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The Study Bible

The Study Bible gives you a wealth of resources from John MacArthur and Grace to You to help you understand and apply God’s Word. Featuring the English Standard Version (ESV) and the New American Standard (NAS) texts of Scripture, you have immediate access to Grace to You’s sermon archive, featuring more than forty-five years of John’s Bible teaching (well over 3,000 full-length messages) covering the entire New Testament and portions of the Old.
With The Study Bible you can:

- Read or listen to Scripture in ESV or NAS
- Hear John MacArthur answer Bible questions
- Highlight Bible passages, add your own study notes, and bookmark verses
- Synchronize personal data across multiple devices
- Read study guides, articles, and John’s daily devotional Drawing NearWith the in-app purchase of the notes from The MacArthur Study Bible, you’ll have access to nearly 25,000 detailed comments by John MacArthur that explain virtually every passage in the Bible. Along with the notes are dozens of articles, charts, maps, introductions to each book of the Bible, and more.

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Reviews (30)

Mar. P. May 8, 2022     

Simply the best Bible app I've ever seen. It has three Bible versions and all have audio. The best part is that when you tap on a passage you get access to 50 years worth of Pastor John's sermons, blogs, articles, study guides, etc. I rate it 10 out of 5 stars. After buying a new phone the audio Bible no longer plays. I've contacted the developer a couple of times about this. Still no fix.

Ade. G. Apr 4, 2022     

I have this app installed on my iPad and it would great (5/5 stars), but when I recently downloaded this app on my Android phone, I realized that the audio doesn't work. I tried all three bible versions and the audio is broken on all of them. This is really disappointing. Please fix the audio feature. For me, it is the most important factor in a bible app.

Jal. B. Mar 9, 2022     

It's great and easy app to navigate and read thru. The big print of lettering is great for an easy read. I'm not sure how to work the bookmark to hold my place in scripture from one book to the next but other than that. This app is a great help. Especially for someone on the go who just like to read the word in the meantime in-between time y'know

Bet. B. May 25, 2022     

Love the accessibility to three different solid Bible translations and John MacArthur's notes! Disappointed after moving to a newer Samsung Galaxy tablet that I have not been able to access the audio. Had to abandon my older version because of virus issues. On the older version was able to get the audio. The upside is I can get the audio on my Samsung phone.

Pau. &. S. D. Feb 2, 2021     

Really helpful study aid! I would highly recommend this app on that basis. Last version update in Sept 20 has stopped the audio from working, a bit disappointed that this issue has been notified but still remains unresolved after so many months, particularly as this must be a real problem for anyone with eye sight issues. Could this technical problem be addressed as soon as possible. God bless!

Jan. B. Sep 22, 2019     

Exceptional in every way. Endless references. Perfect for the novice or seasoned student of God's word. The ease of use coupled with the distance this will take one in their search for truth is unparalleled. I've had this app for many years. I don't recall if I ever paid anything for upgrades, etc. I would not hesitate to pay for what this app offers me. Superb.

Lau. M. Oct 26, 2020     

I love this app & its features, but I've had some frustrating problems in the past few months. 1. I'm not able to log in. I thought perhaps I forgot my password, so I reset it, but I still can't log in. 2. I upgraded my phone & because I can't log in I was unable to save & transfer my notes, highlights, etc. 3. This app has my favorite audio voice, but it hasn't been working for the last month or so. I hope these kinks can be worked out soon...I would hate to switch to a different ESV app.

DJE. W. Dec 11, 2018     

I enjoy the notes and readily available scripture references that you can access with a simple touch. The 2 things that I would change include 1. Having the ability to access not just the chapter of a book, but also the version. Right now the only option is the chapter. 2. If you are looking up cross references and you continue clicking on different verses, there is no option to go back to the original verse you were studying. Right now, it only lets you go back to the original verse if you look up one cross reference. All-in-all this is a wonderful app!

