app APKs, uninstall apps, and re-install archived versions
* View apps categorized by the permissions they require
* Disable system packages [ROOT required]
* Disable individual services of apps (e.g. OTA updates) [ROOT required]
* Browse all the technical nitty-gritty about your phone

This app uses Accessibility services. SystemPanel's "Usage" feature can optionally use an "accessibility service" to show you how much time you're spending in each app on your phone, and when you use them throughout the day. This is useful for those with addiction disorders (and/or their parents or legal guardians) to avoid addictive use of the device/specific applications. Use of this service is optional, and like the rest of SystemPanel, no collected data is sent from the device, it is only displayed to the user.

Category : Tools

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Reviews (30)

Tom. B. Apr 30, 2022     

Paid fx explorer for years, since Android 2.2.1, were a road paver for a long time. I love the idea behind this app and how detailed it is, however it drains my battery much faster than when it's not running, it points the finger at a tool that tells me the software version on a BLE device, an app w/ 0 permissions doesn't start a single function or process until I open it, doesn't run in the background. SystemPanel2 makes a direct swap with this app in every section.

Ian. F. Nov 29, 2018     

It works ok, but please change the battery usage graph to use a logarithmic scale like the original version of this app did. Almost all of the analysis I do when trying to find apps that drain the battery while the phone is idle, happen in the bottom 5 percent of the scale. 4 percent per hour drain is very bad when it should be 2, for instance. With linear scale from 0 to 100, I can't see what's happening at the bottom.

Zso. S. Oct 10, 2018     

The app itself is very thorough, with an interface that's as beautiful as it is both user friendly and informative. However, in the end I can only give it three stars (a compromise between evaluating its potential and how well it actually lives up to it), since it doesn't appear to have any provisions for supporting extended batteries. In my case, that means it consistently overestimates power consumption, based on a battery design capacity of 3.2Ah - which, in reality, is closer to 9Ah.

A. G. u. Nov 9, 2018     

Put it on my Nexus 7 tablet with Android 6.01. Works great, saved battery use and tells me exactly what's going on. I tried it on my Samsung J3 Prime phone with 8.1, and went through the setup procedure with the Windows app and almost everything works. On the live screen it just waits forever to display running apps and the stop button stops 0 apps.

Kur. G. Nov 2, 2018     

First, very nice app. But most impressive was the incredible detailed steps to get it to work. Google makes it very difficult to get permission to see system level operations. This app walks you through all the steps, including connecting a computer, downloading adb from Google, shell level scripts and other steps. In fact, they even confirm back to you when each step is done correctly. If you move forward without doing a step, it warns you. Absolutely first class install steps. I even paid $2 for the pro version without ads, and that was also very simple to do with no added downloads. Installed on OnePlus 6t running Android 9

Joh. A. I. Jan 25, 2019     

I really like SystemPanel2. I've been using FX pro for a while since ES Explorer went south and I've found it to be very good quality. It has helped me change phones twice without too much hassle. Now SystemPanel2, with the adb permissions provided, is providing a very clean, very professional looking tool to track phone metrics. It's much better than the Google default battery and usage information, provides details per appand very user friendly. Thanks to the developer for an awesome app.

Gre. Feb 12, 2019     

Live running will not load. Continually has load animation of blue circle. Although status loads properly. Do you have any thoughts? LG G6 with enabled non root extra info with adb sdk. Even with this small bug there is a wealth of great information provided by app that would take several other paid apps combined to match. Slick looking graphics and intuitive controls. This is a great app even if you don't root your device as there are ways to enable a ton of extra stuff if you can use adb.

Mil. H. Mar 2, 2022     

I have been looking for an app that could do this kind of thing unrooted for ages. All seems to be working fine on Android 12. I followed the instructions to grant permissions using adb on windows and it all worked without any issues. This is a great app that shows me what each app is doing so I can throw out the CPU and battery hogs. Thanks dev!

Adm. L. Nov 16, 2019     

[NEW UPDATE] I really like this app a lot but the problem I have is is there's too much distractions on the screen. I would love to see a simple version in a list format with the exact same dark background but with a more simple list format with one simple CPU usage graph at the top so you can monitor CPU usage and check out the CPU readings in order to figure out which apps are holding more CPU usage. But I do like the very flexible fluid display.

Man. Apr 19, 2022     

Eats battery fast, and since I only wanted it to see what's eating my battery fast, I don't need another app that does so... And I need the information screen to be *informative* - at a glance. I need more (or more accessible) explanations of what the information tells me - and the ability to sort apps A-Z (or search by name) / usage / install time (to see the latest new app's effect, or check out one I suspect of being greedy). I love FX File Explorer but can't use this.

Gab. Mar 29, 2019     

I installed the app after reading through the description and some of the reviews. But before opening it, I took a second look through the reviews and saw many of them mention high battery drain and the app constantly running in the background (something it shouldn't need to do) - that's especially a dealbreaker for me, as I can't stand a persistent notifications.

Myr. A. Dec 27, 2019     

I upgraded to the paid version of the app to get access to some of the widgets which can only be accessed after upgrading. I'm sorry I did. The widgets are frankly lame. Ugly and they have basically -0- configurability. The app hasn't been updated in over a year so there's not much hope it will improve. The app otherwise is good but I was disappointed by the widgets.

Cru. c. Oct 2, 2019     

Enhanced via root doesn't seem to work at the moment... It requests root, but then says it is unable to get permission after granted. Developers did a great job on the interface and features! Came here after being impressed by FX Explorer... Keep up the awesome work!

