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Tome of the Sun - Fantasy MMO

Play the fun, action MMO that blends deep customization and epic quests with lightning-quick combat and real-time multiplayer in a vibrant, fantasy world. Create your hero, summon battle companions, and charge through more than 150 exciting dungeons to claim the Tome of the Sun!
In Tome of the Sun, you’ll compete with friends and foes in Clan wars, Co-op quests, PvP matches, and Arena assaults to gain rewards and status. Along the way, personalize your heroes with enhanced gear, costumes, even magical wings, as you engage with other players across the Sun Kingdom!


- Fierce Fighters: Choose from Duelist, Archer, Knight & Mage hero classes. Play up to four heroes on a single account
- Mighty Battle Pets: Collect a powerful team to lead onto the battlefield. Evolve your mightiest pets to Legendary status
- Real-time Action: Slash, Smash & Dodge your heroes to victory over ruthless bosses and their minions
- Epic Single-player Story Mode: Use strategy & skills to survive over 150 dungeons in a fun MMO world
- Massively Multiplayer: Engage with others in PvP battles, clan wars, team dungeons, resource sharing & in-game chats
- Deep RPG Personalization: Over 1,000 custom enhancements including gear, costumes, wings & more


- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TomeoftheSun
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/TomeoftheSun
- Forums: http://community.netease-na.com/categories/tome-of-the-sun
- Wikia: http://tomeofthesun.wikia.com/wiki/Tome_of_the_Sun_Wikia
- Support: https://netease.helpshift.com/a/tome-of-the-sun/

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