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Transit Now

Find out when your next ride is coming and save your time!
There are a zillion transit apps out there, why is this one better for you?

Transit Now prides itself on being dead simple and blazingly fast.

• Intelligent contextualized stop suggestions provide a simple one-tap-and-go experience
• Powerful and elegant combined view of your predictions and vehicles
• Customize favourites with labels with emoji support
• Be notified of arrival times from your lock-screen or status bar while using other apps
• Set your phone aside and listen to the voice count-down timer
• Find out and share when you will arrive at your destination stop
• Track your friend's status
• Native Android Wear and Pebble app supported
• Service alerts, subway map, subway schedule, offline SMS texting (supported for TTC)
• Swipe to instantly visualize your stops on a map
• Night mode theme for those night crawlers
• Advanced features for power users and TTC operators/drivers.

Is my city supported?
- TTC (Toronto, Ontario)
- MBTA (Massachusetts)
- Société de transport de Laval (Laval, Quebec)
- SEPTA (Pennsylvania)
- Jacksonville Transportation Authority (Jacksonville, Florida)
- Georgia College
- Fairfax
- CUE (Virginia)
- Chapel Hill Transit,
- RTC RIDE, Reno (Nevada)
- and other Nextbus supported agencies.Visit for a full list http://transitnowapp.com/supported-agencies.html

Transit Now (formerly know as Transit Now Toronto) is the next generation of delivering real-time transit predictions with ease.

Email TN
- see developer email belowFollow TN
- https://twitter.com/transitnowtoLike TN
- https://www.facebook.com/transitnowtorontoVisit TN
- http://transitnowapp.comBeautiful TTC photos
- https://www.instagram.com/transitnow/

Category : Maps & Navigation

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Reviews (30)

Ken. F. May 24, 2022     

It's terrific! Not Perfect, but very close. I just upgraded to No Ads

kol. b. May 4, 2022     

The app is far from accurate. If you depend on this app you will stay frustrated and late.

Pet. S. Apr 12, 2022     

Awesome app, I really love the fact that the app tells me what time the bus or tram (light rail train) is coming.

Jul. P. Apr 15, 2022     

Mostly helpful but occasionally frustrating if a bus is cancelled and that info isn't reflected.

Mic. R. Jan 22, 2022     

To add to my frustration with this app, as I write this, I am currently at the Union City BART Station, and the app is giving me directions, as if I were at the Fremont Station, which is where I was 5 minutes ago. The app needs to catch up!!!

Pet. H. Jan 10, 2020     

Reasonably accurate. I have used this app numerous times, in varying neighborhoods, and have found it to be reliable. I also appreciate how it lists stops for buses, streetcars, etc. This feature is especially helpful, when Google is misbehaving. I have scrolled through numerous 1 star reviews, citing missing trips, and inaccurate timing. I have used this app for two years without an issue.

Pau. C. Feb 4, 2020     

This has been a very reliable and easy to use app. Tried several others, but always came back to this one. Moreover, when I pointed out the difficult of reading certain colors outdoors - especially with impaired vision - changes were soon Incorporated. The ability to nickname certain stops is very helpful when, as I do, have multiple lines and multiple stops "nearby".

Gle. Jun 19, 2019     

Accurate, quick, easy to see the "urgency level" of next vehicle arrival thanks to colour changes of time. This is very useful if I'm in a rush + trying to see the number while walking! Another great feature is that you can easily see next-vehicle times for all the routes nearby, not just one at a time. This app is far superior to other ones I've used!

Kei. P. -. C. Sep 4, 2019     

Definitely one of the best transit/bus tracking apps out there. Clean UI without excessive bloat that's easy to read, and lots of useful features like setting an alert for a specific vehicle so you know when to head to the stop, favorite stops, night mode, etc. Tracking is a bit inaccurate at times, but that has to do with the transit services AP (nextbus going down as a recent example) I and not the app itself Also a shout out to the dev, they get back to you quickly when you have an issue 👍

Ang. A. Sep 3, 2019     

One of the better transit app I've used! You are able to long tap to be able to text the bus schedule when you have no internet/data. I appreciate being able to easily access the static schedule when real time predictions are unavailable. Searching for bus stops are made easy and do not require always having your location on. Finally, I love being able to organize my favourite stops by tags!!! Super convenient when im in a rush to see a particular stop on my way to a frequent location. Thanks!!

Pau. F. Sep 3, 2019     

Edit: App works completely fine now after their "live feed" came back up. No issues Original Review: Literally unusable. When I start it up, it asks me to "download stop data - one-time upgrade for TTC data required". When I click "download" a pop-up with progress bar shows up and automatically closes, then the whole thing repeats on-end. I used the original Transit Now app with no problems, same dev. For some reason this one isnt working, but i hope it can get fixed.

Jac. P. Sep 28, 2019     

The best thing about this particular app is that you can organize your favourite routes in groups. If I'm on my way to school, I have it set up so that I just click on "School" and only my route and bus times to and from school show up in its own separate list. If I've got a doctor's appointment, I just click on "Doctor" and, again, I have my route and bus times to my doctor's office right there in a separate list from the rest of my favourites. As somebody who has a lot of routes in my favourites list, the group option is necessary to keep all my frequent routes organized and easy to access in their own lists. Other popular transit apps don't have this feature, so this definitely makes Transit Now stand out from the rest. Thank you, dev!

