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Torque Lite (OBD2 & Car)

See what your car is doing in realtime, get fault codes, sensor data and more!
An OBD II engine ECU diagnostics tool that uses a cheap bluetooth ELM / OBD adapter to connect to your car OBD2 engine management system

Some features include:

* Shows and Resets engine fault codes / DTC trouble codes stored in your car

* Can export map/track log files to Google Earth KML / CSV

* Engine performance data(0 to 60, 0-100, quarter mile, etc) (full version)

* Head up Display / GPS HUD mode perfect for checking your speed at night

* Data Logging functions including web upload and file logging, you can even upload data to your own web server from sensors you choose

* Customisable dashboard with theme support
- setup the dashboard with the gauges and dials that you want

* Can help you fix your car and helps keep car repair costs down!

* Turbo Boost gauge support for VW vehicles (in Pro version only)

* MPG for Petrol/Gasoline vehicles. (Pro version has diesel support)

This is the free/basic version
- it lets you get a feel for the application and lets you find out if it works with your vehicle / obd2 adapter combination; but may contain some small bugs including not working on some nissan/chrysler/subaru ECUs. The paid version has support for more vehicles and ECU types, looks a lot nicer, and works with more cars / trucks

The paid version has more features (HorsePower,Torque, 0-60 , quarter mile tests, graph data, map / track views) + no adverts and exra dial/display types! and better ABS / Knock sensor support, Transmission temperature support for some makes of car / trucks (GM / Ford, etc), and Turbo Boost on many more vehicles (including VW)

Works on vehicles made by Ford, GM/Vauxhall/Opel, Chrysler, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Jaguar, Citroen, Peugoet, Skoda, Kia, Mazda, Lexus, Daewoo, Renault, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, BMW, Toyota, Seat, Dodge, Jeep, Pontiac, Subaru and many more vehicle makes, European, US, Far East, etc. Some vehicle ECUs may support more/less features than others.

* Any reports of hanging or freezing after quitting the app is due to a bug in the HTC Evo 4G and Galaxy Tab, this can be triggered by using the Pandora/Vlingo/Aldiko bluetooth enabled apps. Disabling Pandoras new bluetooth settings fixes the problem, but HTC/Samsung need to release a fix. Please contact their support and encourage them to fix, Thanks!

The pro version supports USB ELM adapters which are use 'Prolific' or 'FTDI' chips

* Update: A freeze/hang workaround has been found after a great amount of effort and is available in the full version in the General Preferences settings!

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Reviews (30)

Nic. F. Feb 13, 2022     

It mostly works. But it's also four years outdated and the interface is a holdover from the dawn of android. Very difficult to use this app, ten years out of date, on a modern phone. It produced some of the info I needed from my vehicle. It wants me to buy the pro version for the info I really need but I'll try to find an alternative that isn't older than the dinosaurs. Updated review: almost impossible to use with a modern phone, even exiting the app is difficult. Left files all over my phone.

bri. g. Nov 10, 2018     

Pretty good so far just got a bluetooth adapter to use this with and it was a bit confusing with the dials and display. I do think a standard setup should be used to give users an example of what they could do with the app. But it is the free version. I didn't see a tutorial "may have missed it" I like it enough to buy the paid version after I test it for a few days.

Eri. R. Jan 28, 2020     

The app and it's functionality is great, but I'm giving 1 star because once you open the app, you can never close it. It always stays in the notification tray with "torque is idle", slowly chewing it's way through my battery life. A quick Google search shows this bug being discussed back in 2011, and almost a decade later it's still not fixed. I was considering upgrading to pro but I don't want to uninstall the app (and lose all customization) every time I want to not use it.

Mat. Aug 11, 2021     

Good for a dashboard, especially for later-model vehicles. I uninstalled this app, because I bought the paid version. The $5 is well worth it. The free app is just a taste. You have two hours to try the paid version to request an easy refund, so buy it when you have time to hook up to your vehicle, and maybe even go for a drive while logging data. I'm using the OBDLink MX+ as an interface and it works great. It shows ads, but they're at the bottom and not really intrusive. Could be worse.

Vir. S. Nov 9, 2021     

I like it but have to mark it down for two reasons: [1] written for an older version of Android; and [2] can't even list themes available for download. [1] An update wouldn't hurt too much, would it fellas? [2] I really want to use or adapt a theme for my purposes, to test it on my phone and then apply it to the Pro version running in my car. The basic supplied theme, while functional, is not optimally attractive.

Mar. R. Jan 5, 2020     

Very simple installation. A warning about a Bluetooth conflict, but it didn't apply to me apparently. Also designed for a previous version of Android, but seems to work just fine on my newest of the new. Very simple integration, and immediately cleared an unnecessary engine warning light. Excellent!

