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TVM Financial Calculator

OVERVIEW OF TVM CALCULATORThis is a advanced financial calculator for undergraduate finance majors, MBA students, finance professionals and personal finance enthusiasts. Students may use this app as a TVM solver to verify their answers to assignment questions. Others may use it to plan their finances and see how money work over time when interest is compounded.
List of financial calculators included with the app:-
• Present value calculator
• Future value calculator
• Present value of annuity (PVA) calculator
• Future value of annuity (FVA) calculator
• NPV/ IRR/ MIRR calculator

Time value of money is a powerful concept. Almost any kind of financial calculations can be accomplished with the calculators provide with the app. You can solve for any of the variables viz., present value, future value, time period, interest rate and periodic payment amount. This calculator app is a perfect complement to your hp 12c financial calculator.

Check out http://tvmapp.blogspot.com/ for usage guide and examples of time value calculation.

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