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Transdr - #1 Transgender & Crossdresser Dating App

Transdr is the NO.1 trans dating app for transgender women, crossdressing men and their admirers who are looking for fetish friendship and serious relationship.

Transdr App is a special thurst dating app for MTF, FTM, ts singles and transexual people. It is the best transgender community to meet male-to-female, female-to-male, pre-op male-to-female, post-op male-to-female, pre-op female-to-male, or post-op female-to-male, androgynous, intersexed male and intersexed female.

No matter you are a transgender woman looking for a genetics or transgender man, or a transgender man looking for a intersex or transgender woman, Transdr app is the right ts dating community where can find and hook up with a FTM or MTF.

Transdr is dedicated to all kinds of transgender individuals such as trans women & men, ladyboys, cross-dressers, panty boys, sissy boys, shemales, trannies and so on. As a trans woman, it may be difficult to find sincere local partner for serious relationship. With the largest transgender app Transdr, you are able to lucky meet thousands of local transgender people and their admirers.

We pay more attention to monitor of our member profiles and activities. To avoid fake profiles or scammers, we preview all profiles, photos and moments manually, so it is totally free and safe to place a profile here.

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Reviews (30)

A. G. u. Sep 14, 2019     

App seems to be a big mess. It seems geared towards phones with bigger screens, making it impossible to scroll down to other options like the filter, or even verify myself. Sometimes on the top right two option or filter buttons will be present, and pressing them will open multiple pages of options or filters. Images uploaded are rotated to the left for some reason. And finally, when you look for people, you find ones that only you interested in, but doesn't check if they're interested in you.

A. G. u. Nov 25, 2019     

Not a lot of locals that match my preferences in Las Vegas, some of the search options need a little work. For instance if you go back to a prior screen on the match function were you swiped left and right you have to start from the very top all over again. Now one thing that surprised me was that I thought private photos meant nudes so I uploaded one and within minutes my account was removed. Guess I should have read their TOS a little more thoroughly. My bad

Dav. G. Jan 19, 2021     

The transgender dating app is excellent. It is easy to use and especially the app theme is eye appealing. One of the app’s excellent features is spark function, which allows me to find a perfect date without going outside. I have finally found a platform where I can meet people like me and have a real good time. You should have a try in this trans app.

Tra. W. F. Mar 26, 2021     

I don’t agree that this ts dating app is perfect. I just want to check if the person I am chatting with is online or not and this function is important but Translr doesn’t have. Besides this issue, I also want to point that the location sometimes cannot be changed after I come back from another city. To be honest, I really like to date with some cute trans females. Therefore, I just want to see this app can do better.

Hax. H. May 5, 2020     

Currently, this transgender hookup app has saved me much time in looking for tinder matches. Compared with other online dating apps, this adult hookup app seems to be easier. In the quick match function, I can be matched with many beautiful trans women. And it is easy to do so, just by swiping these tinder profiles right and left. But the number of profiles you can view here is limited. I love it very much. It would be better if it can allow us causal hookup finders to use it without limitation.

Qui. D. Jun 18, 2020     

This app has everything I’ve been looking for. I also had some really nice experiences with several shemale met here. During the epidemic, this transgender app is a nice choice to kill time. Easy to run and the accessibility is very simple! But I have one little thing that I would like for the DEVS to change and it’s really minute. To verify yourself you have to write down the Transdr mark on a paper, but sometimes, it’s not so convenient for us to get a paper and a pen. I suggest you to change the rule so that more people could get verified.

Min. S. Jun 12, 2020     

Its hard to just finish work in the day. I really do not have the strength to go to bars and all the noisy places to find a girl for myself. But I have needs. So, seems this hookup app is a pretty good choice, especially when you have this special preference of dating a ladyboy. Thanks to this transgender hookup app, things get simpler. This app helps me find transgender women that works best for me. It’s really easy and trouble-saving way to find hookup partners that match your preference.

jes. j. May 20, 2021     

Not as good as some best top dating app. The first reason is that it has less users. I can understand, the number of the people who like our trans may never know this ts date app. The second reason is that scams are obvious. The filter can work well and for trans group, I should say it is good. OK, if I can find nice friends here, I am willing to leave a good review.

