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TimeShots Before After

If you need record a change in the time and show to your friends the before and after pictures of your life (or anything else) TimeShots is the right app for you. Just take a picture with the camera or choose it from the gallery and you've done with the before image; when you are ready add the after image and the app will combine both pictures into one single file.______________________________________________

✔ Picture overlay: when you take the after picture you will see an overlay of the before picture inside the camera preview to allow you to better position the shot.

✔ Time management: the combined before/after picture will contains the shot time of each image and the time difference between the two.

✔ When you choose a picture from the gallery the shot time is retrieved automatically from the file.

✔ Flexibility: you can combine images of any sizes and orientation, the app will align and resize them in the best way.

✔ You can change the time of the pictures and the combined before/after image will be updated accordingly.


WHAT'S THE POINT OF BEFORE AFTER PICTURES?If you google "before after" you get a tons of people that were fat and became lean (or the contrary); it's not all about that: try to google "before after renovation" or "before after diy" for example and you'll get the idea.You can use before/after pictures to share your skills, your knowledge, the result of your work and your efforts. One simple picture that will cause an immediate impact on the viewers.______________________________________________

TimeShots is under active developement so if you have a suggestion, a feature request, a bug report or even if you just want to let me know what you think of my app send me an email; I'll be happy to receive your feedback :)

Category : Photography

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