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Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)

See what your car is doing in realtime, get OBD fault codes, car performance, sensor data and more!
Torque is a vehicle / car performance / diagnostics tool and scanner that uses an OBD II Bluetooth adapter to connect to your OBD2 engine management / ECU

Layout your own dashboard with the widgets / gauges you want!

It can use the GPS to provide tracker logs with OBD engine logging so you can see what you were doing at any point in time

It can also show and reset a DTC / CEL / fault code like a scantool. Helps you fix your car and helps keep repair costs down!

Torque also features:

* Dyno / Dynomometer and Horsepower/HP & Torque
* Can read Transmission Temperatures (vehicle dependant)
* 0-60 speed timings
- more accurate than just using plain old GPS
- see how fast your car is (or truck )
* CO2 emissions readout
* Customisable dashboard & profiles
* Video your journey using the Track Recorder plugin with onscreen OBDII data overlay
- a black box for your car/truck!
* Automatically send GPS tagged tweets directly to twitter (for example if you are going on a road trip)
* Massive fault code database for lookup of fault codes from different manufacturers
* Theme support (choose from different themes to change the look of your dashboard)
* Send logging information to web or email CSV/KML for analysis via excel / openoffice reader
* Heads up display / HUD mode for night time driving
* Compass (GPS Based) that won't suffer magnetic interference
* GPS Speedometer/Tracking and realtime web upload capability
- see what you were doing and your engine, at a point in time
* Turbo boost feature for vehicles that support MAP and MAF sensors (VW & Golf / Audi / Seat etc supported)
* Alarms and warnings (for example if your coolant temperature goes over 120C whilst driving) with voice/speech overlay
* Car dock support
* Graph data
* Able to share screenshots to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email, etc
* AIDL API for third party apps, A simple Telnet interface for developers to talk to the adapter, and an OBD scanner.
* Works on tablet devices like the Motorola Xoom, Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Nook

Works on any vehicle that uses the OBD 2 standard (most vehicles built after 2000, but can work for vehicles as far back as 1996) if in doubt check with your manufacturer first or look for 'OBD2' on written on a big white label in your engine bay

Works on vehicles made by Ford, VW, GM/Vauxhall/Opel, Chrysler, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Jaguar, Citroen, Peugoet, Skoda, Kia, Mazda, Lexus, Subaru, Renault, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, BMW, Toyota, Seat, Dodge, Jeep, Pontiac and many more vehicle makes, European, US, Far East, etc. Some vehicle ECUs may support more/less features than others

The app needs a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter to work. The adapter is small and plugs into the diagnostics socket on the car which gives your phone access. You can find a list of adapters on: http://torque-bhp.com/wiki/Bluetooth_Adapters (Garmin EcoRoute HD adapters not supported)

If you buy one of the cheap china OBD2 ELM327 bluetooth adapters from ebay / amazon, then make sure you have a good returns policy with the seller

Some of the best reliable OBD2 / OBD adapters are the Scantool.net adapter, the OBDKey, and PLX Devices, OBDLink, Bluetooth, ELM327 and other adapters are supported
- search on google for them

More features added every release
- there are forums at http://torque-bhp.com/forums/
- if you want something added then let me know and I'll try to add it if it is possible! Vehicle ECUs vary in the amount of sensors supported

* Any reports of hanging or reboots after quitting the app is due to a bug in HTC devices and Galaxy Tab,this can be triggered by using the Pandora/Vlingo/Other BT apps. Disabling Pandoras new bluetooth settings fixes the problem, but HTC/Samsung need to release a fix.Please contact their support and request a fix,Thanks!

Changelog: http://torque-bhp.com/forums/?wpforumaction=viewtopic&t=3.0

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Reviews (30)

Lyn. F. May 17, 2022     

Doesn't always connect on its own. Sometimes I have to disconnect the OBD and reconnect it. Sometimes it won't show up on the Bluetooth list. Sometimes it just plain won't connect no matter what I do. I also keep getting notifications that there is icy conditions, it's been 80 degrees everyday for almost 3 weeks now. This bug is just a weird bug that has me yelling at it that it's too hot for icy roads. I had less issues with the free version than I have had with the paid version.

Con. T. Mar 22, 2022     

Just amazing, nothing else to say. For the price to be able to read anyone's red light in a matter of seconds is unparalleled. It's simply a must have if you're trying to diagnose an issue with your car, or want all the information a mechanic would have. I've used it around 10 times on 6 different cars, and being able to know the reason your car has a red light, without having to go to a mechanic is a amazing. Someone stole my obd reader out of my car so can't use it anymore but the app is 10/10

Jim. D. May 23, 2022     

I love it. Evertime someone gets in my truck they see I have my phone mounted up on my dash and that it's showing live information about my engine they are blown away. I use the mpg I stand and average dials, the load % dial, the throttle position, the timing advance, the torque, the horsepower, and the fuel trim dials on my home screen: 3 different screens of coarse. And then on another screen I'll have the complete report shown. Get the pro, it's so much better than the free version.