Kim. S. Oct 31, 2018     

I have to continuously keep adding the displays that I want on the screen every time the app closes. If I close the app all displays I set for my car disappear and I have to put them all back whenever I restart the app. This is not a good design. It is very frustrating. Uninstalling and finding a different app.

Spe. T. Oct 28, 2019     

Torque Lite recognized my "OBD KEY" Bluetooth adapter without issue. It allowed me to diagnose a DTC on my wife's car, and clear it. You must enable storage permissions for must functions to run, which is understandable. Why the app needs phone permissions is unknown, but I disabled it and WiFi. Bottom line, my Bluetooth OBDII adapter from 2011 worked as advertised. Now, I want to try out some of the "normal" features, and maybe pickup the paid version.

Rob. F. Apr 15, 2021     

My phone mount in car holds the phone horizontally and when I start the app it cuts off the edge of the gauges. I have to take the phone out, turn it vertically, then remount it. I would also like to see it have notes or tips to help you understand what values to expect if the vehicle is running correctly.

Wil. S. May 31, 2021     

Had the pro version of torque on my old phone with android version 9. Worked well. Upon upgrading to a brand new phone with android version 11. I seem to unable to access the menu and had to download this lite version of torque. Please update the application on the pro version. I love your software as its very convenient compared to using the actual obd2 sensor reader.

Gyp. C. Sep 22, 2021     

Love using the app. Works on many vehicles and reads most systems. Was thinking about purchasing pro, but it didn't look like it had the dials, gauges, or widgets for transmission temperature either. Sincerely wish to be advised if a version able to; save previous trips based on vehicle and saved to device, readings of all other sensors, including airbag and anti-lock codes. (I do know that pre-OBD2 anti-lock were just grounding the wire next to the e-brake, which changed with the OBD2.

Cam. T. Feb 11, 2020     

Yes, you can shut it off. In the app go to the menu at the bottom select exit. In giving this 4 stars, probably should be 3 partly for this issue, the app is not very intuitive to operate. Also the free version does not allow toggling controls. I'm going to try the pro version.

Ton. T. Apr 9, 2019     

Works well enough, but the interface is clunky and dated. Default "dashboard" is multiple instruments stacked on top of each other, and unstacking them means tap/hold for a full 2 seconds, select "move" from menu, then tapping again. App could do with lots of modernization. Otherwise works great.

Cot. S. Mar 25, 2022     

Very inaccurate. It calculates my MPG at the average of let us say 35. When I devide my miles driven by the gallons used I am getting a number below 30. If you want to install a new Dial you have to delete your customization and do everything from the very beginning. I ended up installing a new one on top of the one I don't need.

Sam. W. Feb 15, 2020     

Update: Now it is reading my radiator temp over 100 degrees lower than before. Other apps, continue to read my radiator temp the same as it should. Not this app. Not sure what changed......This is now on the display and the dial. Good thing that I did not pay for this. I like the ability to change and re-arrange the displays and types. I just installed this and testing it out. I noticed while using all 3 types of displays for the Engine Coolant temp, all 3 do not give the same temp. The graph shows the temp alot lower. The other 2 show the same temp. Not sure if this happens with other sensors yet, but it does for the Coolant. So far I like it. No problems connecting to Bluetooth and staying connected.

Mat. K. Sep 23, 2020     

Great app. The main issue I see in the review is the app doesn't close all the way. You just have to hit the setting gear icon, then select quit and it will close all the way without draining your battery or having a notification that says it's running in the background.

Nic. P. Mar 8, 2022     

This App is great! I recommend Pro if you really like paying attention to things. Cheap little OBD2 scanner is going far with this app. I went from not knowing what's going on in my Honda with just a coolant gauge to knowing what every single sensor is doing, from knowing if the motor is taking too much air because of a leak to just knowing what l/100km im getting. Also allowed me to keep track of my transmission temperature with my chevy pickup. Awesome little app. Looks a bit outdated but if you have a brain you can easily make use of this app to troubleshoot or keep track of whats going on!

Sho. A. May 21, 2022     

It works. I see complaints but I assure you, Torque Pro addresses all those issues and is ad free. If you don't like this Lite get Pro. I got it in 2013 and have used it ever since for ALL my diagnostic needs. I prefer it over our $300 scanners at work. As for the gauges...think of it like your phone's home screen. You can add any gauges needed and move em around etc. For example I had a turbo Forester. I had air fuel ratio, coolant temp, boost/vac gauge, and mpg. But do pro. Trust me.

