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Track My Family

You can Find my family easily and real time.Parents who is worrying when his love one is outside of homes then do not worry it is a best app which provides you Family live location details of your love ones and stay safe.Track My Family is a private tracking systems which will track your family, friends and love ones continuously and repeatedly. Find My Family Real Time GPS Tracker gives you very accurate location details of your friends, family and relatives.Real time GPS Tracker has phone tracking facilities which help you to monitor or track your Friends, Family and relatives current locations with addresses.You can track your family or kids and watch him/her current movements and locations with address and you will live tension free.Track My Family and Find my Family help you when you are not near your parents and love one and you wants to see his/her current live locations then you can see the live locations. You can Find your family it helps you to see real time location by live Family GPS tracking systems and spot your friends and family locations in MAP.
How to Use :

✓ Register yourself✓ Log in✓ Add your Family member, Added Member will receive a SMS with link of app.✓ Ask him to install Track my family app and accept your request. Once he will accepted your request, you can see his current location. It is two way tracking systems.✓ You can remove him/her from your tracking systems.✓ You can set geo fencing in meter when he/she will be out of range then you will get alerts.✓ You can change the geo fencing limit or remove the geo fencing.

Features of Track my Family:

✓ Track My Family Locator is real time GPS Tracking systems.✓ Family GPS Tracker is two way tracking systems your family oy friends can also find you and your locations.✓ Family GPS Tracker provides you to track your family member, Friends and relatives location.✓ Family GPS Tracker Track My Family gives you peace of mind when you are not near to your family or love ones. Just installed My Family Locator app and registered yourself.✓ Family GPS Tracker Track My Family is very useful for those who wants a safety for own family or for an old Parents.✓ Family GPS Tracker Track Location of your family members with address and on map. You can check the real time current location for all your family members just in a second.✓ Track My Family Locator provides Geo fencing alerts when your love ones will go outside of your restricted geo fencing then alerts will be triggered and you will receive regular notification on your phone.✓ Track My Family Family GPS Tracker provides you extra layer of protection and safety anytime anywhere with a dedicated real time GPS tracker very useful for Parents caring people.✓ Track My Family Tracker is a reliable phone application which can help you to know where are your kids, wife or an old parents in real time.✓ Family GPS Locator, Parents get confidence about his kids when Kids equipped this app he can got more confidence to move around the city.✓ Family GPS Tracker Track My Family can prevent your child of getting lost in new places. You can easily find you lost kids or love ones.✓ Family GPS Tracker Track My Family is state-of-art real time GPS tracking systems provides you details of your love ones on Map with current addresses.✓ Family GPS Tracker Track My Family gives route to your family location. Yo will get directions how to reach to your friends locations.

Important Note : All family members must agree that it is being monitored by this GPS tracking app. Enable the Location, and Data card for better result.Once agreed and installed. GPS tracking system can give you real-time monitoring with addresses.

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Reviews (5)

Jay. K. Oct 2, 2017     

This app doesn't work nor do theyy respond to emails. I download app on my phone and it doesn't update. Tried to locate family have them out of town. When they where sitting next to me

And. S. Aug 24, 2017     

Yeah, nah. Not sending you all my kids phone numbers. Thanks for trying.

A. G. u. Nov 6, 2017     

Don't download the app , waist of time, app not working as it's ment to

Piy. M. Dec 2, 2017     

This app is very useful... We can track our family easily.... Very easy to use... Everyone should install it...

Edg. B. Nov 24, 2016     

Don't want to register