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Teacher Class123

★ Class123 is a free classroom management tool with various classroom tools and communication features.
★ Class123 is both available on app and on desktop.(http://class123.ac). ● Give meaningful feedback ㆍGive instant feedback to your students from your mobile or computer. ㆍEncourage individual students and set group goals for the whole class.ㆍKeep parents and students engaged.● Communicate efficiently with students and parents ㆍ Share photos and videos, stories, and learning materials through the built-in board feature.ㆍ Use “read receipt” enabled announcements to send important messages. ㆍ Send private letters to students or parents.● Interact better with students ㆍ Understand your students better with the feedback report.ㆍ Set student avatar and give feedback with animations.ㆍ Reward students with the ‘wow camera’ using fun customized filters. ● Make full use of classroom tools ㆍ Select students for classroom activities with the random picker. ㆍ Help students manage time better with the timer, stopwatch, and alarm. ㆍ Use your class projector screen with the digital chalkboard to teach with visuals. ㆍ Set groups with the seating chart and award teamwork with the ‘Class goal tracker’.

* Some features are only available on the desktop version (http://class123.ac/) We are always open to suggestions! If you have any questions or ideas you’d like to share with us, reach us at help@class123.ac.You can also find us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/class123.global.

Category : Education

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Reviews (30)

P. A. May 21, 2021     

Students and I adored Class 123! Used it for the past three years. However, a month ago I started having log in issues and have not been getting communications back from Class 123. Then today: DISASTER! In the middle of class, app won't load. Reinstall & get locked out despite entering correct information. No response from support at all. Have a dozen classes on my account with hundreds of students. LIVID. HORRIFIED. Please save yourself the headache and use a backup app!

eug. Feb 4, 2020     

The app does not follow the formatting of the announcement when posted from the computer.. and joins all the paragraphs tgt... No bold no underline, totally zero formatting kept. Would be good if the message is like a chatbox instead. checking of chat history would be easier. Collaborators (no matter which platform) can't send messages to parents.. which is quite useless since different teachers would be teaching the class and would want to contact the parents when necessary

A. G. u. Sep 12, 2018     

I love it. I would happily pay a small one off fee to use it. I wouldn't pay a subscription however. It would be nice if you could fit more students into a vertical row (I need 9).

Eha. M. Aug 30, 2019     

It is such a great app. I've been using it for almost 3 years. However, sometimes I cannot attach audio files to my class posts. It would be helpful if you could fix this. Tnx

ali. r. Mar 31, 2019     

great app. loves every features. would be great if it able to create checklist with and without date reference. keep it up.

Ham. D. Sep 25, 2019     

No offline service. You must be all the time connected to the internet. Otherwise, close the apk.

Joa. P. Dec 13, 2019     

Easy Teaching app to use for quick feedback to parents and students.

Han. A. Jan 8, 2020     

Good app to keep track on my students, please update a sorting system that sort students by their attendances.

mah. s. Oct 20, 2020     

It is really useful for teachers but i don't know how to share the board and my voice in a same time for the students

Hyo. K. Nov 8, 2019     

It is very helpful for managing and motovating students in class. Picking up groups is easy and giving prize and panalty mativate studentsm Students love watching their avatar. I want more kinds of avatar.

Gur. M. Jun 21, 2019     

really good just one thing to improve on. that is that you could add a percentage for how negatives and positives together

Ron. L. May 5, 2019     

I couldn't get the app to work and it was going very slow and it wouldn't let me type!!!!!!!

gra. L. Jul 6, 2019     

Good app! Hope can add students and parents profiles in the future.

Isa. S. Mar 30, 2020     

Oh my gosh it is so creative, there are NO ADDS which is amazing, and if you are not an adult, you get to be a teacher to!

Jay. S. Aug 10, 2020     

Useful one in these days for teacher to keep track of their students marks and grade...

Phu. J. Feb 19, 2019     

i like it as my pupils love it. best can support Chinese input

GTA. c. Sep 6, 2020     

It would be good if you dident need to put in your email but exept from that its exelent

Til. R. C. Sep 2, 2020     

Best app for best interaction with students.

Tov. M. Apr 1, 2022     

It's so fun and so entertaining I could play this for hours

Han. A. Sep 26, 2018     

I still not tryin it ..but it looks great and useful..keep up great work

Mee. y. T. Apr 27, 2021     

It's useless I won't even I don't even know what to put in the "check password" this thing

Ian. P. Jul 17, 2020     

I think this app would be if you didn't need to put your email address on it.

Gra. L. Apr 16, 2020     

Really awesome, helpful, and useful

key. m. Mar 18, 2020     

OKay i only give it 1 star because it won't let me put 0 stars but i give it 0 stars because when i enter it tells me my gmail and my pw and all that ...... i put all my correct things and it still doenst let me get in ..... LIKE WHAT THE FU*K !!!! sorry but it derserves a 0 star :(

Nid. S. Jan 26, 2021     

Waste of mb this app is nothing is my oppinion is this dont waste your mb too like i wasted i know only 6.0 mb why should too waste that much too nothing is there

A. G. u. Sep 19, 2018     

i hope i don't have to sign in because i never used this app

Car. B. Dec 8, 2020     

Please link some teacher resources.

Edu. T. Oct 5, 2021     

good but it needs more refinment

Mad. J. Mar 9, 2019     

when i tried to sign up it wouldnt let me in when i pressed enter

A. G. u. Feb 9, 2019     

I think it is a derable app because it wont let me sigh up