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Tractor Pull 2016

Tractor pulling is just around the corner, but you can pull from your couch right now for free! Hook your tractor to the sled and give it a pull. Pull the sled like a pro, pull against the best.
Rev up the tractor to get your turbo boost spun and engine warm then slowly, but quickly, drop the clutch and let it rip.

Drag the sled over 300 feet to get a full pull and win the tractor pulling tournament.

Get cash to buy more tractors, while upgrading your tractor or diesel pulling truck to win events.

Watch the live leaderboards to see who's team is pulling the farthest today in tractor pulling, diesel pulling, or truck pulling. Pull with an M1 Abrams tank.

Drive up your bankroll and buy more tractors, diesels, dragsters and trucks. Upgrade tractors to win more tractor pulling events.

Easy to play tough to master.

Have Fun.

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