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The Voyage:

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"The Voyage" is a new chapter of uncharted waters in Age of Discovery. As the massive multiplayer role-playing game, players can build fleets, attack pirates, trade to hunt treasure and begin nation war to protect or defend nations. It's also a classic strategy game, planning strategy will give you ultra-realistic experience. Join the Voyage and create your new Age.

Discussion Forum: https://forum.piistudio.com

If you like the game, join the Voyage Plus or Voyage Premium to unlock all content!What you can get from us:1. No Ads for ever!2. Major update every month. Small update every week.3. Long term operating.

Features:1. Begin the voyage to find new cities all of the world;2. Attack pirates to get drawings for building fleets;3. Trade to hunt more treasure and buy powerful weapons to protect your nations and defend others;4. Invest to be the mayor and trigger new nation war to occupy more colonies; 5. Colorful and fierce main plot makes you experience the Age of Discovery;6. Rich rewarded bounty board makes the daily tasks more funny;7. Robbing in the sea brings you the pleasant sensation of being rich overnight8. The legendary navigators of Dias, Columbus, Magellan and others are waiting for your joining!

Fantastic experience of the voyage is waiting for you!

Category : Strategy

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