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Tuscany Dive

Head Tracking Virutal Reality DemoTuscany Demo from Oculus Rift SDK for Android
Welcome to Tuscany!Explore the beautiful Tuscany using the OpenDive / Dive glasses.In this demo, you can move with a controller. Alternatively, you can look on the ground to activate or deactivate the auto-walk.With a touch on the screen you can turn on more graphic effects. But therefore a powerful smartphone is required! A realistic impression is created by the use of headphones, and without disturbing ambient light.

The level is from the Oculus SDK and it is designed for more computing power than a smartphone can offer. So the frame rate can suffer.

Get your Dive at:http://www.durovis.com/

The Tuscany demo has been provided by Oculus VR.http://www.oculusvr.com/

Works with Google Cardboard

Category : Libraries & Demo

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