Kaw. 6. Mar 22, 2022     

Edit*** very upset that the pro version just removed boost and other features for my car. I had this for over 5 years and now most of the functions are gone. And no I am not buying your dongle Great app to keep track of valuable engine variables. Every turbo or modified car should look into this before spending $100s in gauges. I upgrade from lite. Definitely worth it

Jon. N. Apr 10, 2022     

It works, when it does its very cool lots of feedback as well as the ability to help your car run better instantaniasly. but it doesnt like to connect all the time. for that its very frustrating, and a boot two points.

Kri. W. Mar 8, 2022     

Update 8Mar22, been 3 months, still no response nor solution via this app review or email. I am a paying customer. Sorry but I must downgrade to 1*, will change for any response. Changed phone (Android 11) and reinstalled the app. Been using it for years. But now I don't see anymore .torque/dashboards folder to apply my custom saved .dash layout file. Even exporting default one didn't produce a .dash file in the same folder. In fact no more .torque folder. How to apply custom .dash file now?

Sea. P. May 23, 2022     

Last update has removed all programs and layouts, once reopenned and rebuilt but no longer able to read transmission temp, any idea how to get it back. If I had paid for this and it was previously working fine, how to reinstall

MAT. L. May 15, 2022     

Good.. seems to read a ton of info but the one thing I want it doesn't display. Transmission temp is available on my truck display but for some reason this app can't see it. Just says 'no data'. Doesn't seem quite right

Joh. P. Apr 11, 2022     

Easy enough to use but the layout needs work. Multiple displays on the same screen overlap each other if you select anything but "small". And small is too small to read if your'e driving. Also it won't read the auto trans temperature on a Ford Ranger.

Jos. J. D. Apr 15, 2022     

I purchased a handful of premium OBD2 apps and this one's definitely ranked in the top three if not number one because of the vast number of user settings and options that are unique to this app. Settings/options such as OBD protocol and Adapter Status. The latter being an actual multilevel scan of your Bluetooth plug in to determine if it's safe and legit or a fake and corrupted unit. Very pleased with this app. Easy 5 ⭐.

Har. L. Mar 7, 2022     

I Installed this App yesterday to monitor and troubleshoot any issues with my motorcycle. I am using an Autohil AXW adapter and connecting to the 6 pin port on my motorcycle. The display and options are brilliant. I had very little trouble pairing the app to my Android A71 using WiFi. I really like the simplicity. I do have a problem and I don't think it is unique to just this app. Why does the tachometer only display 58 to 68 RPM when the idle speed is clearly far in excess of that. The engine is a flat twin 750cc EFI 2022 Ural. I tried another app and had a similar result. The Tachometer is vital for Balancing the EFI. So, not having it display correctly is a big let down. Getting a remedy for this will definitely up the rating. Your help would be much appreciated. Best regards Haitch

bra. r. Apr 13, 2022     

Love the app but currently the ability to import dashboards form downloaded files does not work. Which means I'm going to have to spend a whole day setting up all my daily and gauges instead of downloading one of my old files and importing it to my new device. 5 stars once they fix this

Gab. Y. Apr 9, 2022     

I don't know why this app has a decently low review, but I personally think that this app is by far the best value for your money compared to just about any other OBD scanner app. This app has essentially everything you want to see from an OBD scanner app. The app does require quite a bit of tinkering with but once you get it all set up, you'll be very satisfied with the results.

Mar. S. Apr 5, 2022     

I loved this app. Worked fine on my 2010 Miata. Plugged it up to the 2019 Charger because i had to replace a battery and none of the current cycle monitors seem to work at all. They do not change. They are not red and green like they should be. Have no idea why but that is the main reason i bought it because when it said ready you could trust you were good to go for inspections.

Sea. M. Dec 15, 2021     

The best app of its kind, ruined by a dated interface. I'm happy to throw additional funds to either purchase a new layout or themes that improve the overall visual layout of the app to be more "up to date" feeling... For example apps like "Garage Pro" have a much cleaner and sleek interface but lack the flexibility and overall development. If it wasn't for that one gripe, this would easily be the top ODB app of its kind.

