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Transformations The application is published by the Academy of Dijon
Type: exerciser

Cycle concerned: Cycle 4

Base Area: 4

Target competency: Space and Geometry - Understanding the effects of translation, a symmetry (axial and central), a rotation, a scaling on FIG.

Description: Alterations is an exerciser on the planar transformations studied to college: Axial symmetry, central symmetry, translation, rotation, scaling.

The goal is to build the image of a point or a figure by a transformation, or to identify the image pattern of a reference pattern in a paving.

You can choose the number of questions (5,10, 15 or 20).
Transformations are three exercises:

1. Image of a point in a transformation

It is in this exercise correctly place the image point of a given point in a transformation among those selected.

2. Image of a figure by a transformation

In this exercise, you are asked to correctly place the image of a figure given by a transformation among those selected.

3. Paving Plan

A paving since it is this time to find the image pattern of the pattern indicated by one of the chosen transformations.

Possible uses:

Transformations can be used during an ongoing session or personalized support, training as a tool for differentiation of work done.

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Category : Education

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