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Transit: Real-Time Transit App

Transit is your real-time urban travel companion. Navigate your city’s public transit system with accurate real-time predictions, simple trip planning, step-by-step navigation, service disruption notifications, and departure and stop reminders... all presented in a clear, bold interface. Public transport not cooperating? Easily request an Uber, reserve a car2go, or grab the closest bike share.Over 125 supported cities including NYC, Chicago, Washington DC, LA, SF, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and many more across North America & Europe. Check below for a partial list.

Category : Maps & Navigation

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Reviews (30)

Pan. May 20, 2022     

I like this app, like I really do but all this extra changes is really taking it away from the app Plus my trip doesn't even end by themselves anymore and it just seems pointless to even use it in that way. I email you guys countless times and all I guess the same thing that you guys are still improving the app and to make sure the app is up to date. Well the app is always up to date and I'm still having the same issue if not more.

Kai. S. May 11, 2022     

The app does not send regular updates. You can only choose 1 time for you phone to update you. At any time while using the app if you zoom out to see the destination, and respond to a text for instance. You have to zoom and scroll around to find the bus your currently on again. It tracks the starting point, not the bus. The app claims it looses GPS all the time and makes the bus logo disappear , and doesn't stop until you close out the app and reopen open it. Which is frustrating

Ali. B. May 23, 2022     

yeah I think it's great that it's free and it sometimes works right the times I get for Ripta buses close but not always on the money at least four times a month I end up having to call Lyft for a ride home all because the transit app as me waiting for a bus that's not going to show. in the past few months I've noticed that the bus drivers run their own schedule almost making the transit app useless.but it's still good to have only because it's close to being right all the. time thank you, yo

Sar. S. May 16, 2022     

This used to be the perfect app, telling you exactly where the bus was and always accurate (except when you are planning a trip in advance or use Go ,like another reviewer said) but ever since this premium update there is less and less informations available for the user. I used to be able to see the time for an entire day and now only 1h30 of trips. And they are not showing every possible lines now! I would rather have stupid ads than not being able to see all of the choices at this point.

Ten. May 13, 2022     

DO NOT INSTALL - the bus times are either early or later than actual arrival times, and sometimes ignores arrivals altogether. (Knowing a bus arrives within 10mins or so but Go says the next bus is in 40mins). I used to love this app, but its progressively been getting worse, making me miss busses, and with the requirement to pay for a subscription for something you can get for free from google maps just makes it that much worse, especially since transit is more flawed than maps has been..

S. H. May 11, 2022     

I assumed all apps use WMATA data, so didn't consider the apps. There are an increasing number of phantom buses, appearing or disappearing. Arrival times are routinely optimistic. Today at Colorado and 16th st the app advised s9 in 10 minutes although the bus sign advised 3 minutes, which is when it arrived. So it's more complicated than questionable source data. Any insight?

Ant. P. May 16, 2022     

The app is glitchy and if your phone data shuts off even momentarily, it totally makes the app glitch out. Update: Jan 10, 2022 The app is not totally the issue. PSTA is a very big percentage of fault. The app is and probably always will be glichy. But the bus lines need to somehow sync with the app better. Update 2: May 16th, 2022 the app is completely down. Saying servers at capacity. It's OK, I don't need to know when the buses are running. App sucks worse now than before.

Ben. K. May 10, 2022     

Pros: Amazingly helpful app for navigating St. Louis transit. Includes real time bus tracker and ability to purchase fare in-app! Previous issues with "GO" mode not automatically turning off have been fixed. Cons: Mute button is confusing. There are also excessive notifications about GPS signal, upcoming stops, elevator being out at station, etc, with no way to choose which ones I want or configure a custom notification sound. App requires paid subscription to function in some locations.

Sha. W. May 19, 2022     

i love this app although im from inner city Pa. alot of areas outside city limits are unfamiliar. I havent been driving for some years now and this app really helps me navigate around alot better. im not limited to shopping,dining,etc in few places, im able to explore new places dut to the transit app. I love how it connects to Maps,gives u other means of transport,& also time of arrival,just to name a few. thanks for this creation.

