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Trap Drum Pads Guru

MakeTrap beats with ready to use professional Sound packs and samples in Trap Drum Pads Guru!
Compose! Compete in finger tapping beat making skills with your friends. Construct your own presets by using Custom Preset feature. Share you recordings to friends and Drum Pads Guru community!
Creation of new masterpieces with Step Sequencer or live playing is very pleasant and easy.

*** Trap Drum Pads Guru key features:
- Big wonderful sound library with Trap samples made by PRO DJs and Sound Producers
- New Free Presets released every 2 weeks and frequently
- Flexible Step Sequencer
- Create your own Presets in Custom Preset constructor
- Record you track and share with friends and community
- Editable samples pitch helps you to make different sounds
- Editable pad modes. You can chose between Hold and Tap Mode
- Video and tutorials for beginners
- Notification about new Presets
- Supports all screen resolutions and devices
- Easy and intuitive interface
- It's Free

*** Join Trap Drum Pads Guru community and follow us here:
- Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Aapqo8NP2-Vs8Jk3qg17Q
- Faceboook https://www.facebook.com/Drum-Pads-Guru-1690283631183391
- VK http://vk.com/drumpadsguru
- Twitter https://twitter.com/drumpadsguru
- Instagram https://www.instagram.com/drumpadsguru/

Enjoy the music!

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (30)

War. T. Apr 24, 2022     

I use to love this app, but it's just garbage. Your app doesn't even record the full beat anymore, just the very end. And when you add more sounds, the timing to the music goes out of wack. Also, the audio quality drops when you listen to the recorded beat. And the loop is garbage. You can hear a melody skip for a split second after each loop. Don't download.

A. G. u. Mar 26, 2019     

Does everything you want it to do except offering the ability to export recordings. Presets are wonderful and are updated regularly with fresh Content. The ability to make custom presets is an excellent addition, however there are occasional bugs that cause some of the sound clips to function abnormally. My only other complaint was difficulty adjusting the tempo with precision. I consider this app a must have for user friendly beat junkies on the go. This dominates the competition

bat. Jul 15, 2019     

it's actualy a good app if you know what you're doing. it does take time getting use to it but it's fine for me. only flaws are; you need to upload more presets more often because it can get boring pretty fast, also you need to put an update where the tempo can be sped up past 150, to maybe 200. 3rd, sometimes when you loop, the sounds dont play, so i end up having to close the app and re-open it then re-loop everything which kinda sucks :(

TON. M. Jun 6, 2020     

Perfect for beginners in need of a quick beat and it's a free .. the ads won't interfere during sessions and the fact you can download all the sounds and loops as well is a sweet deal!! Thank you for creating something this amazing that almost anybody can have acces to as when I was a kid I would've gone ape shhhhh for something like this!!! Its priceless its the love of music thank you guys for such a cool app!

A. G. u. Nov 11, 2018     

App has great visuals also time is on point between changing. The sound and beat but you need more sounds ok more samples better bass sounds and the bass need to make you feel as if your in a car bumping your music Or at a club also give you the feel as if your the one in control create sounds for music thank you

4da. L. Apr 12, 2021     

App is ok... Would be great but there is half second lag when instruments get looped back to begining of measure.... The more sounds that are added the greater the lag length, which inevitably throws off any masterpiece you create.... Please fix so i can give this app the 5 stars it deserves.

Der. A. Oct 31, 2019     

This app despite it's simplicity has some nice pads and it gives u the feel of having a looper and the most simplistic of methods of a midi pad device of course the buttons aren't as sensitive as a touch pad device but this is a nice way to introduce me anyways into making beats and I'm using DAWS and Splice service for samples so I have a good variety of stuff but its open my eyes to developing my skills for the next stage of audio recording of like more developer support.please make more sound

A. G. u. Jan 1, 2019     

Can't record,so whats the point? Distorted. But for a beginner novice,such as myself (!!).... The overall,to me,was very nice. I sat and listened to it for hours. Switching tones and speed,sounds... :-) . Why can't I record my creations!?

