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TOEFL iBT Preparation

The most challenging in the TOEFL test is that you have to familiar with a wide knowledge of sciences such as biology, archeology, history, art, environment, social and human science. Therefore, it is so difficult to have enough vocabulary for the specific science, especially, you may even confuse with the meaning of the word in the specialized field.
TOEFL iBT Preparation is the best tool for improving your vocabulary over all covered areas of TOEFL Test with clearly and distinctly explained meaning. Moreover with this application, you can quickly accustom with multiple choice test, one of the most types in the TOEFL test.

Features include:The most commonly tested vocabulary words on the TOEFL exams in six specific sciences including archeology, biology, environment, history and art, geology, and social sciences.

All words have audio and definition of English, VietNam and Korea meaning. With the convenient “Play” mode, you can just listen and learn, without having to look at the screen.

In the multiple choice test, this application will give you sentences that you always see in the TOEFL test in which you have to choose the word or phrase closest in meaning to the highlighted part.

Group choice Test enables you know a set of words that have same meaning to each others.

Word choice Test let you find the word that can replace a given word in a specific meaning.

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Reviews (30)

Cha. A. Dec 14, 2021     

Not for TOEFL

Emm. M. N. Nov 11, 2016     

For an app that is supposed to help you prepare for an English language test, it has way too many errors!

est. a. May 5, 2016     

Loved it

Leo. M. e. S. Jun 23, 2015     

...it has (and hence exposes the user to) questionable language. It does not seem to bear the same criteria and carefulness as TOEFL's and neither does it appear to reflect the philosophy that underlies the exam.

Kes. P. Mar 19, 2015     

Every ten second I get a pop up to download a game. Too many ad pop up ruining the experience. I don't see any way to remove ads either by making payment. It's just unusable in current state!

Sop. L. Jan 17, 2015     

Some of the words are misspelt and there is sometimes a lack of coherency

Bas. F. Feb 16, 2015     

The greatest free English learning online.

Aba. U. Jan 17, 2015     

Work for me. Thank you

Ser. R. Dec 22, 2014     

Not really useful

Mos. A. S. Nov 26, 2015     

I'm interesting

AKB. A. Jan 7, 2016     

Loved it

Jo. W. Dec 12, 2014     

It works for me

nat. a. Dec 11, 2015     

Ioved it

Jon. N. Oct 17, 2014     

Used to be great, now i can't even answer any question in all subjects.. please fix

J. J. Nov 7, 2014     

Pretty useful. I read a few wordsIn the train every morning going to the office.great app

pav. r. Oct 13, 2014     

Can't see anything.... The background is black!!!

noo. a. Sep 23, 2014     

Best program to improve the vocabulary

Sur. K. Sep 6, 2014     

Itz simply awesm

Shu. J. Sep 30, 2013     

I loved the app as it helped me a lot for my preparation!

Hos. S. Sep 20, 2013     

great app to test your English

Joh. S. Mar 24, 2014     

The best app to increase your vocabulary

Sot. S. Dec 2, 2013     

Please update more learning strength

irm. w. Aug 5, 2013     

Really usefull app for me. thanks a lot

Sok. L. Jul 19, 2014     

Best of the best. Hopefully, getting more words, especially with Chinese auto translation.

Kev. S. May 4, 2014     

Best program I've ever downloaded thanks

Nev. V. Aug 8, 2014     

Superb app for test of English.

anj. Mar 13, 2014     

I love it!

saq. b. Sep 30, 2013     

It's useful.

Wen. Z. May 15, 2014     

i see this useful

Aji. I. Sep 25, 2013     

Thanks for it