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Three Kingdoms, a popular game background, which was chased by many three kingdoms fans. 1800 years ago, Warlords were tangled fight. Many three kingdoms’ heroes were famous at then. The Battle of GuanDu, Cao Cao defeated Yuan Shao army of 80,000 to 20,000 troops and established the basic of unified of the north. Another less is more campaign, red cliff, due to the careless and proud, CaoCao were defeated by unite of Shu and Wu. Those historic heroes and campaign will vivid displayer in the game Chaos of three Kingdoms. Come on, now join the game COTK have chance to win amazing prize and talking with famous attractive girls.
Function description Ten thousand players’ online country system, grand scene and shock heart effect Heroes’ cultivation system, to train your heroes form baby to the war lord arbitrarily 8 formation system and jade system, a myth and enhance troops capacity place Challenge quest and daily quest system, an easy way to obtain a large number of precious items Secretary system, attractive secretary accompany with you fighting in Chaos …

Surprising Prize Value 9.99 dollar package free to get Buy one get one free first charge package Beautiful girls troubles you all the time Precious golden gears and huge silver only for daily login bonus

Category : Strategy

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