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Three Kingdoms

* Please have pacified the whole country Become a hero of troubled times *
[Game Features]1. Open the history and events unification in a single play, I get the best longevity.2. Accustomed to top-ranked players in the (PVP) duel battle with a life that has been obtained!

Single Player
- Select and play as the goal of unification and the monarchy period.
- Battle system + can control individual units, automated
- 534 patients with long life
- 24 Historical Events + 13 General Events
- Saving and loading systems

Multiplayer (ilgito War)
- 176 people with longevity PVP
- Item enhancement system
- Special abilities granted by Cooper
- Honor system among users

==========================Game of the hive to evolve with the user andThis opinion is reflected strongly in the game for you.Please send many opinions.

Category : Simulation

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