R. B. May 7, 2022     

I have used this app for years as I take the bus a lot. With the new subscription it limited it more for me on a very limited income but then I noticed they have a option for low income folks! Talk about a great developer! I will continue to use this app as my only bus information as it is simply the best option even compared to the one for my bus company.

Sha. M. Mar 31, 2022     

This app used to be very useful for me. I'd be able to plan trips, and if my bus was late, I could check my connecting routes from a distance. Now though, when I get to a terminal, the routes I take most are not always showing up, and they are behind a paywall at times. I don't have an extra 25$ to pay to use this app as intended. Hopefully they can find another means to produce a revenue instead of puninishing their long time users.

Len. H. May 23, 2022     

*Update = Improved functions proving: a "great" app. Often times the bus timing is still "off schedule" on the app I've missed a few because of this fact. When "ghost buses" appear as enroute (and timed to their arrival) but fail to actually show then the status info: "It seems that your bus never arrived", please tweek/fix this ASAP. (all over - but especially in the DMV *Maryland area).

PaT. o. Apr 18, 2022     

This app was good before but now it's complete TRASH. It only shows you 3 lines because apparently that's gonna help me get to wherever I need to go when traveling from city to city. I'm currently on the app right now trying to figure out bus times but they don't appear active red, all the times are in grey so you have to pretty much guess. So even if I upgrade to this Royale BS to see more lines, what's the point if it's not gonna give me the actual times of the bus route. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Joh. S. May 12, 2022     

Appears that this app works without data or Wi-fi. I had to ask, but developer advised to get route in opposite direction, you just swipe left or right. I have used this app for years and can recommend it to make transit travel so much easier to get around when for me, I could no longer drive. I thank all involved in it continued development for all their work. John

Lei. R. Mar 25, 2022     

When I first moved to Canada it was really difficult for me and my parents to get around the city via bus having to memorize bus times and routes since we immigrated from a country with no public bus system. After finding out about the Transit app, it made travelling so much easier! I found it to be the most accurate and best app for navigating public transportation!!!! also NO ADS!! :))

Tox. P. May 25, 2022     

it works sometimes. the app sometimes struggles with accurate time frames of making it to a stop before the bus passes it. so I often realize I'm too late for a bus at the last minute. also I have to restart the app to find other routes because it will keep showing me the one that I missed. :(

Mic. C. Apr 20, 2022     

This app is great when it's working and makes it easier since you dont have to worry about carrying around cash. The only problem is that it stops work and it happens frequently. The big problem is the QR code randomly wouldnt pop up when your trying to get on the bus and your basically at the mercy of the bus driver. The option on the app are limited and wouldnt allow you to access your funds at times . I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times but the problem remains the same.

Cat. R. May 24, 2022     

Great app & would be 5 stars if it stopped showing supposed real time arrivals that don't in fact arrive or are simply very late. While appreciative of the need for reduced services due to staffing etc sadly the time given to use transfer tickets hasn't been extended to reflect the reduced services, no shows or late arrivals. Makes for costly travel when on fixed budget, and many hours lost waiting for buses that simply don't come as scheduled. Have a great day

CJ. B. Mar 26, 2022     

Loved this app and have been using it forever. They now require a subscription which I believe completely nullifies the point of the app. Most people whom are taking a bus everyday do not have the ability to pay for unnecessary things. The bus/train companies have apps that are free. I encourage the Transit team to get more in touch with their consumer base. This decision was poorly made and seems out of touch. If your goal is to actually help people you are moving in the wrong direction.

Sla. S. May 9, 2022     

Great if you have premium! Otherwise if you don't take transit often and have the free app, it seems very limited and immaculate. I've personally have had no problems with the app and use it nearly daily! I do wish that the points contributed to something, they feel very useless. Maybe using the points to customize your profile/app look would me neat?

