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TurboTax Tax Return App

Snap. Tap. Done.® Get your taxes done right anytime, anywhere. $0 Fed. $0 State. $0 to File. Absolute Zero®. Fed Free Ed. The TurboTax mobile app makes it easy for any tax situation. Simply swipe your way to your maximum tax refund, guaranteed.
HOW IT WORKS:Snap a photo of your W-2, answer simple questions about your life, and efile securely from your mobile device or computer.------------------------

THE MOST CONVENIENT WAY TO GET YOUR TAXES DONE RIGHTSeamlessly and securely switch between your phone, tablet and computer. You don’t need any tax knowledge. TurboTax asks you simple questions and coaches you every step of the way. We automatically double-check as you go, so you can be confident your taxes are done right.

• Live on-screen video help with SmartLook™. Connect with a live TurboTax expert and watch as they guide you by drawing on your screen to get you the answers you need to file with confidence.
• Step-by-step guidance – answer simple questions and we’ll double check as you go to help make sure there are no mistakes
• W-2 import – just snap a photo of your W-2 and we’ll automatically fill in the right tax forms
• Fingerprint and PIN. Get secure access on any device
- seamlessly switch between your phone, tablet and computer and pick up right where you left off
• Understand the “whys” behind your refund, in a tap with ExplainWhy™.
• Coverage for any tax situation with our full product lineup: Federal Free Edition, Deluxe, Premier, Self-Employed
• Searches 350+ tax deductions and credits to maximize your refund (available in Deluxe, Premier and Self-Employed)
• Fastest refund possible with efile and direct deposit
• Start for free-pay only when you file your tax return
* or pay for TurboTax using your federal tax refund (online offer only, fees apply)

*TurboTax pricing is based on your tax situation and varies by product. Actual prices are determined at the time of print or efile and are subject to change without notice. Internet access required; standard message and data rates apply to download and use mobile app features and content.

To learn how Intuit protects your privacy, please visit: http://security.intuit.com/privacy

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Reviews (30)

Jan. R. May 4, 2022     

I've used turbo tax for years and it's so annoying to constantly be prompted for up charges. The replies to the reviews say it's only pormpted if they feel like you would get more out of it. I file simple forms every year. Never had this before. Not only that but there's no option or an easy way to choose to update personal information. Someone is getting my tax updates on an old phone number and I can't change it on the app. But when you go to the website it prompts me to go to the app.

Roy. S. May 9, 2022     

They automatically upgraded my account because I had to file with 2 states. Never received a notification until I realized my return was $163 short what turbo tax quoted me. I had to spend $59/per state plus the "service fee." At first, it is advertised as free. But once all of your W-2's and personal information are in the system, it reveals the $39 service fee. Not worth it when there's a dozen other similar services with less surprise fee's.

Jev. M. Mar 30, 2022     

Been using this for about 7 years. Its always free. This year I was prompted to upgrade to a $100+ version in order to file my taxes. It would not allow me to file them without upgrading. Called customer service and it magically became free again. This is clearly bait and switch marketing that probably works on alot of people. Do yourself a favor and use a different program that doesn't use deceptive marketing strategies. I'll be switching programs for next tax season.

Nic. D. Apr 19, 2022     

Literally the worst experience ever. Constant freezing and force closing towards the end. Then, as I'm trying to transmit my file it tells me it failed only for it to say it went through a minute later. Does not verify driver's licenses, so the 11 on my license ended up being filed as qq. That's going to fun to deal with in the future I'm sure. Also misleading about the total and does not include their fee in your total until the very end. Super amazing for people living paycheck to paycheck.

Ros. Mar 13, 2022     

TurboTax is a wonderful app that makes filing taxes simple, even as a first-timer. That said... don't use it. As much as it advertises the ability to file for free, you'll likely still have to pay since they're no longer with IRS Free File. Then at the VERY end, just as I'm about to file, I'm prompted to pay $119 to upgrade, because I am claiming one specific credit. It couldn't have prompted me WHILE I worked on it? Plain manipulative. I'd rather do it all again elsewhere & keep my money.

eri. w. Apr 15, 2022     

I've used TurboTax for approximately 10 years, and loved it; It was always free, easy to use, and convenient. This year however, I was getting almost nothing back on my taxes, and TurboTax offers free expert help, so I used that feature. 9 year tax expert couldn't explain to me why I was getting almost nothing back, and then after that, TurboTax tried charging me $70 for federal, and like $50 for state. Free for like 10 years, then gonna charge me 120 bucks so that I can get $15 back. No thanks.

