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Testosterone shots must be done on a regular basis. Yet, many FtM's miss the day of their injection.
Testo Memo allows transmen (transgender, transsexuals, FtX, etc.) to no longer forget the day of their testosterone injection !

You just need to enter the latest day on which you did your shot and the interval (in days) between two shots. You will receive a notification a few days before your next shot. Once this is done, the date of your next shot will be computed for you!

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Reviews (30)

A. G. u. Feb 15, 2019     

I like that it exists, specifically for trans. The design is easy to understand. I'd wish for more flexibility with notifications. the one i have pops up a week before, but whenever i remove it it keeps coming back minutes later for the rest of the week. I'd rather set several that are gone if dismissed. Also i changed the schedule from 3 to 4 weeks but it won't change the date of the next shot... would like more control about manual change, or better automation! thank you for making the app!

Rya. L. Mar 20, 2022     

I would genuinely forget to take my shot if it wasn't for this app. It has a discrete notification that shows up about a day or two before my shot date and continues to pop up until I open the app and update my shot calender. It helps me track my moods, eating habits, sleeping patterns, etc. This app has also been helpful with understanding how my mental health symptoms present differently because of the hormones.

Ale. W. Apr 27, 2022     

Great app but currently after every intake the list of future planned intakes disappears - I have to 'edit' the product, save it and then I'm getting 'intake not scheduled' so I have to count the days and put the date in. Idk how to fix it and it's a bit annoying.

Jac. M. Feb 15, 2020     

Wonderful app overall, a tad annoying how you would want alerts only once a day, but they stay on the screen throughout the day. Unsure if theres a mtf option, but I haven't found it. Overall great design, wish notifications weren't constantly added for dosages happening in 24 hours. Would love a small notes panel for the well being section to enter info like a diary.

Jac. S. Sep 25, 2019     

Edit: Thank you so much for putting back the possibility to use the previous version!!! I get overwhelmed when there are too many things and I love the sober and simpler interface of the old version, it's perfect, thank you!

Nan. S. Mar 25, 2022     

The app is very helpful, however I cannot scroll down on the "statistics" page which is frustrating and I also had some difficulties understanding how the app worked at first... Other than that thank you for making this app!

Ash. D. Feb 14, 2022     

Really confusing when you open it not exactly sure where to begin on even starting the app and beginning the process to put everything in there seems like it's just a standalone app that just wants to be taking up space on phone really confusing.

Sof. C. Sep 29, 2018     

It used to be perfect, just really simple, you put in your days, when do you want to be reminded and you're good to go. I'm sorry but it's terrible now... While there's no way to go back to the old version, I'll use my phone calandar manually...

Haz. H. Aug 31, 2021     

Love this app, it's easy and very useful for me. The only thing is that I can not reload my backup I had many problems with my old phone and then I change one but my backup didn't load :[

Var. Apr 5, 2021     

This app is very useful, except it wouldn't stop notifying me that my once a week medication every day time I closed it out Currently, it won't let me delete a medication I'm no longer on. Just keeps notifying me it's empty, which is annoying. Otherwise it's a very helpful app

ale. Sep 17, 2018     

I recently upgraded to an iPhone and there is no iOS version of this app?! I've been late for my shot every week since I've had my new phone :( too bad. This was a most helpful app.

Cas. Sep 27, 2019     

just downloaded the app again after having to reinstall it. how do i revert back to the old interface? the option to switch back seems to have disappeared

L.. W. Oct 10, 2018     

Fantastic app to help NB and guys keep track of such an important medicaton. Reminders are wonderful and I think critical to good outcomes and adherence. Stay healthy!

Poe. Oct 2, 2020     

Been using the app for years and it is great. Simple to use and let's you know when you need to replace your meds.

000. 0. Nov 5, 2018     

I missed my shot again. It used to notify me but after the update, it does not do that anymore.. 😞☹ī¸

Rei. L. Dec 3, 2021     

Should be able to intake more than once a day right? ...

Kar. O. Aug 8, 2021     

Thanks for this app!, loved it.

Mic. G. Nov 4, 2018     

thanks for the update its alot better now

Ber. S. Jun 17, 2019     

Is there a release date for the new update?

Cor. S. Jan 31, 2019     

I haven't updated since the app took on more of the original appearance. The app is much easier to use and the notifications are working now, so I bumped it to 3 stars. However, I can't give a higher rating bc of what I discovered. I Google'd myself and one of the image results was tagged under this app, in the Google play store. It specifically states, "Trans Memo - Apps on Google..." I can't figure out how to remove this link, so any help will be appreciated.

Jay. D. Sep 2, 2018     

I don't like this new version. It's more complicated than ever. I liked the old one better.

Fre. C. Aug 15, 2018     

I've been using this for 4 years and never had any issue. With the new updates tho, the notification seems to be bugged. I just realized I missed my shot since it never notified me :/ Checked the settings and my last shot date was correctly entered so it should've worked as usual.

Log. T. Aug 21, 2018     

I have been using this app since shortly after I started hormones. I am not sure what I would do without it.

Ace. T. Aug 17, 2018     

I emailed you and sent you screenshots as well.

C. K. Apr 5, 2016     

It was perfect until today when I gave myself a shot and entered it in. I take my shots weekly and it said my next shot was due in December while it's only April. Going to uninstall and reinstall to see if it helps. Nope, didn't help at all. Goodbye app, sorry to see you go.

Kit. J. Aug 10, 2017     

The notifications stopped working completely. And the date formatting is confusing for people in the United States. Having the option to change the date formatting, and also have better notifications (like a text to your phone, or a sound that reminds you) would make this app a lot more useful and user friendly.

A. G. u. May 10, 2017     

It was working great but the past 2 weeks it stopped notifying me. I checked the notifications and they're on but it's not working. Deleting app

sky. r. Aug 25, 2015     

This app is perfect for me. I have a hard time remembering the side i got my shot on last ans stuff but i can just open this and it will give me all my info. Its great and simple

PKM. T. D. Mar 6, 2015     

Very good! Does exactly what it says it does. Only suggestion is to be able to modify date order. Thank you for this helpful tool!

Bil. B. Oct 18, 2014     

Thanks so much for this handy app! Some suggestions: address book for prescribing doctor/pharmacy, rx tracker to record rx name/dosage/strength, option to change testosterone type (pill, topical, patch, etc), option to support estrogen, calendar to visually track precisely when doses were taken. Finally, if you could avoid the term "ftm" because it implies that we were once female when we were never female, and because genderqueer people can hormonally transition using testosterone too. Thanks again!