Dan. S. May 19, 2022     

This app is way too difficult to control and use. They are trying to show it off as if it's an uber or Google maps when really people would just be using this to compare the bus/metro route they already take. I'm in college and got frustrated after 30 seconds so imagine someone older trying to figure this out. Also if this is the "offical" app for LA's public transportation then why are there in app purchases. That's so wrong

Vin. D. May 9, 2022     

It was ok, not bad, but recently I've missed 3 buses in one morning: wrong times, wrong stops, not listing available buses at my current location until the last 0~2 minutes. Update: and now, this seens to be the default behaviour (apparently, it's not one-off). How can an app regress to much? update: added star bc devs review comments. Added another star bc detours posted. I don't use the app often anymore. I've gone back to static schedules. Will report issues with more concrete data next time.

Din. S. Mar 29, 2022     

Works mostly great, except for subways or when you're in tunnels, as bad GPS reception makes it hard for the app to know where I am. This leads to situations like the app thinking I'm going to miss my transfer even though I'm standing right on the platform. Also on lines with more than one service - eg the Silver/Orange/Blue lines in DC - it tends to not get the line I'm riding on wrong. It works great for device tracking, though.

Ang. G. May 3, 2022     

Seriously I would have given the app a 5 a few weeks ago. Helps me a lot in Montreal but was useful too when I lived in Trois-Rivières and when I worked in Greenfield park or when I visit family in Ste-Thérèse. When they asked for subscription, I thought it was worth it for me since I'm so used to use this app. However, since I paid the subscription, the app always close by itself when I try to see more of the schedule by clicking on one bus line to see when is the next one. A really annoying.

L. M. Apr 11, 2022     

This app is atrocious. Complex, messy, and cluttered. There are too many layers built within the framework that easily mislead to different options or unrelated menus. When I want to travel via bus, I want an app that easily identifies my route options and location. This app requires the rider to enter extremely specific arrival details to determine routes. Why? I should be able to enter just a destination, without time specifics, to view my route options for trip planning.

Dwi. P. Apr 7, 2022     

Been using this app for 40 days now. It has helped a few times but also has been the cause of many frustrations. GPS loses signal, tracking is slower the Google maps & doesn't always display the right information. The worst part however, is the fact that it will lead me to a bus stop, crash in the background and lose track of that stop completely just to tell me to walk to another bus stop even if its across the street only to have the bus it originally lead me to pass me while switching stops.

Jon. S. May 18, 2022     

Accuracy is way down. Unreliable. I miss trains when I use this. Really bummed that I paid for premium on what used to be a good/useful app. To respond to the developer comment, this app routinely lacks information that the MTA has posted for buses and subways, especially the 456 subway line. Transit often does not have the ETA for the next subway arrival at a given station. What is the point of an app that can't give you at least the same information as the arrivals board in a subway station?

Tra. G. Apr 11, 2022     

On the map you click a route and it shows you how many minutes the several arrival times are. It'd be nice to display the time of arrival as well. And the leaving options were helpful..they should have the arrive by right next to it instead of burried in the popups drop-down. Dragging the map so the dot represents where you want the surrounding routes and arrival times was a little wonky at first . Good app after you understand a few things. I recommend if connecting to another..

Sco. B. May 2, 2022     

This used to be my most used app on my phone. Now it doesn't work anymore and I can't see anything on the map, just the routes. I use Google maps now. **** edit - transit app emailed me and worked to fix the problem, the app now works as it did before; perfectly. Great job and customer service by your team. Best app ever hands down. I use it multiple times a day and they actually responded to my issues and fixed them. Hands down for these guys 👍👍👍

Meg. K. Apr 18, 2022     

Absolutely love this app. I have changed my review to add in in what made me change my mind from paying nothing to subscription. The developers added in reports of the stop (ADA accessable or not), are people wearing masks, and if the bus or train arrived on time. Living in Chicago, not owning a car for over a decade, and needing a mobility device, those updatea are all very important things for me in other states and cities, as this app I've used in NYC, Seattle, and strangely Indianapolis.