Ama. S. Apr 14, 2022     

I've filed with TurboTax for years. They're usually great. However, this year, for section 15-20, they removed the option to add additional rows to the same locality. Now they only have an option to Add a Locality. This completely eliminates my ability to file with them. I talked two customer service twice and one of their tax experts. All three times they used screen share and all three times they were shocked that this function (add row) was unavailable. Then had no resolution for me.

Joh. G. Apr 19, 2022     

Been using turbo tax for 10+ years. This year the software is much worse. I had to keep upgrading to even be able to enter my taxes correctly. Everything involves contacting support. I had to submit payments multiple times for turbo tax to register them. I was told to take it up with my bank for a refund. I will probably never use turbo tax again after this year. Read all the other reviews. 1 star after 1 star of longtime turbo tax users. Something has changed, this is not good software anymore.

Mat. S. Apr 12, 2022     

I have used this app since I started filing, and it has only reduced quality and effectiveness, while upping time spent on underhanded "would you like to do this" prompts that result in bills at the end. I will be discontinuing using this app as a free option was able to get me a refund that according to TurboTax should have been less than 20% of that amount. At least the interfaces have been improved but at the cost of pushing services.

Mac. O. Apr 4, 2022     

This has been the worst experience I've ever had filing my taxes. If I read the phrase "check this entry", again I will lose it. I will never use turbotax again. Not only am I stuck filling in stuff that's already there, it won't let me know how many more I have left to do and the pages load inexplicably slow on any device, any connection to the net, and the info is already there! And the fees for federal, then another for state and yet ANOTHER processing fee to take the fees out? UGH!!

Rya. S. Mar 20, 2022     

I've used this software for years, and never had any issues. This year, doing everything as directed was shown my refund amount, but the IRS changed it due to an error. That error changed my return by just over $2000. Most likely will use a different software. Thanks for getting out hopes shot down. Researching new software that is programmed correctly.

Ear. S. Apr 22, 2022     

No assistance.... Did not work as advertised. Tried for 3 days to get one simple answer... tried in every possible way and got nothing! Downloaded a different tax service that worked perfectly and effortlessly. This may be fine if you are filing a simple tax return, or even a basic home business, but forget it if you need schedule F. Also, the home business version from the other tax service was cheaper than this. This was the first and last time I will ever even consider using TurboTax!

Lil. M. Mar 24, 2022     

Definitely won't be using TurboTax again. Way more difficult than last year to file, as well as horrible design of the app. I clicked "guide me" and it brought me back to the previous prompt instead which lead me back to the option to guide me, in an infinite loop. I'd rather file my taxes on paper next year.

Kay. R. Apr 5, 2022     

This app and company is trash. I have been unable to file my taxes because of a constant loop that I am stuck on that my address is incorrect when it is not. I have tried contacting customer service which is non-existent unless you would like to pay $30 I guess. Their "help" option will lead you to a message that says that loop errors are known and one day they'll be fixed probably. Taxes are due in 10 days so I guess I just file elsewhere?

Cha. Mar 14, 2022     

Reiteration on my prior review, the app stated the premium version was required to submit my taxes, which was listed at $39. I went to pay that and was charged about $80 to be able to submit my taxes at all. Along with that, the app is slow, made me redo a large amount of my information several times and is overall not worth paying double the listed price for just to hit send.

Fio. Apr 5, 2022     

I've talked to three different customer service reps, a manager, and a supervisor, all of whom could not help me. All I wanted to do was deselect "Pay with my refund" and check out (the fee for paying with my refund was as much $ as my refund). No one could figure out why that option disappeared from my browser on both my phone and desktop, and on the app. All anyone could say, including the supervisor, was 'sorry'. I'm never using this service ever again.

Ric. N. May 18, 2022     

I've used TurboTax for the last twenty years at least and it's always easy fast and accurate. I had an issue one time where my return was getting rejected, like six times, but after talking to one of the TurboTax experts, I found out why it was being rejected, and what steps I needed to take to fix it. I've suggested TurboTax to everyone I know. It's the best.

Ron. P. Apr 11, 2022     

Was entering information into the app since January as I received paperwork. Went to finishup my filing today (10 Apr. 2022) and the app immediately tells me I need to update. I then update, and now the app just keeps crashing. I hope it is fixed before the deadline, or I will never use your product again. Even though I have been using it for over 20 years. It has also become too expensive.

Gin. B. Apr 2, 2022     

False free file advertising. Prompts you to upgrade without an option at the end. I have had the same tax returns no changes and this year because of higher education which is prompted in their free version and always has been now no longer is accepted. It does let me complete the entirety of the form set and then won't let me check out. 100% set up to have you pay with no alternative. Use the free IRS taxes students they got you!!!