Ste. S. Mar 19, 2022     

As a user of the original SystemPanel app, who also supported the development by purchasing & recommending to others, I'm definitely disappointed with this v2 release that never left the beta stage, nor has had an update for nearly 4 years. I see that others report this app has functionality on Android 12, but if you're at the very least a tech enthusiast, you probably understand why 3+ year old compiled code in a beta version can't be reliable. I believe this is officially now "abandonware". :(

Mík. R. Feb 17, 2022     

It seems to be useful for detecting power-hungry apps. Much better than GSam Battery Monitor, which provides erratic results such as NaN, null, $*$% and weird things like that instead of normal numbers. And much better than BetterBatteryStats or Wakelock detector, which are too old apps and don't work on newer devices anymore...

Kar. R. Jan 20, 2022     

Functional, and sleek system monitor app. Sadly quite limited unless you enable special permissions by connecting your device to a PC, but that's not a fault of this app, it's a limitation/security feature in Android. But even with special permissions I can't seem to find info on active processes.

Jam. V. Mar 10, 2021     

Good app, shows processes and allows you to kill them (im rooted). Ive had issues removing or transfering system apps to user apps. Also, it would be really nice if you could click into the network usage tab. It would be a VERY appreciated feature to see which processes are using the network and what endpoints they are hitting. This is asking alot, lol, but an automated whois lookup tied into that would be AMMMAAAAAZZZIINNGG.

Cod. I. B. Jun 24, 2019     

Good app that does it's job well and in an elegant maner, provided with the needed permissions. There is still an issue, and not a small one: it started to consume 1GB of RAM on average, making memory management caching apps more frequently than I'm at ease with (4GB ram here)!

Mik. G. Nov 14, 2020     

I've had this app (including the earlier version paid) for at least 5 years. Honestly I don't understand most of it's features but it assists me in battery useage trackdowns. 2 gripes: 1) hasn't been upgraded for 2 years and 2) can't enable enhanced stats using developer's desktop program. PC says enabled but app says the process failed.

Bil. Oct 8, 2019     

When I first installed this app, the list of running processes showed the amount of RAM being consumed by each. Now this one key metric has vanished - why!? All i needed was a full list of installed apps with a % of CPU being consumed & a % of memory used by each app, so that i can easily identify the resource hogs & consider uninstalling them. Of course, with SystemPanel running, its consuming the vast majority of resources (but thats to be expected).

Dee. D. May 8, 2020     

Amazing app! Rated it 5 stars before, but noticed it now cuts off the bottom of the timing markers in history on 16:9 displays regardless of the resolution or screen scaling changes. Doesn't happen on my S10+ only on devices with 16:9 display. Deserves 5 stars if only the minor bug had not been introduced since my last review.

Wil. r. Jun 3, 2020     

This app has a nice amount of functionality, but I noticed that it runs in the background constantly, and I cannot allow that. Also, it is called SystemPanel2 in the app store, System2 in the app drawer, and SystemPanel in the app settings; the names should absolutely be uniform.

Iru. H. Jun 22, 2019     

Have been happy with the app until now but, after uograding my phone and reinstalling it, it wants ne to pay for it again! Not so happy any more. ***EDIT**" Review bumped up to five stars after noting that the app had decided it was the Plus version after all - had to reopen the app after closing it without granting ad pernissions first and then relaunch it and go into the settings though (not obvious and more heart attacks due to high blood pressure could be avoided by making it so)

S. S. Nov 7, 2020     

Permissions small but power still MIGHTY. The list of capabilities this program can do BY THE BOOK, is extradionary. But the multitude of different styles combined with vast growth of mobile development sometimes leave this user scratching his head. Still a TON of great tools to use and has taken awhile, but eventually added to my list of apps I can't be without. Thank you

Mic. D. May 31, 2020     

Very informative app, lets you know what is going on with your phone and whether you can or should control running apps and services. It doesnt exactly give you FULL control of carrier apps - namely spyware and bloatware. Keeps me mindful and appreciative of people and technology. 😷👍👍

Ran. S. May 10, 2020     

Great user interface with fantastic graphics and color theme. App shows tons of analytics of user battery & phone hardware. Edit : it will be nice if after phone schedule shutdown in night the battery graph updates from last night reading as of now it reset & start all over again in the morning.

For. S. Oct 11, 2021     

Ive used System Panel beginning with original release for MANY years. Since original install, System Panel (v. 2 currently), I have gone thru numerious makes and models of Smartphones, primarily Galaxy Note series since v.2..A veteran 30 year mid-mgmt IT Pro, System Panel has consistently been my Go To Android App.. A small Windows util to access required internal system modules without having to root opens full capabilities. Recommendation of YEARS of use, System Panel is a recommend 10+!!!

Jam. F. Dec 4, 2020     

The adb setup is a little like working in the dark, but that is a completely seperate problem. I had to enable the desktop link by entering rhe ADB command strings out of sequence, but it still worked. Saytem pannel 2 itself is an 'informational work of art'. It is everything an app should be.

A. G. u. Oct 15, 2018     

Used to be good. Now it's filled with ads & it just displays system data. It doesn't control anything. SD Maid 100X better! It's a fully functional system diagnostic/control tool.

S. B. Jun 3, 2019     

it was great but there was ONE seriously concerning thing And that is the fact that the developers never seem to care to respond to anything and they have access to a lot of very personal info, on everyone, that I rather not let these particular developers such privilege when they don't do so well with communication. And if I do get a response from them I will recant what I stated but I would also like a response for all the many others that would love to hear from these developers as well