Chr. Dec 5, 2021     

I'm impressed. Some of the settings could do with tweaking though, and more themes would be nice. But I paid for the full version so I didn't have any ads at the bottom. Haven't fully explored all the features, I use it for my Vauxhall Astra because there isn't no temp gauge on the dash. I like the fact that it will tell you the cars at operating temperature. And will alert you if it starts to over heat.

joh. s. Jan 14, 2022     

My main issue with torque is that it's buggy and there is no support. You can't report issues except maybe thru their community board. Ok, support is expensive and not worth it maybe from a biz standpoint but it's frustrating that you have to use the board for support and report problems. Example, what you see in 'test results' or mode 6, seems correct for my vehicle but when I send/save the report, the report is all wrong. Wrong list of tests. wrong results entirely. How can that be? Pretty frustrating if you don't know this. Connection seems buggy compared to ver 1.8. 1.10 won't run on my tablet which forced me to buy another copy for my phone. prefer the tablet but can't update the os to be compatible. still working on trying to understand live data. it's really necessary to have another scanner that you can check against otherwise it has most feature you'll find in a low end scanner such as read codes, erase codes, etc.

WIL. J. Feb 20, 2022     

I use this app every time I get in my car. It's set up to running background anyway, so it's nice to have real time information and data logging as well as GPS and everything. It's a great scan tool, work for every car that I've put it on. The only complaint that I have is that the plugins are old and there are no plans to update them for certain vehicles, so that would be nice as well as an actual dashboard instead of a set of gauges to set up.

car. a. May 21, 2022     

Great app bought the pro version because it was cheap enough, worked with the OBD2 Bluetooth scanner I bought off a popular shopping site, I used it on my Renault Kadjar and it showed me cylinder 3 misfire and camshaft position sensor which explained the Check anti pollution system warning I was getting on my dash, replaced plugs, and camshaft sensor, and then cleared the error codes, it then shows up as Historical Fault. Saved me a visit to the garage and a more costly repair.

Ger. Y. May 22, 2022     

I have been using this App for years and love it. The community chat has helped me resolve some specific issues and learn plenty along the way. It's great to see the developer investing time and providing updates. I recommend spending the small amount of money and purchasing the Pro version.

Bra. C. Dec 26, 2021     

It just works better. I've been using Torque almost since it was released, and have found it to be a reliable and invaluable resource for keeping my car on the road. It pulls the same obd codes as much more expensive options, and has much more comprehensive visualization and logging metrics. Whether you're hoping to quickly clear a code from a loose gas cap, or running it on a dedicated device for track day telemetry, this is probably the best app you will find.

Ger. W. May 12, 2022     

Torque Pro is a great app that I have used for years. Some readings do not match the OEM gauges so I don't know which to believe. After gas prices have hit over $5/gal I parked my 16 mpg CTS V-Sport and bought a Chevy Bolt. I found a great list of PIDs for Torque Pro and wish that Ian would add selections in the profile section to cover EVs.

car. r. Feb 6, 2022     

This has been my go to app for more than a decade. They didn't update it for a few years and I had issues so I went with the car scanner app. Now that this app is updated I deleted the other one and use this one again. It is simple, easy options, fast, great auto connect to my cheap elm327 obd reader which I've had for over a decade as well. Could not be a hobbyist car mechanic without this.

Ric. J. Apr 18, 2022     

Decent app. Could be better. Doesn't read knock or transmission temp on my car. 2017 Buick Regal. The knock plug in is no where to be found. The free version is probably enough for most people.

Ber. K. Mar 23, 2022     

Used to be really good and able to set and it'd give sound warnings Incase coolant temps went too high. Relied on it but my motor overheated without any warnings! What happened with this app??

Bil. K. Dec 16, 2021     

The Dec 14 2021 update broke my ability to use GPS speed. Torgue now reports 0 mph, and the PID is no longer available (grayed out). I am using a samsung note 9, and until this patch, GPS speed worked perfectly. Moreover, the app still successfully gets GPS data to display location. Only the speed PID appears to be effected. This is the exact opposite of what an update is supposed to do!

ZXE. G. Mar 10, 2022     

Suddenly shows 160 erroneous error codes. Been working fine for years now it keeps throwing hundreds of errors codes like catastrophic engine damage. However engine is fine no check engine light. Tested with other ODBC 2 software and zero codes returned. Using veepeek Bluetooth dongel.

cas. c. Mar 13, 2022     

Although it works better than ever now, wish it had easier two way or other things like transmission out-of-the-box. I still feel the need to buy something else for many situations.

G. H. Mar 26, 2022     

Limited function. Can find no sub-systems that might affect my air conditioning. No other sub-sytems that are not related to emissions are shown. Correct me if I am wrong but it appears my elation at having the dongle connect has dwindled. Damn.

Vic. G. Dec 16, 2021     

Great app! I bought a Fix D device some time after using Torque Pro to learn more. Wrong. If you don't pay the 60 something, your device is almost worthless. I can do a lot of nice thing for my hybrid (prius 2010) like monitor the hybrid battery splitted by pairs, very useful instead of replacing the whole battery.