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Table Trainer by NumberGym

This app offers a personalized approach to learning the multiplication tables and associated number facts.For each challenge, drag the cards to their answer disks. Can you sort them in one minute to be Lightning Fast?When you can you're ready for the next level. Caution: Can be addictive!The program supports and stores data for up to 6 users.To make maximum progress we strongly recommend 5 to 10 minutes EVERY day rather than a long session once a week.Each multiplication table is learned in three stages:STAGE 1: The answer disks are placed in order in a circle e.g. 4,8,12,16,etc. Click Go to start the challenge. The timer starts, but can be hidden. A random card from the set of 18 is displayed in the centre of the ring of answer disks.The task is to drag the card over the disk containing the correct answer e.g. drag '3x4' over the answer disk with 12 on it. If you don't know the answer then you can count your way around the disks to get there.If you get it right, you'll hear a ping, the card will spin and disappear into the answer disk, and the next card will appear in the centre. The Number of Cards Left will be reduced by one.If you drag to the wrong answer disk, you'll hear a bloop and the card will return to the centre. When you eventually get it right, that card will remain on the pack and reappear later because you need more practice with that number fact. When you can sort the cards in less that a minute and a half, you will have gained the Quick Thinking light-bulb icon. Once you get to under a minute you achieve the lightning-bolt icon and are Lightning Fast. At that point you're ready for the next stage.STAGE 2: We now mix up the answer disks and also sometimes reverse the digits
- e.g. in the 4x table we may show '3x4' or '4x3'.STAGE 3: Finally we present the division facts eg '12 รท 4'.Once you've mastered a group of 3 tables e.g. 10s, 5s and 2s then we give you a mixture of those cards as a revision challenge before moving on.

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