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Trick and Treat - Visual Novel

Type: Visual NovelLanguage: English translationGenre: Thriller, Mystery and a little romanceDuration: about 3 hours
A forest is the setting for this story, where our protagonist decides to explore with his friends to corroborate the existent legend, suddenly something attacks leaving our protagonist at the mercy of the unknown. In this adventure will meet two girls, Ashley and Lilian, which he will not to know what are their intentions and hidden secrets.


- This story has a extensive prologue

- There are some misspellings because it is a translation Spanish to English

- The application works correctly, but due to the variety of Android devices, some devices may be incompatible with this application. Please do not give your rated if it does not work on your device.

- if the application does not work well on your device, visit our website , go to the game entry and download the compatible version or PC version

- If you need help to get all endings, visit our website and go to the tab "walkthrough"

6. Comments and criticisms, do it politely and with fundamentals



Category : Simulation

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