Joh. C. Mar 5, 2021     

A brilliant dating app four our trans girls. I am only interested in females and queers so that in real life, not many people can draw my attention. But in this ts dating app, most people are really fantastic. When I chat with them, I will have a good mood. But sometimes, after I find one or two scams, I will feel disappointed. In my view, this trans app should encourage all people to get through the verification. And now, I just want to chat with people real and lovely.

Kia. S. Jun 10, 2020     

This transgender dating app is much better than so many other hookup apps. I used grindr. I wish it had more to fill out, such as hobbies/interests, to look for/have, so that I would have a more general understanding of that person before having conversation. Ethnicity options for those who know what type they are more into than others. Plus, they should really have an option of making friends with whomever, not just the same sex etc, like have the option of what your looking for, for friends etc. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is this app is a much better choice. The feature of Transdr is much more complete.

Bet. G. May 12, 2020     

Anyway, Im still very happy with this pure dating app. Its not a perfect online hookup app, but it helped me a lot in my search for trans hookups. Transdrs nearby feature made finding hookups near me a lot easier, and quick match made finding tinder matches a lot more fun. All in all, every feature here is very interesting and useful. Compared to the monotony of other zoosk dating apps, I prefer this diverse, and more dynamic quick hookup app.

Tru. P. Aug 5, 2021     

I don’t really like this transgender dating app. I know it is famous but I don’t think its features can be complete. The biggest issue is that you cannot even send voice when chatting with beautiful trans girls. I think this function is very common in many online hookup or dating apps. Yes, it is a great place to meet trans but a concept is not enough. Hope it can be better!

Myh. G. May 6, 2020     

Transdr isnt a perfect bisexual dating app, but overall, its a lot better than other quick hookup apps. These features in the current version are very helpful in our search for flirt hookups, but I still feel there is still some room for improvement. For example, I think the addition of the video chat feature, and the disable tinder accounts feature would be a good choice. With many of the features of this grindr dating app being optimized, I believe that it will become the first choice for more transgender hookup finders.

Ant. G. Jun 18, 2020     

Everything seems to be legit so far with Transdr. The platform is stable and fast and easy to navigate through. I’m getting “likes” quickly and enjoy the attention. I could find lots of shemale around me. But seriously, they are really no where to be found if you search in daily life, even in the lgbt bars. The only drawback is although it advertises as a free app, in order to message people, you have to upgrade. Not quite what I signed up for but it was expected. So I paid the fee. After it, everything is nice.

Mar. O. Jun 4, 2021     

I got the chance to know this ts dates but I didn't think too high about it. After all, in real life, I couldn't meet many hot trans girls. Online chatting app is just a tool for me but I don't often use it. Yes, so far so good. The filter can work and the design is just fine. Two trans females asked me out yet and being friends with them is good.

Lea. M. Apr 15, 2021     

Not very particular for me because I don’t often use this trans app. But as this time, I am so bored to stay at home. I want to find something interesting and exciting, then, Translr has been my first pick. Yes, as a single man who wants to see some lovely and beautiful trans girls, I cannot find any other dating app which is better than Translr. With no doubt, people are much better than I think in this app.

Ayu. V. Oct 21, 2020     

I have a very deep impression in this trans app. I like dating with trans girls and I think this app has great potential as I can see less scammers and more concern for trans people. I am really happy to see sucn a thing. Of course, like ant other dating app, some problems are also in this app but I think the team will make an improvement. Indeed, finding a partner across the same city is not hard for me now. At the same time, I hope all users can follow the rule so that I can have more fun.

Jac. P. Jun 13, 2020     

I have experimented with many of the popular transgender hookup apps, and by far, transdr is the best of them. In other hookup apps, I would be poorly matched, disturbed constantly by many fake profiles and scammers. While here, I never had less fake profiles in other hookup apps. I have had more fun, more dates, and more conversations than ever before. Still havent found the one, and maybe never will, but at least I am enjoying myself in the meantime.

A. G. u. Apr 21, 2020     

During the time I have been using this free hookup app to find free transgender dating relationships, this tinder search app has been updated with a version every once in a while. Whenever this facebook dating app is updated with a new version, a lot of its bugs are fixed and a lot of new features are added. The constant innovation of this trans date app is the main reason why it has been able to attract so many reddit hookup finders.

Hai. P. Jun 10, 2020     

Incredible app! The App accurately shows you people around your area. You can talk to them and interact with them. Ive met a few people in a few days, and we are still texting. This transgender app has helped me meet other transgender people to be friends with. The best of all, since it has your interests you, you will only get matched with people that share those. Ill definitely keep using it.