Nic. J. Sep 3, 2019     

I've tried them all and this is hands down the best transit app. I use it every day for tracking buses and getting push notifications for subway delays. The map feature with each vehicle shown in real time complete with vehicle number and which run it's on is awesome. I'm a transit enthusiast and I honestly can't function properly without this. My thanks to the devs.

Ara. K. Jun 11, 2021     

This is an amazing app. I love the count down feature which has helped to never again miss my buses. One thing I wish they added is a count down for your final bus stop as well. I came to Toronto area for four months for a co-op and was overwhelmed with how the public transport was operating. I missed many busses and got on the wrong ones because Google map reliable. This app is a must for anyone using TTC.

Ale. S. Oct 3, 2019     

Best transit app I've found for my city so far. Arrival times are precise down to the second. I only wish it had a more forceful way of grabbing my attention about delays on the way. One time I took the bus to the metro only to find an hour delay there. I wish the app had made this clear to me when I was looking up bus arrival times so I could pick an alternate route.

Teg. D. Jan 1, 2020     

Sometimes crashes, sometimes cannot give information and app needs to be restarted. Usually very accurate, I use it for almost every trip I take. Great feature is I don't use data on my phone, this app still has all the routes and stops available offline, when you click on a specific stop and route it opens your text messenging app with the stop number so you can find out when the next vehicle is coming.

Div. H. Oct 18, 2018     

Fairly okay it seems to only, work sometimes, the estimation is not overall great. However it does show the location of the public bus so, it's alright app. Not sure if it's a bug, but the bus stops says it's inactive despite the buses are active themselves. Honestly a good app, but it's not working probably maintenance, overall for me has the best bus tracking for usual on time arrival on the map.

Bil. D. Apr 24, 2020     

I'm updating my rating to 5 stars via a response from the developer. Although there are some issues today (April 23, 2020), they informed that the crashing factor is related to Google Maps. When it works, which generally is always, the data it provides is consistently accurate... especially the map feature to track the vehicle position.

yer. p. Sep 4, 2019     

I uninstalled the app when it stopped working briefly, because i needed the storage space to download a different transit app while the devs figure it out. One bad experience doesn't dictate the otherwise fine time I've had over my years of using the app. Thank you to those who work hard to get us to our destinations on time.

Ahr. May 15, 2019     

generaly a good ttc bus app. can be a bit frustrating trying to learn the terms and controls and what this and that means but once you get use to it it can be your go to instead of google. would be nice if itndidnt crash every now and then for a no good reason, still quicker than google maps but the refreshing time can get a bit frustrating if you are in a rush. nicee

Pat. B. Nov 20, 2019     

Living in Toronto. This app used to be extremely accurate but lately it has become unreliable.. Due to this it has made me late for work on numerous occasions. The issue is that busses magically gain 3 to 5 minutes in an instant resulting in inaccurate displayed times and causing me to miss the bus. Please fix and bring this app back to its former glory.

Mar. M. Dec 26, 2018     

Generally a good app. Toronto accuracy is, on the whole, pretty good. Main limitation is that if the underlying data isn't accurate, the app isn't as well. This can come up with suburban routes. Some sort of warning about "data quality" would be helpful.

Mar. C. Jan 6, 2022     

This app has been my best friend for the last months. It's not always as accurate as I wish, but it's really helpful. I use to plan all my TTC trips.

Lau. K. Dec 7, 2021     

Very useful, lets me know if I should walk or wait when getting up to a bus stop, helps to plan your route as you're going. Sometimes the bus time suits at one minute for a while - I guess it's just saying how far away the bus is if it were moving? App isn't intelligent, it can't see traffic. Still, when it went down after that hack attack, I had to gamble on whether or not to wait for a bus or try another route, and I did not enjoy it. So, good app, handy if you're on the TTC all day

Val. B. Jan 4, 2022     

We should be able to enter the destination so we know when we will arrive. It would also be good if there was an alert to let me know when my stop is coming up if I have never been on that route before.

Stu. S. May 22, 2020     

The whole point of using an app like this is to get a relatively accurate idea of when a bus will come. When the timing is off most of the time and gives false times for bus arrivals it defeats the purpose of using the app. Worse is when the app says a bus is arriving and then removes it to go to the next time. And then the bus that SHOULD have come passes by. Seriously fix this app. As it stands when it fails it fails spectacularly. And it fails a LOT.

Ron. B. Sep 18, 2019     

When it works it's amazing. At least once a week I find it inaccurate. But that being said the buses zoom out of no where at times or are no where to be found when it's should be arriving. Which isn't the apps fault, but can get annoying if you've been waiting more than 20min

Emi. K. Sep 3, 2019     

I've tried every transit ap out there (as of September 2019) and this is hands down THE BEST APPLICATION OUT THERE! The simplicity, accuracy and options to customize it are amazing. Can't say enough good things about it. You guys (the developer team) are amazing! Great work!

Yen. G. Oct 15, 2019     

Great app! And now it has the system dark mode compatibility. The timings are accurate enough, most of the time. But when it's not, it's usually due to the 3rd party disturbance and the app would notify me. The developers are responsive and helpful. Highly recommended!

Aim. W. Feb 5, 2022     

Not always accurate and some buses are always missing. But for the most part it's good