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Tive for IP Camera

Tive allows you to connect to remote IP Cameras, Video Servers, DVR or NVR, with this, possible to watch live video and control pantilt as well as zoom function if devices support these functions.

* Supports
- MJPEG, H.264 support
- G.711 alaw, ulaw support
- JPEG Push support
- Digital PTZ
- Pan/Tilt/Zoom control
- Preset/AutoScan/Tour/Pattern control
- Video status
- Two-way audio (Mic)
- LED control
- Local storage recording / playback
- Group View (up to 24 channel)
- Remote Camera Setup
- Remote search / playback / playback control

* Support Devices
- Network Camera / Video Server / NVR / DVR

Category : Tools

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Reviews (6)

A. G. u. Oct 15, 2018     

Doesn't allow custom camera URL's.

Mic. J. Jul 23, 2016     

This app has major problems connecting to camera at times. Very frustrating. Even when I have strong home WiFi connection problems. If weak signal no chance at all. This app needs a major up grade!

Ste. Oct 19, 2016     

Unreliable, this app needs to improve greatly.

Mar. A. Jun 28, 2014     

Only supports Hitron cameras

Dir. v. d. L. Oct 12, 2013     

Developers state support vir IP Cameras etc, but the manufacturer range is limited to their products only

A. G. u. Jul 29, 2012     

Only allows me to use their camera