A. G. u. Sep 15, 2019     

As best as I can figure there is no way to actually communicate with somebody on this app without paying a ridiculous amount of money for the premium version..... You can look at profiles and match with people, and send roses and hearts, all you want but you can't actually talk to anybody..... Which is the entire point of having an app like this in the first place..... Totally worthless...

Auk. E. Jun 20, 2020     

Only if you try Transdr by yourself, you will find it a wonderful trans dating app. As is known to us, every medal has two sides,and Transdr is not an exception. Quick match,good security performance and multi-functionality are its advantages, but personally, this app should improve its interface and make it become more beautiful.

Med. I. May 14, 2020     

Great for an online trans dating app. Every feature here has helped me a lot in finding future transgender dating relationships. One of the most novel features is FILTER, where I can select the gender, age, body type and distance that I feel interested in. This saves me a lot of time picking tinder matches. This is something that many other chat dating apps dont have. However, I think this feature still has room for improvement. It would be nice if we could select users who are interested in a particular gender. In the current version, our interested users are not necessarily also interested in our gender. Heres my one suggestion for this feature dating app. But overall, its a pretty good adult hookup app.

Sha. T. May 14, 2020     

The interface of Transdr is much clearer. Whether I was looking for local hookups, tinder matches, or wanting to modify my tinder profiles, I was able to find the place clearly. However, on other causal hookup apps, I have a hard time doing that because those designs are really too complicated. The simple design and useful features here have enhanced my user experience. Finding hookups near me makes me happy. I would have joined in this adult hookup app much sooner if I had known there was a feature here called Nearby that specifically looks for local hookups.

Mer. C. May 20, 2020     

Really like the new version of this transgender dating app. Some of the smaller bugs have been fixed, and Ive found that the paid interface has been optimized as well. As far as Im concerned, I like this new version even more. I really like the design and tone of the paid interface. I think its a stylish clover dating app. every once in a while, this reddit hookup app releases a new version that either fixes some minor bugs or adds some new features. All in all, this causal hookup app has been in a very active state. I love the ever evolving and progressive tinder dating app like this. Chatting with these ladyboys in Transdr makes me feel good. Hopefully this tinder gold app will get better and better.

Ram. K. Oct 14, 2020     

I should this this trans app deserves a try. Since I became a VIP member, I have chatted with many trans girls and have dated with two different trans girls. Staying with them was not a bad experience but I had to see that there are also some bugs I saw in this dating app for trans people. The location should be more accurate for matching so that more people will be found near me. This is a potential hookup app especially for trans but it can be better in some ways. Hope more people will join.

Tia. P. May 12, 2020     

I really like the interface of the mature dating app. In Transdr, I was able to get a good idea of where each feature was located and how it could be fully utilized. When I log in to my tinder account, the first page that comes up is Quick Match, where Ive found a lot of tinder matches, including last login, newbies and nearby, and my favorite is nearby, which is the best place to find local hookups. Also on the LINKS page, I was able to see all the features that I like and love about my date hookup finders. These are all features that we free hookup finders are able to use. I like the user-friendly transgender hookup app more than the tinder sign in app where all the other features are paid for.

Gay. R. May 9, 2020     

I have to say that the design concept of this grindr dating app is very good. Each of the features here seems to have its own unique function. And each function is complementary to the other and does not duplicate each other. Heres my take on the gay hookup app. Quick match is about finding tinder matches and instant hookups. Nearby is about finding hookups near me. Last login is about making the tinder conversation go more smoothly. Filter is about saving us time in finding the perfect date hookup partners. Another unique design is Moments, which makes Transdr not just an online trans dating app, but a social app.

Twt. W. May 4, 2020     

In the current version, these features are useful and take good advantages over other transgender dating apps. But I still think there is large room for improvements. And I think it would be better if we are allowed to making video calls or voice call. And I observe that other leading match dating apps have these two features. So, this grindr hookup app can attract more transgender date finders if many more interesting features are added.

Kor. R. May 5, 2020     

To a certain degree, this is a free hookup app because majority of these features can be enjoyed freely, such as quick match, nearby and moments, etc. But to enjoy the highlight of this grindr hookup app, I need to pay for it. That is filter. By entering my filter criteria, I can easily find my ideal date hookup partner. I strongly recommend this feature.