Sav. H. Mar 9, 2022     

The experts are not the issues here. The use and functionality of the app is trash and not helpful at all. It constantly kicks you out and makes you resign in and loose tons of work. You can only upload one document at a time and end up kicked out. Plus, after all that, I get scammed and told I have to pay nearly 300 dollars for a 9 dollar deduction. No. I do not recommend and will not be using again.

Pee. G. Apr 11, 2022     

I've used Turbo Tax for a few years, and I don't mind paying a fee for my taxes to be done CORRECTLY. I used the software this year and I wasn't able to get all the questions/sections completed. The program kept stating "there's items for you review." I kept going in circles trying to answer the gauntlet of questions. I finally got it to file and the program said I'd get a refund...well the IRS sent me a letter and I ended up owing. Upload all your docs to Intuit and they get it wrong anyway.

Tim. M. J. Apr 14, 2022     

I've never worked harder to figure out my taxes. Navigation and ease of use are lacking. I need to figure out why the numbers aren't adding up and I can't. Having to restart my phone after each and every long search for paperwork is something I can do without. Worst time in 20+years of using this app. If the app was any good, there'd be no need for them to charge more.

Mic. S. Apr 3, 2022     

Have used this app for the past three years. The first time, they made me claim jury duty even though it was not actually necessary and made me pay way more to file. The second year went fine. This year, I was using the free file option, with the proper paperwork to do that, and at the end, I find out that they switched me to their deluxe option for no reason. And with no way to change what version, I had no other choice but to pay over $100 to file. This is the last time I will use this app.

Isa. B. Apr 11, 2022     

It gets my taxes done, but it's very glitchy. I also was unable to look up my bank for my 1099INT. Do NOT touch the live help button unless you need live help, it cost me 169 dollars for misclicking it. Admittedly, I should have paid closer attention to what the fee was whilst checking out, but I'm not happy for such a large charge for a service I didn't end up using. On the other hand, I'm happy my taxes are done.

Pau. W. May 6, 2022     

I will give this an average rating at best. I have done this now for last two years, and both times I have had to wait for an extended amount of time, although there was a reason. The problem was both years the first person taking care of me had to be replaced. Both times the second person took care of me and went great! This year I received and email about a month ago stating I would be getting a partial refund for my experience, I have yet to receive it, and have talked to numerice people.

L. J. Apr 19, 2022     

Wow, they actually removed my previous negative review. Trash service and a scam. I signed up for the free version and they wouldn't let me complete my taxes without adding on more and more services. At the end it turns out the free simple filing was all I needed, but there is no option to switch back to free without deleting your entire return and starting over. They know people don't want to spend another 8 hours doing taxes over. Horribly unethical.

Bro. A. Apr 12, 2022     

TurboTax is by far the most inconvenient company to work with. They calculate amounts incorrectly, demand a payment when you choose the free option, and make it nearly impossible to find prior documents. To find last years tax information for this years kicker rebate, I had to download my 2020 tax forms as a PDF. Sounds perfectly reasonable, until you see that the PDF includes every single last tax form in the turbotax database. Its 99 pages.

Kin. W. Apr 21, 2022     

They had a promotion for free "Live Professional" filing until 3/30 so I thought I'd take advantage of the free service. The tax professional was not only not helpful, but when I asked to take me off the "Live Premier" service so I can just file by myself, I was somehow still charged for a service that I not only didn't use, but was supposed to be free to begin with. I reached out to Turbotax for a refund and they basically said "You already filed. We can't help you." Waste of time and money.

Gab. G. Apr 29, 2022     

DO NOT USE THIS APP. it is full of bugs and missing features. I have EVERYTHING done except I accidentally filled out the wrong date on tax interest deduction on line 2b(3) but it wont let me edit the box. it will only let me edit line 2b(2) because it thinks the dates are wrong which they are but its not giving me an option to edit the wrong date. ive searched everywhere for a way to edit this single line and the app wont even let me clear and start over. not worth the time use some other app

Cai. D. Mar 12, 2022     

Taxes are so confusing sometimes but TurboTaxes app is so easy to navigate! Subjects are clearly worded so that I can understand them, I can do a little here and there and it saves all my progress, and if I need to change something it's only a click away to go back and change it. The live agent you can talk to is so helpful, kind and knowledgeable. When I overlook things, they always pull through and get me the biggest refund possible. ABSOLUTELY 6 STARS!!!