Rob. T. Oct 19, 2018     

Like many have said, the user interface is clunky, confusing, and hard to use. Very little help is available. You have to know how to use a scanner to figure out what you need. However the price is free and you get just enough functionality to tempt you to buy the full version which supposedly corrects many of these flaws.

Jos. S. Mar 9, 2021     

Used a bit more. It appears the app doesn't remember screen orientation And the graphs end up at random positions with a 90* tilt. This doesn't seem to be getting easier with use. No post button for review. Looks like the play store app gets reviewed next. Let's see if I can find a workaround to post...

Mur. W. May 15, 2022     

Requires a software revision for Android, last update was 2018 and not adequate for latest Android OS. However the paid pro app is up to date. Not a good demo to convince users to pay money and upgrade. There are also missing parameters for the Jeep ecosystem. Works fine on my ELM327 BT transmitter by TotalCarDiagnostics.

W. T. May 10, 2022     

This is the free app it works really good that you can customize for each page not only that you can use either a readout like a number or have dials and of different sizes very customizable the good stuff is in the paid app you can get 0 to 60 times quarter mile times ambient temperature data logging also log location Both of them can read codes on your computer and I didn't have any problem erasing codes with the free app it also gave you a way to go to the net and read what the code means

Rob. V. Jan 17, 2020     

Tried the lite to see if it's worth upgrading. It's not for my Galaxy S8 plus. The units always go back to (default) Celcius from Farenheit. The (Large)Dials seem to slowly drift upward when phone is in any orientation. I'll try to swipe it but it will go to next page and all pages will be not centered. I have to reset all and do it again anytime I exit out of app to text or check GPS navigation. I return to a less then good experience. Not able to move around added dials. They default to cntr

Mr.. D. Mar 24, 2022     

Love the app but after we make our gauges you can't resize them and you can't move multiple ones around from what I can tell you get one move and then you have to start the process over of moving it so it's time consuming to organize them once you get all of them built. Unless I'm missing something , let me know

Tho. W. Mar 14, 2022     

This tool and AP for Android are incredibly useful. The ad band is confusing, though. Beware of any ad band that has the word "START". Thinking it to be the place to START using the program, I clicked on it. It asked me for my ATM/credit card info with the assurance that I would not be charged. A week later, I WAS charged $39.95 for a subscription I never authorized: entitled UBFUN. They DID reverse it, but my bank advised me to cancel my card and get a new number., believing it to be a scam. Lesson learned: IGNORE the AD BAND. Just press the settings icon to begin and ignore the ad band, EVEN if it says "START".

zek. g. Oct 31, 2018     

I got this lite since j got a cheap little reader.found out the reader Didnt work. So i got a different one and it worked. Liked it so much that i upgraded to pro. I wanted to leave this review to say the looks and all the stuff are confusing but to do the simple thing of checking the code on the check engine light and resetting it is what i needed. This app made me feel like to buy a real good reader. The new expansive reader has its own app i always use this app to for find out the codes and reset them since its easier on this one. I was reading reviews that the app would disappear but for me it has never been the case. I got the pro version a few years back and still shows up as paid even after getting a new phone and having to reinstall it.

Pet. N. Dec 1, 2018     

App interface needs work, requiring long press to move displays around makes it long and annoying, especially considering evertime the app updates, I have to re-input my displays. Incredibly annoying as you only find out once you start the app when you need it. Searching for alternatives as I have had to redo the displays 4 times in the last month alone....

Gwh. O. May 14, 2021     

Inaccurate display. All the small time charts are a bar lower than the actual readings. You can compare the dial and the time chart and see this. So the only accurate way is to use dials, making time charts useless, or at least also needing a dial. Also, moving icons so incredibly painful. When you hold you have to click move and then move and so it makes organizing and arranging your screens very very cumbersome. A bunch of functionalities that exist simply do not work.

Ste. C. Jan 12, 2022     

Connected flawlessly to a Vgate Bluetooth OBD2 adapter but the app has a very limited set of metrics available. The interface is counterintuitive and old-style. Pretty useless for my Toyota Yaris Hybrid. It couldn't read any fault codes, while another app (Car Scanner) has been able to find and reset three.

Wal. L. Aug 2, 2019     

I'm no expert, but it serms to pull some basic info on my Hyundai iLoad. The user interface is easy to follow but needs improvement. Some suggestins to the developer: 1. Make moving gauges easier, similar to android desktop icon move procedure 2. Allow changing a display from one type to another, rather than having to delete and add again 3. When picking the gauge value from the list, it would be nice to see the current value next to the item so one can see if the gauge value is supported