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Tap a Fish

You have been tasked with upholding order in your own pocket sized aquarium. You must keep your fish from starving and protect them from the tank-invading sea monsters. If you're lucky
- your fish will drop coins for you to collect and spend on strategic upgrades to improve your own tank eco-system! If that's not keeping you busy enough, head on over to the store and spend your pearls on customizing your aquarium with attractive artifacts ranging from treasure boxes and skulls to windmills and castles!
. 10 exciting and fun-filled levels for you to explore

. Absolutely free entertainment for the first 5 levels

. Simple and interactive interface

. Colorful and vivid graphics. Including a HD version!

. Kid-friendly and suitable for all ages

. Practice session to help you learn and play even better

. The most exciting fish aquarium & strategy based online game yet!

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Category : Arcade

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Reviews (30)

Mis. R. Jun 4, 2015     

I use to love this game when i was younger. It is great fun! Although the app is silly only 5 levels and then you have to pay. No thank you from what i hear you only have 10 levels. This could be a great app if everyone had access to level. DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU ARE WELLING TO PAY FOR APP!

Tin. H. Nov 4, 2013     

While the game play was great all 5 free levels can be completed in one hour. You must spend 99 cents to play the five remaining levels. The other levels are supposedly coming soon, but doesn't state whether or not you will have to pay more for every set of new levels... whenever, or if, they come out. Make game play free charge for special enhancements would be better.... As long as a whole bunch more levels are added.

Mar. F. Jul 14, 2016     

Good game but once you are at level 6 all finish. So will have to delete it as you want us to pay to play further...shame 😢...I see that in 2013 suppose to be someone working on more levels...no update so far...and after all if the game is free why this changes at level 6?? Anyway Frozen is a great game too, no paying if you are not greedy so will play that one instead. You need to learn from the best to grow on the market.

Jac. K. Dec 7, 2014     

This has been out a long time. Why are there only ten levels? I'm a bit disappointed that I have to replay previous levels to earn money to buy the things I need to get ahead. Unless I want to pay real money. Then, just as I've finally replayed the first levels a hundred times, then I have to re-buy for the level after that. Back to replaying old levels to try to earn more money again. But it's over after ten levels. It's the most exciting game I've ever played, but I feel tricked. I'm uninstalling.

Luv. L. Feb 5, 2016     

I've been waiting a long time for the other levels of the game to come out but it seems like never

so. e. May 18, 2013     

Why are there parts that are blackened and you can't even see some parts of it >:

Tam. r. Aug 3, 2013     

Great needs more fish . And make the pets worth more coins but once we bye one we can use it all the time , max number of pets in one game is 4

Joh. G. Jan 31, 2013     

This game arouses all six senses of a human being. It is the quintessence of a jolly aquatic adventure.

PJ. C. Jul 16, 2015     

Game is great exactly what I wanted but there's been a few times I can't place food in the tank for a period that makes me lose the game. I have gold for the food and there weren't already my max on the board. There was none. Hence the fish died.maybe a look at the code in relation to the galaxy note 4 op system. Idk fixed is a 5 start game all the way

Sau. M. Mar 17, 2013     

It's a game with great graphics and good tactics.developers sud add a tutorial in the beginning nd explain how fishes behave.sud have some more free stages :-P

Vic. S. Jul 12, 2013     

No point of playing this its boring and sometimes i click my screen to feed them but i can't

Hil. C. Jun 3, 2013     

Or at least thats what I recall the name of the original to be. Loved it back then... love it now. Simply awesome and adictive.

Mic. J. Feb 3, 2013     

It realy remind me of this flash based game thats exact like this,but you keep youre pets and upgrades and it was more cartoony.. This have a lovely graphic,challenging gameplay,yet I do wish you could keep some of the pets you bought allready -_-

Che. C. Oct 15, 2013     

1st 6 levels are free with the same fish...then u guessed it..... u have to PAY REAL MONEY to continue....not so great....The screen shots make it look very appealing, but u never get to see any other fish apart from the two u have at the start. I did enjoy the 1st 6 levels, graphics are good, no lagging, but a tad boring...2 stars as its advertised as a free game, but its not, and to get anywhere playing it, real money has to be paid....not for me, UNINSTALLING.

M. H. Mar 31, 2013     

First gave 5 but with each level completed I have to buy my pets over again! Very irritating & what's the point of completing a level? Fix it & my rating will improve.

Nic. M. Jul 18, 2015     

I've been looking for this game forever! Used to be so addicted to it when it was on popcap. The only thing is the slow reaction time at the beginning of the rounds for feeding. A bit frustrating. But it gets quicker and it gets fun real quick :)

Ter. C. Oct 4, 2013     

I love this game but I don't like to go on Facebook to reach a new level

Sam. G. Apr 18, 2015     

Great game, enjoyed playing the game but don't understand why I can't play anymore,why the didn't go any further than level 10.

lei. t. May 28, 2014     

If it would open up and play i would give it a five star

Ton. M. Jun 27, 2014     

Not the best but it will entertain you when your board

A. G. u. Mar 14, 2013     

Quite interesting to play and expecting more free levels. Loved collecting coins and diamonds.

kun. a. Feb 19, 2013     

One of the best games that i've played recently Amazing graphics!! Keep up the good work developers :)

And. Nov 5, 2013     

Cool game very good graphics and coll monsters hope New updates come soon

Tri. K. Jul 16, 2014     

It was fun at first its just bs that u have to pay 99 cents to continue playing sux this game shouldn't be free if u have to pay for more levels I am uninstalling

Sai. S. Feb 3, 2015     

Level 5 k but level 678910 waste not yeting

Nic. P. Jun 9, 2014     

Would be better with more in shop to earn as well. Good spin off of Insane aquarium.

xcv. x. Jan 16, 2014     

Good a little boaring blah UFUL beed more fun

Jes. L. Mar 21, 2013     

Okay twice I download this stupid app because you guys say it's so amazing and so fun.. But it won't let me download!

A. G. u. Apr 28, 2013     

Would be a 5 star but it won't let me upgrade.

Mad. R. Jan 23, 2014     

awesome game. remember playing this when I was a kid still enjoy the smiling fish.