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Teacher Gradebook FREE

100% FREE. NO LIMITATIONS.With ads to fund my work. You can remove ads by going to premium.
I am a teacher that develops the app in my spare time.


Teacher Gradebook is a friendly, powerful and great Android app for teachers to manage students grades. It is a digital notebook for teachers. Keep your students and grades organized and auto calculate the final grade.

Teacher Gradebook is a grades notebook that will SAVE you lot of TIME.

Teacher Gradebook is 100% free with no limitations and funded with ads. It has ads to pay my work. You can remove them going to premium.


- Manage grades
- Powerful and customizable teacher notebook
- Different types of grades:
* Numeric grades
* Counter grades
* Free text grades
* Icon grades
* Calculated grades
* List of values
* Rubrics
- Rubrics assessement
- Authomatic final grade calculation
- Attendance list
- Attendance statistics
- Class map with quick attendance
- Manage students and their info
- PDF and CSV export
- Schedule/Timetable
- Charts
- Encrypted database.
- Conditional grade colors
- Configurable grade symbols: A, A+, F, etc...
- Icons
- Manage groups.
- Manage terms/trimesters
- Manage different tabs
- Reports
- Backups: manual, auto, cloud backups.
- Import students from a CSV file.
- Classroom diary
- Specially designed for Tablets
- .... much more...

Translated to 14 languages!

Teacher Gradebook is a good complement to other teacher's apps like: ClassDojo, Classcraft, Kahoot!, Moodle, Edmodo, Socrative, Schoology, Remind or Google Classroom.

Feel free to try teacher gradebook, I am pretty sure it will save you time.


- In-app purchases: to remove the ads.
- Location: to show located ads.
- Phone: to call student's parents from the student's card.
- Wifi/Network connection: to display the Twitter section and online help

* Web: http://apps4edu.org

- Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/114846341726421534021
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/teachergrade
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Teacher-Notebook-Cuaderno-Profesor/544794855653425

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