A. G. u. Jan 23, 2020     

Excellent resource! I love the feel of the actual leather bound book in my hands, but with the ability to jump back and forth thru the scriptures with this Study Bible, I have the ability to grasp so much more. The notes provided give a much clearer insight. I was in an accident two years ago, turning pages wasnt an option because my hands and fingers didnt work properly. I had to relearn how to do things, using an app like this certainly helped. There is a MORE EXCELLENT WAY! Thank You!

Pau. S. Jun 25, 2019     

This is an elegant app. The text is perfectly spaced for readability, which helps when you study scripture and meditate. Navigation is simple and intuitive. There is almost nothing that would distract from it's main purpose, which is the study of The Word of God. There aren't many well-designed Bible apps. Glad to have found The Study Bible. Thanks.

N.L. G. Aug 21, 2020     

Love it, such an amazing resource. I love the devotionals, and purchasing the study notes is well worth it!! Also being able to quickly flip to other scripture passages for reference is great. The only (minor) issue is that the daily notifications don't seem to work. I have the option turned on with a set time, but I never get them.

Dou. a. S. C. Nov 28, 2020     

Would give 5 stars, but audio Bible won't work now. I love the easy to read text, you can pick from many fonts even the page color can be selected to less intense shade besides black or white . There are so many really good resources to use as well. I wish I had the audio working again. I reinstalled the app a few times, but no luck..

Dus. M. Mar 11, 2020     

I really enjoy this app. I find it organized simple with little to distract me from getting to the word. The ability to customize with little effort makes it very easy. Extra notes are available with the touch of a button and the app is easy to navigate. I am new to john's teaching. But have so fell in love with his crystal clear doctrine. God has definitely blessed many through his life and will continue to with the work he has done throughout his life. A good WELL DONE music to his ears.

Sun. B. Jan 10, 2020     

Alot of resources at your fingertips. Nice to have access to three versions of the scriptures.. Would be nice to have a timer to stop playing the audible reader or set to read a preset list of chapters when you're in bed.. Would have been nice to get even a short tutorial about the functions, as the learning curve is steep but thankfully very short. Not overly laden with features but it gets the job done.

Dwi. N. Jun 25, 2019     

I am VERY hard to please when it comes to audio Bibles, but this is the best Android audio Bible app you will find in the app store. It has all the features I must have. Among them is the following: 1. ESV version 2. Text auto-scrolls along with the audio. 3. Variable Speed audio 4. Bookmarks One thing I had to figure out was that if you want to change places in the audio Bible, you need to turn off the audio Bible, Select the new place to start, then restart the audio.

Joh. M. A. A. Dec 5, 2020     

I like it very much. all the available ressources and comments. I also find very the ability to jump back to original passage while consulting other references. However, it would be more efficient to be taken back to the position reached in the original passage instead of the beginning. Therefore, having to scroll down to relocate the last position.

Mic. D. Jun 30, 2020     

Best bible app yet! I only have 2 complaints. The first is the bookmarks. You can't add any. This seems pointless. Second concerns not the books but the titles that are included between verses. They blend in too much even with the slight gray font. Maybe center them, change font, change font size or change color. Besides that I love everything else. I like how it gives you option of old and new testaments without having to scroll all the down. So much more could be said but no more room.

Afe. M. May 11, 2020     

Great Bible app with plenty to up your Bible study. It has a feature that allows you to click for more references and short commentary. If you have physical work to do. You can have the app read the scriptures. There's a note taking portion, highlighter, bookmark, etc. Not to mention four different devotionals to choose from: which I find to be more in depth than most devotionals out there. I'm certain that there are more awesome features that I haven't sorted through yet. This is a great!

Cou. Aug 17, 2020     

I LOVE it......but--after purchasing the study Bible notes, I am for some reason unable to view the "John's Notes" introduction to each chapter. It just shows up as a title with a blank page. I went to give feedback through the 'Feedback' link in-app, but that didn't work either, so I'm leaving a review here in hopes the developer sees this and can fix these few problems with an otherwise amazing app. Oh, and I personally would just love it if there was a dramatized audio option! Thanks!

Rom. Mar 15, 2020     

Paid for the full version. It's somewhat helpful, but I guess I was expecting more interconnected options for resources such as maps linked to verses/chapters as well. It seems to be more of Verse-by-verse footnotes - which are very useful, but I would like to see more than footnotes. I do not have a use for the cross-device feature since I only have 1 device as well.

