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The TraverseIt™ Air Velocity Measuring Software Application communicates with Dwyer wireless pressure and air velocity instruments. The app guides a technician through the steps needed to take air velocity traverse readings of a duct, telling the user where to drill the holes in the duct, how far to insert the instrument for each reading, and logging all measurements. The instrument can also compensate for some system errors by completing calculations using ISO 3966 and 5801 standards. The app also detects readings that appear to be further out of tolerance compared to other readings. After the traverse is complete, technicians can use the app to email the report.

Features Designed with a Technician in Mind:
• Determining where to drill holes in the duct. By entering the size and shape of the duct, the app calculates where the technician will need to drill the holes. This saves technicians time from calculating the hole locations.
• Validating the data from each reading. By comparing the data at each of the points, the app can tell the user if one of the readings looks to be out of tolerance compared to the other readings. This allows them to know if they need to retake any of the readings.
• Generating the report at the end. This saves a technician time from manually recording all of the data points and calculating the average flow. Taking and calculating the data within the app gives a higher level of integrity to the data and reduces chances for human error.

Traverse readings are used to capture a more complete profile of the air flow moving through a duct by taking multiple readings at selected positions. After each of the readings are taken, they are averaged to determine the average air flow. The traverse is normally performed with either a pitot tube, air foil, or hot wire anemometer. The pitot tube and air foil are used in conjunction with a differential pressure manometer, such as the Dwyer Series WDPM Differential Pressure Modules.

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