Ray. B. Oct 9, 2019     

I like the app alot but to be five star i would be able to adjust the pads individually more and mix drum kit sounds to really create your own beat l. If you could let people make their own drum kits out of one hit instruments and then upload them to the community. But i know that would come with annoying adds or yall trying to overly sell on here to get to any of the good stuff like clash of clans. So just keep it the way it is with a bit more fluidity in sounds and individual bpm control.

yin. n. Aug 19, 2019     

your samples are really not good enough and they are do not continue one another enough like they should... and if you create samples that supports one another the music that one can create will be batter and more fun .... you need more flow with the samples you chuz to put ..... and this app can be saccesful if you put a little more effort in it... but thx for the experience.

It. i. I. G. W. Mar 27, 2020     

It is good...really good sounds but for some reason in the middle of playing the sounds some of them frequently stop and it gets extremely annoying in the middle of recording. Please fix this ASAP

Chr. H. Apr 3, 2020     

This app is fun once you figure out the timing for the beat sequence you want to do......only complant is saving recorded beats doesn't work a lot, I've lost some really cool sounds that I can not reproduce, because it won't save my record.🙄🤔

Col. A. Apr 3, 2019     

fun,easy to figure out. and tons of use for creating quick beats. only problem is no project files. and the ad bar at the bottom i find myself clicking it too much

Kin. G. Apr 28, 2019     

This is great for production and practice. Even though its not that noticeable, you can slightly hear the loops restart. The app works great and does its job.

Mat. G. Oct 17, 2019     

I had to change my review from 4 stars to 5 after having this app for a little while...it kicks ass and I'd probably rate it 6 if it didn't take forever to save a created beat!! Other than that I love it!

Rod. J. Jan 13, 2019     

good, needca better tutorial on setting custom pads and recording, also need to have a sound sampling feature, under heavy use pads are nonresponsive when using custom feature

Cal. N. Mar 17, 2020     

Great amount of options and noises to choose from, would wish they would add more Piano and Guitar tunes into it though! Some lighter and more intimate noises.

rya. g. Nov 26, 2018     

The app is impressively responsive but i deducted 2 stars because it is missing the one key feature thatll literally send your app to the tippy top of rhe A list. Shoot me an email and well talk

A. G. u. Oct 7, 2018     

This app has great sounds but blocks you from being able to use them outside of the app if it had the option to send the full copy of recorded beats to a external file this app could be sold

Bob. M. Nov 6, 2018     

Great app like the option to change the sound of the instrument from high to low deep...thats wat she said...plus u cclan lock the pad so itcontinuesly play with u having to hot the pad each time....need more new free beats too gotta alot nut i played them all..very adickative .

Sha. M. D. Mar 21, 2020     

It's nice! I wish they did the music sheet longer , so it won't go so fast. Also they don't have your beats at hand so you don't know what they sound like (finish instrumental)

Inn. h. May 8, 2020     

Good. Don't mind the systems and everything... but... after hearing a recent pack made, and then and old one, I started to realize these packs are not original... where are the copyrights? ????? By using Shazam, I've concluded that this app uses a couple of songs produced by labels, some being "Did It Again" by "Lil Tecca" and "Black Beetles" by "Rae Shremmurd". I would like to see copyrights before continuing use of this app.

joe. b. Feb 2, 2019     

best sound samples ive came across in any app like this. awesome variety of packs and pretty easy to get the hang of. i really do dig this app!

Tre. P. Oct 28, 2019     

The game is very good for people who are into to that don't know how to use a daw because it is the thing as using a midi drum put it it's on your phone instead. After doing using this app for 2 years, I now I know what I have to do when it comes to making pruccussions on logic pro x

Nor. S. T. Dec 7, 2018     

I do like this drum pad but... I would advise some major fixes as in posting music on Instagram and please... PLEASE!!! do not let this app die. It's great! Check me out @NorioTheOreo

It'. K. Nov 5, 2018     

It's fun to use but same as the hip hop version it lacks record time. They both need to be fix.

Mar. G. Sep 10, 2019     

I always see reviews and a developer has no business wanting access to your photos, contacts, or files. makes no sense why access to my files, contacts and photos. 🤔

Ste. H. Oct 3, 2018     

I think the app is great just a few minor glitching when im tapping multiple pads at the same time one of them don't respond even when im only tapping two at ones one don't respond

Ges. h. B. Sep 7, 2021     

I don't know why all music making apps and programs aren't this simple to use...outstanding sound quality as well. 👍👍👍👍👍

Kye. L. Dec 29, 2018     

I cant put it down! My inly issue is that i tried to play my song on my Bluetooth speaker but it won't play. it only plays when i have my earbuds connected.