Pet. E. Jan 4, 2021     

I have tried several Bible apps, and this has become my go-to Bible app. It is easy to navigate, and the format is easy on the eyes for reading. January 2021 update: The audio bible feature stopped working, and accounts no longer work. The MacArthur Study Bible website likewise is no longer loading from my web browser, so it may be a problem with their server. This has been an issue for several months, so I suspect they may have more systemic problems right now.

Gre. D. Oct 3, 2021     

Excellent study Bible!! It also has neat features, such as in the study notes, if you pay a very reasonable $4.99 for them, there are links to verses that you can tap on to zip over to them, and while you're there a bar is on the bottom of the screen that comes up so that when you're finished reading them you can tap on it to zip right back to where you were. So many great features I think. And the best study Bible there is imho.

Ian. S. Oct 10, 2018     

So far I'm loving it! All the extra side notes are super helpful in gaining a better understanding of the passages contextually. Literally every verse I've looked at has a link to a relevant sermon and article/blog (sometimes several of each). I also really enjoy how convenient it is to jump to other areas of the Bible that are relevant to the current verse and have an easy way to get back where you started.

pat. t. Feb 6, 2020     

Excellent app. The references are easy to access, along with my notes. Added John's study notes ($6.00)now it's truly a study bible. I'm not crazy about the scrolling, if you swipe down, you can end up in another book! i prefer 1 chp. to a page & left to right pages. A note results in the verse being underlined. i wish it didn't do that. (half my Bible will be underlined...lol). i love that you see your notes along with cross references when you tap a verse. Got help fast with a problem. great!

A. G. u. Feb 14, 2019     

I really like this app! I love the ease it moves from one bible version to another (takes only a few seconds). I also like that I can quickly change to audio mode where it reads to you in any of the versions. I really like the ESV narrator's voice. In that version the text is linked to each verse individually and automatically scrolls as it is read so I can do my devotions with my coffee and read along or not without having to touch my phone (NASB and KJV are linked by chapter).

Dav. J. Aug 1, 2020     

Simply amazing! I love being able to jump from one passage to another without fearing that I'm going to rip a page. Also, the text is so clear and easy to read because you don't see the verse from the other side of the page. What a huge difference and pleasure that is for me! Of course these comments just highlight the visual and practical aspects only, the real meat is the scripture itself and the wonderful commentary, introductions and maps. Overall it's a great pleasure to use!

Hun. Jul 2, 2020     

Excellent! I sprung for John Macarthur's notes, and was not disappointed! The app has a simple, minimalist interface, very readable look with simple options, and a functional, easy-to-use notetaking system. I only gave four ☆s for two reasons: One is that I would like another version such as the NKJV or ASV; I enjoy reading the KJV and the NLT and ESV are simple to read, but none are my preference for study; Two is the teferents from the Authorized Version are missing, and I like using those.

Ang. V. S. Jun 26, 2021     

This is a good starting point for studying the Bible...there are however a few things that I feel need a bit more attention... one of them being to be able to put your own categories in 'notes' and not just have 'date' or 'Bible book' as the only 2 categories. Also I would prefer more translations to choose from. I personally like AMPC. Thank you for not clouding Biblereading with constant giving of 'awards' and other superficial bells and whistles like other apps which makes them sluggish.

Jud. C. Jan 2, 2021     

Very clear explanatory notes. Cross references are easy to use, although I follow several verses and get myself lost. It is then difficult to get back to the original chapter. I wish this was in the NIV. Also, the audio has stopped working. I like to listen when I walk especially. Ive updated and called on the audio. Doesnt work.

Joj. M. Jan 26, 2021     

Love it, 🙏🏾 great for daily devotions and bible study. . Easy to use. It provides great bible references. The audio bible is fantastic, especially when listening to it at bedtime, it helps me to relax, (like listening to bible stories). My aim is to complete the audio bible within one year, which I think is quite easy to achieve.Thanks for having it available free of charge for everyone. God bless.