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Teacher Strategies: Managing Student Behaviors in The Classroom
Are you looking for student management ideas for all grade levels? Do you love teaching but need strategies to deal with bullying, disrespect and other issues that cause stress? Simple logic tells us that we must build relationships
- but that is easier said than done. This app features more than 400 ideas for managing 25 typical classroom behavior problems.

Teacher Buddy App features solutions for the following behaviors

DefianceLyingCheatingStealingBad LanguageViolenceDisruptive BehaviorEntitledDisrespectfulDoes Not WorkWon't Turn In WorkPoor Self-EsteemTemper TantrumsLack of ResponsibilityRepeat OffendersPoor Social SkillsBad AttitudeOut of SeatTalks Too MuchBullying BehaviorClass ClownApathetic LearnerMean/AngerADHD/HyperactiveArgumentative

Please note that this is the free version of the app with only two of the behaviors available for free. The full version with all behaviors is available through one in-app purchase.

Category : Education

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