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The Meaning Of Life Experiment

The Meaning of Life Experiment is a completely Free app, giving you access to 30 High Quality Meditations, as well as Self-Development Videos and Exercises. It is based on 20 years of research into various fields of Self-Development. All 30 days of content can be accessed for Free. The App helps you discover more Happiness, more Meaning, and your Life Purpose, based on the Science of Happiness.
“Ashok’s tools have really helped me in my personal and professional life.”Richard Bacon, TV Presenter

Happiness: The free Mindfulness and Meditation tools have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase well-being and levels of happiness. Meaning: Videos within the app help you understand more about the different meanings of life that exist, and come to your own conclusions.Life Purpose: Have you ever wondered what your Life Purpose actually is? This app goes through a step by step process to help you discover it, for a more satisfying and fulfilled life.

In the App, your personal Avatar also asks you how you are feeling in that moment, e.g. Are you feeling stressed? Are you feeling tired? Are you feeling angry? And then based on your response, the app finds short exercises and suggestions to suit your mood, to help you come back to a place of peace and calm.

“Ashok is really helping people understand more about meditation and its effects for the busy Commuter,” CNN

You can watch the trailer here: http://youtu.be/7JmzOjDHb6E

What you get in the App
- Each day you can access a powerful 10 or 20 minute guided Meditation with specially designed background music to take you deeper
- You can access many hours of Videos on discovering more Meaning, as well as your Life Purpose
- A personal Avatar giving your personalised suggestions based on how you feel in the moment
- A Journal to document your reflections
- Share experiences online with other people taking the experiment
- Opportunity to download meditations to use them offline

“Ashok's style, incredible insight and experience makes each session invaluable; he has so many gems and words of wisdom, taking part has been a pleasure”.Joan, USA

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